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ooops I did it again

ooops I did it again


Ooops today’s face of the day did it again. Yes it is true, I received another personal e-mail from Mr Little and he has a lot to tell me about that nasty Mr Key.


The revelation in the Panama Papers that New Zealand is being used as a tax haven is hugely damaging to our international credibility.

Yes it would be if it was true Andy, ( can I call you Andy? )

We’re not the sort of country that wants to be known as a haven for the global mega-rich to hide their wealth and avoid paying their fair share. We’re better than that.

Hmmm I have to say Andy that if I was mega rich, or even just really wealthy and owned a number of houses like Sue Moroney I would pay really good accountants to ensure that I legally paid as little as I possibly could. After all it is smart thinking like that which makes people mega -rich in the first place.

But John Key doesn’t see a problem with New Zealand being a tax haven. He doesn’t believe there’s anything morally wrong in the mega-wealthy avoiding tax.

That is because tax evasion is illegal Andy and tax avoidance isn’t. You see John Key isn’t a moral or spiritual leader. His job is to follow the law not discuss the ethics of working within the law to minimise the tax that you pay.I didn’t realise that you aspire to be a moral leader Andy. Perhaps if Labour became a church you could save a bundle as that is one legal way to avoid tax.

In fact, John Key’s own lawyer and close personal advisor promotes the use of New Zealand as a tax haven.

There you go again Andy calling a spade a shovel. There is a difference you know.

And this week Key set up a review of tax laws that allow people from other countries to avoid their tax obligations. But the review won’t even question whether we want these laws.

Again Andy, AVOID is okay EVASION is not.

We must take urgent action on this now — we need to restore our international reputation with a full and open public inquiry. Anything less is a whitewash, and it’s up to us to make this clear.

Will you join almost 10,000 people who have signed a petition calling for a stronger, independent inquiry to restore our international reputation?

Nope Andy I won’t. This is a beat up and the only people smearing our reputation is you and your church party.


John Key is highly sensitive to public pressure — if enough of us sign this petition he’ll be forced to act or else continue to look like he’s only concerned about the wealthiest few rather than the rest of us.

Um Andy you are not poor. You are not even middle class. You may not have invested as wisely as Sue Moroney but your income has been significant for  many years. ” The rest of us,” really?

Click here to take action now.


Andrew Little
Labour Leader


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  • Doc45

    He is a loon. A deceptive one too.

  • Woody

    Innuendo and outright lies. I too pay my accountant good money to avoid paying more tax than I have to and my income is about 25% of yours Andy and if I had to fill out a pecuniary interest form it would have more on it than yours does Andy. The scary thing is that you and your mates also seem to think that I should pay tax on turnover, doing that, I and all other businesses in NZ would be broke in less than a week. No businesses, no tax, no income fore idiots like you Andy.

  • Curly1952

    Well that put me right off my morning weetbix.
    So there is not one member of the Labour party that doesn’t avoid tax, Andy?
    If you can look me in the eye and categorically say that this is so I will sign your petition and until then don’t treat me and fellow kiwis like idiots!!

    • Isherman

      Yep, dumb as a box of rocks. He’s got very little political capital anyway, and investing it all in dead end crusades that change every week, probably shows how smart an investor he isn’t, which would possibly explain the lack of assets on an income that I would love to have, and why he is no example of a credible alternative. Its that simple.

    • Brian Smaller

      I was thinking the exact same thing – all those Labour MPs with rentals – are you telling me that they don’t claim depreciation, rates, insurance, mortgage interest etc as costs to reduce their tax? The utter hypocrisy of Little and this ridiculous campaign is breathtaking. Mind you, the media is doing everything in it’s power to run cover for him so I guess it is worth it to Labour.

  • Positan

    The worst feature of Little’s perspective is the intransigence of his outlook. Far from even attempting to understand or rationalise the actual position, all he seeks to do is play this (so many times explained already) broken point to (attempt to) push what he sees as a point-scoring political position …

    And this guy actually thinks he’s prime ministerial material …

  • Left Right Out

    Here’s the thing with Andy and Labour….. they have no policies, they offer no alternatives all they do is put up a petition…. on everything.

    Surely as opposition they should be showing they have the answers and their way is going to work… but no, lets run a petition……. well done Mr 7% (and falling)

  • 10cents

    If Mr Little doesn’t understand by now that the NZ population doesn’t buy into factless smearing of our most popular Prime Minister for decades, then he never will. It’s just a matter of time before he gets rolled eh.

