Excluding applicants on the basis of religion is against the law isn’t it?

screenshot-whaleoil.co.nz source http://www.findlaw.co.nz/

source http://www.findlaw.co.nz/

My daughter works part time in a deli. She has to handle salads and different kinds of meats.  When she applied for the job they were interested in her customer service skills. At no time was she asked her religion. The job description only mentioned what experience and skills were required to apply for the job.

Imagine that there is a job that you have the skills and experience for.  Now imagine that you are not eligible for the job unless you are a certain religion.  If the religion required was Christian you know Susan Devoy would be all over it.

261399-2-eng-GB_buns5Let’s pretend that a bakery requires someone capable of making hot cross buns as well as a wide range of bread. However they want the hot cross buns to only be made by Christians. Do you think that the bakery would get away with that? Do you think Susan Devoy would be silent about the blatant discrimination on the basis of religion?

I came across the following Meat Industry Association job vacancy on the iman.org.nz website. They are openly discriminating against non-muslim butchers who are quite capable of slaughtering animals according to halal ritualistic requirements. Halal slaughter is going to eventually be the only way our animals (with the exception of pigs ) are slaughtered here in New Zealand due to the huge demand from Muslim countries. If this discrimination is allowed to continue the repercussions for our non-muslim butchers will be huge. Essentially it will become a Muslim only profession.

This is yet another example of cultural jihad where Susan Devoy and others  look the other way.

  • Step one allows halal food and products in a non-Muslim country for the use of Muslims.
  • Step two extends it so that non-Muslim customers are now forced to eat Halal food and products ( eg cadbury chocolate.)
  • Step three restricts the production of Halal food or products to Muslim organisations and employees only.Discrimination based on religion in other words. Note that the job description states that the applicants MUST BE practising Muslims.




The New Zealand’s Meat Industry Association is the same organisation that placed the above ad for Halal slaughtermen.

New Zealand’s Meat Industry Association was to point out that halal-slaughtered animals here, unlike in the United Kingdom, were stunned before their throats are slit.

Its trade and economic manager Phil Houlding said the association had been able to reassure people over animal welfare concerns – but he says some still objected to there being a religious element to the slaughter.

“There’s obviously some people who have a particular issue with the idea that there’s been any religious aspect to the slaughter,” he said.

“And you know most people are fairly comfortable with that which is just a short prayer being said before the halal cut is made, which is the method of slaughter.


Given that the trade and economic manager has stated publicly that only a short prayer is involved there cannot be any justification for discriminating against non-Muslims.This is not comparable to a job vacancy for a Catholic priest where a non priest cannot do the job. Any butcher can say a short prayer before cutting an animal’s throat. Halal slaughter in Islamic countries isn’t done by Imans. It is not and has never been a religious job.


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  • Souvlaki

    This is where National will “fall” in that they are too PC themselves to call out this BS.Peters on the other hand,( like Trump has ) will make hay while the sun shines next year on this .Key is encouraging the Labour Light image more than ever…unfortunately. What the hell was he opening his mouth for supporting Cameron ( who has by all accounts lost the plot to some extent ) with his opposition to Brexit ???

  • Carl

    Can someone tell me if your products are Halal certified like Cadbury’s do they have to state that on the product or not?

    • spanishbride

      They just need to include a Halal symbol which most kiwis aren’t familiar with so wouldn’t even know what it means. They also often hide the symbol so you don’t see it until you have opened the packaging. It just has to be on the packaging to meet requirements. It doesn’t matter if it is hidden inside a crease or behind a strip. I have tried to avoid purchasing halal products but there are an awful lot of them which makes it difficult.
      They are also not clearly labelled so you can easily accidentally purchase a Halal product.

      • Skydog

        I just looked through the ‘halalsquare’ web page and saw sanitarium products. But, Sanitarium is owned by the Seventh Day Adventists. Has Sanitarium sold themselves out?. It appears so.

