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Today’s face of the day Justin Ashton is remarkable. He has been pushing Pak n Save supermarket trolleys on the Kapiti coast for 15 years straight without taking even one day off sick.His personal saying is, ” Share the smile.” he calls himself a Trolleyologist. We could all learn a thing or two from him about making the most of a job and doing it to the best of our ability.

To watch the video about today’s face of the day, Trolleyologist Justin Ashton click here

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  • intelligentes candida diva

    I will use his saying because it invokes a sense of serenity…”share the smile” thank you Justin

  • Uncle Bully

    To all those useless, unemployable dropkicks Bill English referred to: Please take note.

  • oldmanNZ

    he out there in the sun, heat, wind, cold rain…and has not got sick.
    while those in a nice air cond, soft comfy office gets flu and take days off.

    I always respect a person doing his job with a smile, they have passion .

  • Aucky

    Justin is a classic example of one of the most undervalued and underpaid of supermarket workers. Trolleyologists are out in the carparks rain, hail or shine and are often the first point of contact for customers when arriving at the supermarket. What a great ambassador for Pak n Save.

  • Huia

    When the segment first played we were both impressed by this man’s attitude and his wonderful smile.
    Great to see.
    We have a young man in Whitianga who greets everybody, helps when he can and likes to have a chat.
    I went in last week and as I entered the trolley section he was waiting for me with a small trolley and a big smile. He had seen me coming in, so had got the trolley out for me.
    These jobs are highly under rated and underpaid.
    We both commented how the man above could teach the lazy bums who wont work a thing or two about life and work ethics.
    Justin Ashton, you are an inspiration. Well done.

  • Brian Smaller

    Lower Hutt New World’s Edwin is amazing as well. Pushing 30 years as a trolley wrangler and carrying some hefty disabilities to boot. Compare these guys to those useless eaters who wont pick fruit because it is too hard.

  • Big_Al

    What a great guy Justin is. Excellent attitude and work ethic. So many drop kicks in our society today could better themselves by following his example, but sadly, i guess they won’t. I guess it is easier for them to sit at home, while collecting their dole money, and playing their games and blaming everyone but themselves for their situation.
    Well done Justin, your story is inspirational.

  • JEL51

    Perhaps Justin should see if there is a position at the IRD so they can up their rate of attendance. All the trollyologists have a neat way about them.

  • rexabus

    Good man. Great if can enjoy whatever work we’re doing. Not much point in being miserable

  • roblin

    Justin, you are a legend. Your story gives me strength for my Monday.