    • These are Union meeting tactics to inflame and polarise.

      These are not tactics that broaden the voter base.

      These are us and them tactics.

      They are destructive.

      This isn’t Nation building.

  • Isherman

    The Church reference is interesting, and maybey one Andrew Little should consider more fully, because if Labour was a church he might get more in donations than it does as a political party…a term which is having to be applied ever more loosely I might add.

    • Richard

      Maybe he should follow Brian Tamaki’s lead and self ordain himself as a Bishop? …..Labour conferences will deliver thousands in donations…$100 bills littering the stage!

      • Brian Smaller

        Taking this to the next logical step – Little could be the Archbishop. Grant Robertson could then be given his own Bishopric.

      • Isherman

        That was sort of the thinking…if one charlatan can do it…

  • Peter

    The new tactic seems to be to get the snapshot, pruning out all comments and information not relevant to their version of the truth. Then with MSM support peddle this to the masses as the new truth. It is worrying to watch parliment questions, then see the public version on TV.

  • cows4me

    I can’t believe the man is thick enough to believe this nonsense, this crap is something that probably came out of the bowels of the hard left nutters that run what they call policy. Andy is no leader that is very clear, the polls tell us so. I’m betting he’s a yes man and he has to put his mark on all the insane rantings his handlers believe the unwashed will swallow.

  • Genevieve

    The worst advertisement for the Labour Party is its adherents.
    It’s always fascinating to read the comments from Labour supporters when these petitions circulate on FB. A good proportion have absolutely no understanding of what they are supporting in petitions such as these, and just blindly follow Little’s pleas.

  • Usaywot

    Poor Labour. No wonder they are literally frothing at the mouth. According to Brian Fallow in the Herald today inflation is down to 0.1%, 112,000 more people have been employed in the past 2 years and there is 14,000 fewer unemployed. Oh dear, how sad, never mind. Just carry on being negative, Little, it shows you to be a complete fool.

  • Boondecker

    One assumes that this email circular communication from Little was intended primarily for the already converted’s consumption. As such, it does nothing to expand his voter base. So, it’s pointless and only exposes and reinforces the constant negativity to others.

    It’s just more of the same old ‘fish stuck in a puddle’ politics from the increasingly desperate left.

  • pisces8284 .

    One can only imagine how Labour would cope if by some chance they got in power. They are so used to disagreeing, complaining, petitioning and being idea-less that I can picture them sitting around in caucus staring at each other saying “What do we do now?”

    • Larry

      Imagine the damage we would do to our reputation if we elected this person to represent us on the world stage. John Oliver would feature NZ on every show.

  • Cadwallader

    I feel insulted that there are factions in NZ who anticipate that I may give credence to these pathetic rumours and scuttlebutt. Mind you, Labour farms envy to the already envious, and bitterness to the already bitter.

    • Kiwiracer

      The echo chamber, and the more it echo’s Labour start believing that there percentage has a ‘3’ in it.

      • Hill16

        23? 13? That’s where they are heading !

  • Nechtan

    Labour seems to be pushing the “morally wrong” mantra, even David Cunliffe is pushing it (on his FB page). Whose morals Labour? It seems to be a very a dodgy line to take given their less than squeaky clean history of late.

    • Muffin

      The morals of state beneficiaries, the only people that still gote labour

    • Sally

      Once they start on the morals route they certainly open themselves up for their dirt to come floating to the surface.

    • Ross

      Sadly for them, in a court of law you’re judged by the law and not someone’s moral compass.

    • SAM51

      I hardly think Cunliffe could preach to anyone else about morals could he?

  • Brian Smaller

    I expect Labour to be shortly announcing policy that says that upon taking power they will immediately stop all legal deductions that people can make against their tax liability because to not put a halt to such things would be morally wrong.

  • Keeping Stock

    The irony of course is that Little’s Chief of Staff is an acknowledged tax evader. Perhaps it’s time for a WO post to remind those who may have forgotten just how shabbily Matt McCarten treated those who were in his employ at Unite Union, by failing to pass on PAYE deducted from their salaries to IRD.

    • XCIA

      Exactly. Failure to account for PAYE tax deductions is a criminal offence and many have seen the inside of the big house for doing it, so why is McCarten who should know better not being prosecuted?

  • Mags

    I thought tax mitigation was legal but tax Avoidance and tax evasion illegal.

    • spanishbride

      I am no expert I just asked my husband who is the font of all knowledge. Can anyone else confirm? Any accountants out there?