        • MaryLou

          Puhoi Valley, of all people, as well. Unbelievable.

          • biscuit barrel

            Plus both major food suppliers to the airlines.
            This one baffles me
            McDonald’s Lime Limited
            498 Old Te Kuiti Road, Otorohanga
            And various Apiraries.
            Are the bees non halal if they dont face mecca 5 times a day ?

  • LocalYokel

    By not allowing ourselves to discriminate we open the door to their vilest practices. According to the law we should protect Nazis, KKK, communists and Khmer Rouge?

    • Mr_Blobby

      I would presume the Muslims could tell the difference. Taste, Smell, Appearance. Maybe even year of slaughter.

      We could just sell and ship the live product and let them do what they want with it. The nut jobs would just love that.

  • Ross15

    I maybe wrong but I thought most of the major freezing works had been killing all their stock using halal certified butchers for some time. I think it was a case if you’re going to do it for a growing number of markets you may just as well do the whole lot that way and then there is no mix ups and they can easily meet any sudden extra demand from markets requiring halal killed meat.

  • Urbanviper

    To be fair on the religion point opinion is somewhat divided. Shaykh Sayyid Turab al-Haq at one extreme says the meat can’t even leave the sight of a Muslim, and if it does so it becomes haram (sinful). Others says that a Christian, Muslim or Jew can do a halal slaughter as long as they say ‘bism’allah’. But no other religion. (Shari’ah law, Maa’ida: 5: “The food of the People of the Book is lawful unto you and yours is lawful unto them.”). I’m sure if I looked hard enough I’d find Muslims who don’t care about halal meat either.

    I think political correctness can go too far though and it is fairly clear to me the halal slaughter is a religious practice and to be done, in the bare minimum by a Muslim, Christian or a Jew, or as some fatwa go, only by a Muslim. It is similar I guess to a Church only hiring a pastor of not only their religion but of their denomination. The application of the law can go too far some times.

    Edit: spelling and grammar

    • biscuit barrel

      Next they will be saying having more than one wife is a religious practice too, so must be an exemption of normal laws which mandate only one wife at a time.
      I dont think halal is a core belief of Islam which covers things like prophets and angels.
      Nor is halal one of the 5 pillars of islam ? Even the pilgrimage to Mecca is ‘only where possible’
      Most supermarkets sell alcohol, doesnt that mean muslims cant shop there as of course alcohol is just as forbidden as meat that is not halal

      • Urbanviper

        But now you are moving from a ‘deeply held religious conviction’ to a ‘core belief’. Are priests, pastors and deacons a ‘core belief’ of Christianity? Does that then mean that anyone can do the role?

        • biscuit barrel

          How did we manage for the last 75 years before 2000.
          Were muslims just not as ‘observant’ as now ?

        • Rick H

          Priests, Pastors and Deacons definitely are NOT core beliefs of Christians.
          But, each modern denominations of so-called Christianity seem to be hot on them.

          Basic Christianity, as it was in the first century AD – is simply thus: –
          Your sins are already forgiven – get on with life; and be nice to everybody.

  • Eddie

    It is time that the pastafarians unite and make their wishes known that any pasta goods be supervised by a professional and qualified church of the flying spaggetti monster elder who is a practising member of the faith. No strand of spaggetti or penne piece should be packaged without supervision else pastafarians cannot practice their religion freely and NZ is discriminating. I’d chip in a hundy for the court case! http://www.stuff.co.nz/national/77306457/NZ-gets-its-first-Flying-Spaghetti-Monster-marriage-celebrant

  • Ruahine

    Dear Susan. Will it be alright if the people who apply are ‘white’ Muslim males and not females.

  • Hard1

    Can’t a Butcher be a temporary Muslim just as Muslims can take temporary wives ?

