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I absolutely hate this photo. But I have been contemplating putting it up for a while now, as I’ve seen a few other women breaking the cycle too, in regards to Domestic Violence. I’ve had a few people say to keep it to myself, that I shouldn’t post my business on Facebook. But I’m hoping that if any of my friends are feeling like they’re alone. You are absolutely NOT! Its been nearly a year since this happened, Feb 12, and there’s not one single part of me that regrets walking away. And if you’re feeling like you may regret. Trust me, you won’t.

He was never physically abusive before this time and he must of thought that he had me isolated in Australia and that I wouldn’t leave. But I did. I managed to get me and my babies home, with the clothes on our backs. And I must say it was the most liberating feeling of my life. And you’re probably thinking that black eye ain’t that bad, but no way am I posting up the rest of my body..eek..

Anyway.. you’ll have people that were once ‘family’ drop out of your life; you’ll be ridiculed by the in-laws until the cows come home; and the true colours of so-called ‘friends’ will show. But at the end of the day, you’ll be freeeeeeeee and that’s when the euphoria sets in. You’ll have a greater amount of energy to invest in your children; you’ll never have to answer to anyone for as long as you choose; you’ll become the total world for your children and you’ll see them pull together as a team, like you’ve never seen before.

Some have also mentioned this year, ‘oh you’re strong and brave’ and this and that, but I don’t see it that way, you just gotta do what’s right for You as well; you can’t stay in a relationship just ‘for the kids’. I’m not fishing for sympathy comments either .. I just want anyone who’s going through the BS to know, that there’s light at the end of the tunnel. I’ve been able to get my own car, provide for my kids, lock down an engineering job and keep my sanity by enjoying the things I wasn’t able to back then. (Thanks to my crazy family..lol) So please before you decide to go back (to him), just think about it first, there’s so many people in this world. Don’t let 1 spoil it for you!

-The Nutters Club NZ facebook page


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  • Richard

    Great post from her, very brave and I wish her the best….but…the last sentence should read

    So please before you decide to go back (to him/her), just think about it
    first, there’s so many people in this world. Don’t let 1 spoil it for

    After all, we are looking for more equality these days no?

    • Mac50

      After 25 years of being emotionally manipulated I braved the storm of separation and started to recover the personality I once had, the “joy de Vivre” to be a whole person. I was too frightened to part for so long. But once it was done, what euphoria followed. It’s taken over 10 years to unwind the damage, but I’ve got there…