      • Mags

        MY thoughts on the differences – hopefully someone will correct me if i’m wrong.
        Mitigation – you can arrange your affairs in a way that is tax effective. This might be the structure that you choose to operate; a trust v a company (look through company or general run of the mill company) v sole trader v partnership and each of these have different tax implications/rates . You can choose the structure that takes advantage of the structure that is tax effective for your circumstances. Mitigation does not appear to be defined in the Income Tax Act.

        Tax Avoidance can be set aside by IRD and is defined in the Income Tax Act. ( along with a tax avoidance arrangement.) The definition refers to directly or indirectly altering the incidence of tax …..
        So sometimes it can be a matter of degrees as to whether the purpose of the arrangement or the effect of the arrangement is “not merely incidental.” So an arrangement may have other purposes. EG: Protection of assets & decreasing the incidence of tax but if the arrangement creates the effect that is not merely incidental, you might get caught for avoidance.
        A case a couple of years ago that hit the headlines where IRD won was Penny & Hooper. It caused a lot of professionals to relook at their business structures. A couple of doctors used a Trust to earn their income. They did not pay themselves a market salary and yet the income was earned from their personal efforts.
        Trusts in general can be used to direct income to individuals that are taxed at lower rates so that was why Penny & Hooper was so important to IRD to win.
        Also in the past people could hide income in trading trusts and then would apply for student loans for their children, family assistance etc. These “loopholes” have been closed. I’m not sure if they were a HDA loophole or a real loophole but immoral in my opinion.

        Evasion: could include deliberately providing misleading information on your tax return, creating false invoice’s, not putting income on your tax return, using PAYE (i.e. money that is the employees) for a purpose other than what it should.
        An avoidance arrangement may also be considered evasion for which the penalty can be 150% of the tax shortfall and may also be a criminal offence.

    • Old Kiwi
      • Annoyed

        Yeah, that is bang on. Evasion is a criminal act while avoidance is much more subjective, some is acceptable, some isn’t. The test basically comes down to whether something exists purely to limit tax liability or if there is a legitimate, non tax reason for it. It’s also affected by whether the action is covered by the intention of Government or not. The use of an LTC as an example is to limit tax but can’t really be called by the IRD as unacceptable due to the fact that that’s specifically what it exists for.

  • Old Kiwi

    These guys have some answers for you


    Sorry posted to wrong spot – answer to Mags

  • Ross

    From the great Kerry Packer:

    “I am not evading tax in any way, shape or form. Of course, I am minimising my tax. Anybody in this country who does not minimise his tax wants his head read. I can tell you as a government that you are not spending it so well that we should be donating extra.”

  • kereru

    I can’t believe a pretender to the throne has no other course but to launch a petition. What next, a cake stall? For the Left it’s all about slogans, banners and sit-ins. It’s laughable if it wasn’t so pathetic.

    • kayaker

      Next level from the cake stall is a sausage sizzle outside the DIY store v

    • KatB

      Wouldn’t it be great to have a political system where everybody was there to make a positive difference for our country. Where parties worked together when they found they had common ground on something. Where opposition parties didn’t waste time attacking others, they spent all their time and energy enthusiastically telling you their ideas and exactly how their ideas will work. Watching all the wasted time and grandstanding that goes on in question time in parliament is cringe worthy and nothing is achieved other than a bit of point scoring. Why can’t politics be mature? It clearly attracts a certain type of person, because most of the go-getters and hard workers and achievers I see in my community, that would make great leaders of our country, wouldn’t be bothered with the dead end-ness and frustrustingly pointless game of politics.

  • Catriona

    My goodness, Little is a right nasty little bugger isn’t he? Our Accountants to a great job for us – that’s what we pay them for – to minimise the amount of tax the company pays. This man is an egghead and if the rest of the party support his drivel, then that says it all really.

  • Mick Ie

    The aspiring saviour of NZ:-
    Saint Andrew
    “His patronage extends to fishmongers, gout, singers, sore throats, spinsters, maidens, old maids and women wishing to become mothers”.
    The perfect role for him.

    • kereru

      I believe spinsters, maidens, old maids and women wishing to become mothers would be better off without his patronage.

      • Mick Ie

        Fishmongers and singers too.
        Let’s leave him with gout and sore throats though…

        • kereru

          What have you got against singing fishmongers? Agree he can keep the maladies.

  • Damon Mudgway

    This is it? This is all these fools can muster. The desperation is contemptible. “The rest of us”??? Who exactly is the rest of us? It’s like the sadest form of marketing, you know the type, ‘39% better than’. 39% better than what?