    Aren’t these guys funny ……….” Fixed-Term/Temporary/Pleasure Marriage are different names for the Arabic word of “Mut’a”which is a contract between a man and woman, much in the same way the Long-Term/Permanent/Conventional Marriage is. The main difference is that the temporary marriage longs only for a specified period of time, and man and woman will become stranger to each other after the expiration date without divorce.

    One misconception regarding temporary marriage is that some people think that the woman engaged in temporary marriage can have contract every other hour. This is completely misrepresentation of temporary marriage. After such contract has been expired, the woman has to wait for two months (Iddah) before which she can not marry any one else. This issue, among others, will be discussed later in detail”

  • Wheninrome

    Are they allowed near the goats and sheep?

    • FornaK

      I hate to think how they “stun” the sheep or goats before killing them :-/

      • biscuit barrel

        Dairy Goat Co-operative NZ Ltd
        18 Gallagher Drive, Hamilton 3240
        has halal cert.

  • Ruahine

    I see that one is still allowed to advertise and be called a Slaughterman but not a Fireman, or a Fisherman. I guess one will not be able to be called a Postman for very much longer either. Typical bureaucratic hypocrisy, loved and supported by the ideologues who live on the taxation from wealth creators. Working people and all the others who put up their own money to earn a living.

    • Orca

      Once all of the meat production in NZ must be Halal certified, this will also prohibit any woman from touching the meat, so it becomes a moot point.

      • Wheninrome

        So at what point are women allowed to touch the meat, once it is in the home ready for cooking, or would a woman cooking the meat make it unclean.

      • MaryLou

        Great, does that mean men need to start doing the cooking?

        • biscuit barrel

          That would mean only on outdoor barbecues ?
          Isnt that a cultural talisman too,?

  • Hard1

    Can a Shiite Muslim slaughter an animal for a Sunni Muslim ?

    Do you want to pay a daily contribution to your local Mosque as a non-Muslim ?

    ” Dr Muhammad Khan, the CEO of Halal Australia, said the fact that the money from Halal certification went to mosques was not an issue.
    ‘It is absolutely not necessary to talk about this subject matter,’ he told The ABC.

    Then we have …”The halal food movement in France was troublesome enough when we learned that a secret embedded Islamic tax was being added to each sale. But CBN reported yesterday that it’s worse than that, because France’s $7 billion halal food industry has links to the Muslim Brotherhood. Buying halal food doesn’t just mean a deeper penetration of sharia into the West–it could mean that a portion of the purchase price ends in the pockets of Muslim Brotherhood cohorts.”

    Then we have this version of Halal, rape…. “Purported ISIS Document Reveals Rules for How to Rape Slaves in Accordance with Sharia Law”

    • Mr_Blobby

      So is the “short prayer” before entry or before completion?

    • rexabus

      Welcome to our new world. Who would have thought even 15 years ago we’d really be considering the implications in our lives of this mumbo jumbo garbage from a culture on the other side of the world. I’ll give them that though, they are making some inroads in their Jihad against the west by sneaking up on us with this sort of Shiite

  • rexabus

    Yes but Muslims are mainly brown skinned so it’s ok if they do it. Only white skinned people aren’t allowed to discriminate around this sort of thing.

    • XCIA

      I guess that’s the difference between effendi and offended.

  • Mr_Blobby

    Interesting point can Females apply for the Job?

  • Mr_Blobby

    The Halal slaughtermans union would have a lot of power.

    Bi pay rises and reduced working hours etc or we stop work.

  • Old Dig

    Is there a list of NZ halal food companies? I want to know who to boycott.

    • Phenandra

      I just look on the packaging.

      • kereru

        Whittakers’ prints the halal certification emblem on the packaging of their export chocolate, not on their products for the domestic market. They pay ‘a small fee’ to FIANZ annually for the privilege.

    • XCIA

      Here’s the list from FIANZ. Just select “any” and “any”.