    Time to hang up the boots Andy, you and the rest of your caucus are useless, and I am looking for someone legit to vote for other than the Nats.

    • R&BAvenger

      The rest of ‘us’ is the 28% who would vote for Labour. They are preaching to the converted – apart from SB ;-)

      • Old Dig

        The rest of ‘us’ is the elite 7% who actually like Angry Little :)

        • Andy

          “The rest of us” those who also earn over $5000 nett per week.

    • kayaker

      Even though we’re far far FAR from ever being mega-rich (money-wise anyway), I consider us to be even further away from the ‘rest of us’. We remain aspirational, just like the rest of us!

    • Terry

      Damon: join the National Party and have a direct say – to politicians who not only listen, but have the power to actually achieve.

      • MaryLou

        They listen alright – to populist views. Do the right thing because it’s the right thing? Not lately.

        • Terry

          ML, “Populist views” Isn’t that the essence of democracy – of the people, by the people, for the people?

          • MaryLou

            Indeed, and maybe I worded it wrong. It is the role of parliamentarians (not that you’d know it) most definitely to present their ideas and strategies in a way that takes the country along with them. That is what a successful government does. But isn’t that a different thing, to picking whatever idea seems fashionable at the time and going with that?

          • Terry

            ML: You mean the ideas that Angry Andy thinks are “fashionable” and tries to get the rest of us to go along with them?

          • MaryLou

            Heh, you could say that, but he can’t count. Key can, or at least Farrar can, so he is well aware of where the votes lie. But imagine a situation that could cost the country big, where young journalists perhaps weren’t overly discriminatory about their sources of information, not interested in providing balance and lacked oversight by senior staffers – really just hunting for headlines – managed to misrepresent a situation, or situations?

            Granted that could never happen in our fair isles. But imagine that it did – what should a government do – try to cut through the noise and present the situation as it really stands along with their action plan, or… just go with popular sentiment?

            EDIT: Leadership. That’s the term.

  • Annoyed

    They are still going on about people paying their fair share of tax while wanting to get rid of secondary tax.
    Using tax vehicles etc to minimise your tax is at worst tax avoidance while knowingly underpaying your tax liability by using the M tax rate for a second job (thus taking advantage of the lower tax brackets twice) is much closer to tax evasion.

    I’m pretty sure these guys don’t know what they’re talking about.

  • Big_Al

    Amazing, is’nt it, that this idiot Little is collecting well over $300k per year of our hard earned taxpayers money to carry on like he does. He is doing nothing positive or constructive towards the betterment of New Zealand. Instead, all his efforts appear to be destructive and in many cases could cause harm to our International reputation.
    He is hell bent on a personal vendetta against John Key. Collecting yours and mine tax money for this is in my opinion theft from NZ citizens. He has become a disgusting person and an embarassment for a politician. The sooner he is gone the better, and replaced with real politicians who can give confidence and respect back into the Labour party the better.

    • Curly1952

      And he’s got several mates helping him too, and not only from Labour!!

    • Andy

      I always look at it as $5700 per week. And he thinks he is a common working class man?

  • simon

    I don’t know what media outlets Little Andy reads, but I can’t find a single reference to NZ in relation to the Panama Papers on any website outside of NZ. This seems to be yet another case of the opposition wishing our reputation will be damaged (how many times have you read about our “clean, green image being damaged), in the absence of any evidence that anyone outside gives a monkey’s

  • MaryLou

    Yes, I was being facetious. So you see my point then!

  • Tony

    What about Shearer’s “forgotten” funds? Perhaps they were in Panama.

    • OneTrack

      Wasn’t his “trust fund” in the Cayman Islands? We never did find out how much was in it. Maybe Angry should make Shearer come clean and make his bank/trust details public. Nothing to hide. nothing to fear, isn’t that right Angry?

  • WBC

    That’s superb, I think I might actually sign up to get these personal insights into Andy’s head.

    “the rest of us.” It is yet another reeat of thre years ago with poor little Cunliffe’s modest house in his electorate, Oh sorry, In Herne Bay… Maybe we should just write the election coverage now, we can pretty much see how it will pan out, the only question is which criminals work Hager will put his name on top of and call himself an author.

  • Michelle

    I saw him this morning at Auckland airport for the first time
    He is a strange person with wobbly eyes and has a negative outlook
    He was standing in the queue to go through security and he was not happy
    He seems, to me, to think he his better than the rest of us
    Good leftie material