  • rexabus

    In other news, I see the pro-muslim hysteria continues at the herald. Sketchy story of a Possible hit and run of a muslim woman near an anti islam rally in Brussels was briefly the herald lead story a few minutes ago. I don’t recall the Pakistani schoolyard bombing and killing of dozens of Christians last week making it quite to the lead story but I could be mistaken

  • Keanne Lawrence

    Simple solution to this one. Return to vigorous live exports then the recipients can kill them any way they please.

  • Isherman

    So, with Halal certification now being ridiculously applied to all sorts of non-food products, such as drain cleaner for instance…how come there is no requirement for Halal certified petrol? That could be a problem no?

    • FornaK

      Just for the record, I tasted halal certified meat at a McDonald’s, and it tasted like crap.
      Compared to my normal fine dining experience at maccas.
      I would’ve have spent my hard earned money here, if I knew they’d been using halal certified meat.
      I feel dirty.

  • Phenandra

    So the animals are stunned? What is this “stunned” exactly? Unconscious or just confused?

    Barbaric, just like Kosher slaughter. A pox on all righteous religions.

    • Greenjacket

      Stunned. A massive electric jolt to the head. Completely unconscious. The animals don’t feel a feel a thing.
      Nothing like kosher or shechita slaughter.

      • Joe Burns

        There is an objection to stunning. Whilst the theory of it is acceptable, the failure rate of making the animal instantly unconscious is quite high. It is a fact that 10 to 15% of animals rendered by this method are not acceptably unconscious, and suffer. This should make it unacceptable to any religion.

        • Greenjacket

          Joe Burns: “It is a fact that 10 to 15% of animals rendered by this method are not acceptably unconscious, and suffer. ”

          Really? Can you cite any sources?
          Electric stunning must render ALL animals completely unconscious and is carried out at such a high voltage that there is no way that it could not render an animal completely unconscious. This is a strict requirement of MPI.

    • Brian Dingwall

      Stunned in the halal sense means rendered totally insensate, but will fully recover if not slaughtered.
      Stunning is practised widely for humane reasons not only religious reasons, pork and chickens are typically stunned with CO2 (oh noes, emissions), beef and lamb can be stunned with a captive bolt (they dont recover), or by electric shock.
      Kosher methods do not typically use stunning at all.
      I have inspected/toured slaughter boards in NZ/Australia/Argentina/Brazil/Japan/China/USA and Canada without, in the context of converting an animal into food, ever seeing anything I would have classified as truly barbaric…..

  • Greenjacket

    New Zealand meat processors choose to have halal slaughter because overseas customers demand it. But so what? If private companies want to employ Muslims or Christians or whatever, then they should be free to do so.

    • Brian Dingwall

      I would restate this a little, some consumers in some markets demand halal slaughtered beef and lamb, and as a result many of the countries in which those consumers hold sway impose regulations with which our export works must comply (or not sell to those markets). Use of halal slaughtermen, and rituals, is a condition externally imposed by the recipient country, NOT by MIA.
      By selling to those markets, our farmers directly, and all the stakeholders (employees, suppliers, shareholders etc) of those companies, are better off as these markets return net revenues better than other markets (or we wouldn’t sell there).
      Historically the markets for halal beef at least were in SEAsia (Malaysian, Indonesian, Thai etc) spread throughout those countries.

      • spanishbride

        If their requirements go against our laws about discrimination what then? No female Muslims allowed to slaughter I bet and no Christians or Atheists so what about their rights to not be discriminated against in NZ. This is Shari alaw by stealth. NZ bends over and accepts it for cold hard cash.

        • Brian Dingwall

          By way of explanation not defence, SB, it amounts to rather a lot of cold hard cash, that keeps drystock farmers profitable even as dairying forces them onto evermore marginal land (this may change quickly if dairying doesn’t recover).

          These farmers in turn support rural markets (buying personal items and farm inputs), and sell stock/produce to the output industries downstream that generate jobs.

          The moral judgments you rightly identify now as important here were way above my pay grade (given that the Halal markets my team served during my time in the industry were mostly in relatively trouble-free SEAsia). In fact they (and the word Sharia) weren’t even on our radar in those days, (I left the industry in 2001/2).

          At what, if any, point does meeting the needs of say the Malaysian market for beef we want to supply them with and that they want to buy become some sort of Faustian bargain?

          Can’t answer your question about female muslim slaughterers, I expect you are perfectly correct.

          In my day some plants were male only, some mixed gender; most but definitely not all, women worked in the boning rooms rather than on the slaughterboard, I expect still today there are very few female slaughterers at all, happy to stand corrected if anyone has up to date info.

          • spanishbride

            I am a realist and I know that our government will make deals that benefit us economically even if it hurts us in the long run. If we could only trade with democratic countries with great human rights records The Warehouse would have nothing for sale.

            The thing is, when we ignore China’s poor human rights record and buy their products and sell them our milk it does not affect our discrimination laws or affect our workforce negatively. When we trade in Halal meat and products we are often financially supporting groups like the Islamic brotherhood who work to destroy the west from the inside out and we are chipping away at our equality laws and our discrimination laws. In many ways it is similar to how we allow discrimination if it favours Maori or other minority groups. We fail to stand by our principles and make exceptions to the rules. Eventually the rules will be a joke.

          • Brian Dingwall

            SB, it occurs to me that we already officially tolerate many exceptions to anti-discriminatory employment laws.

            For example, neither you (gender and marriage) nor Cam (marriage) could, even if otherwise qualified and you wanted the job, obtain a position as a Catholic priest.

            My application for a position as an ahem person-of-ill-virtue at a gentlemen’s club is unlikely to be successful ((gender and age).

            We also turn a blind eye to many other instances….front people chosen for eye appeal, a Church that employs only Christian cleaning and admin staff, possibly a preference for people identifying wth a particular minority in a owned by that minority etc. We aqcuiesce since we cannot hope to prove the discrimination. In most cases its the right thing to do, as the chosen applicant will be the right person for the job.

            Full costs of export halal meat certification are fully recovered in the market place (else you wouldn’t do it), so its our international customers that pay it. If the fees go to unpleasant places at least its them that pay it not NZ processors. I cannot speak for fees on local market products but that after costs of the certifiers suspect/speculate there is not a lot left to allocate to nefarious purpose.

    • FornaK

      Because if a private company stated it didn’t want Muslims working for them, imagine the huhah that would eventuate.
      It’s double standards, that’s the problem GJ

  • SaggyNaggy

    Killing animals for food is a nasty business, and if it is to be done, it should be as efficiently and painlessly as is possible.

    Halal killings do not follow this rule. They also curse the meat with their prayer. I prefer to eat meat that has not been cursed by Muslims who don’t believe in a Triune God.

  • Uncle Bully

    Then presumably other employers can elect to employ only non-muslims, so as to avoid the need to provide prayer rooms/mats/times etc…

  • old school

    The local Pak’n;Save here in Manukau now appears to stock no pork. Not a pork chop to be had today. I wonder why?

    • NeverMindTheBoll

      Plenty in Petone, great quality fillets, really cheap

  • andrewo

    A storm in a teacup.
    In NZ we have been exclusively halal in the sheep sector for over a decade, maybe 15 years. There are various requirements to meet the Halal specification one of which is a Muslim cutting the throat of the sheep after stunning.
    The prayer is silent (in the noise of the typical slaughter floor it would make much difference either way) and the slaughter chain runs at the same speed as it always has – typically around 8/minute. Only the throat cut needs to be done by a Muslim – one in hundreds of jobs in a typical sheep works.
    I was told by Halal slaughter man that it’s easier to be a Sunni than a Shia in this job because the Sunni only have to pray fives times a day but the Shia have to pray for every animal.
    Sure it’s crazy and antiquated, but then isn’t all religion?