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Pope Francis

Pope Francis

A Christian brother and sister were told that they would be given a new life in Italy by today’s face of the day and were then left behind. To make matters worse, three Muslim families were taken instead by the head of the largest Christian religion in the world, Pope Francis.


Roula and Malek Abo say they were two of the lucky ‘chosen 12’ refugees selected by the Vatican to be taken from the desperate camp and housed in Rome.

But what seemed like the chance of a lifetime was cruelly snatched away when they were told the following day they couldn’t go. Instead three Muslim families were taken.

Roula, 22, and her brother arrived on Lesbos on April 1 – ten days after the controversial EU deal to return all asylum seekers arriving to Greece from Turkey.

Their application for asylum is being process and they are waiting to learn if they will be sent back to Turkey.

Stuck on Lesbos, Roula told MailOnline: ‘If they can do this for 12 people they can do it for more.

‘If you have promised to take people back to Italy will something like registration papers stand in your way?’

Neither Community Sant’Egidio, the charity which organised the trip, or the Vatican would explain the selection process over which migrants were picked.

Spokesman Massimiliano Signifredi called the incident ‘regrettable’ – adding: ‘The problem here is the three Syrians arrived after the March 20 deadline. They arrived just after the agreement between the European Union and Turkey.

Mr Signifredi said: ‘Our staff went to Lesbos and spoke with the people who were selected. But everything was decided by the Vatican.

‘The question why the Pope took only Muslims is difficult to understand and he was suffering, I think, because he wanted to do something also for Christians as the chief of the Catholic Church. But he couldn’t because there is this international agreement [with the EU].’…


The European Union appears to be so powerful that they have prevented the head of the largest Christian organisation in the world from rescuing Christian refugees. It is outrageous! No one has forced the wealthy Islamic countries to take a single Muslim refugee yet, with Christians fleeing slaughter by ISIS, the EU is preventing Christians from rescuing other Christians?

The European Union seems to be as power-mad as the United Nations. Do you seriously trust either of these organisations to make decisions for New Zealand with regards to who we are allowed to rescue? We are a sovereign nation. No one should be able to dictate to us who we are allowed to help. No Muslim religious leaders that I know of have offered rescue to any refugees, Muslim or Christian, but if one did can you imagine the EU forcing them to only take Christians back to their Islamic country?


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  • hookerphil

    Going to be good to be able to see a mosque close up when next going to St. Peter’s Square in front of St. Peter’s Basilica in Vatican City, should be plenty of room for everything.
    The Pope is certainly making thing easy for them to accomplish their stated aims of conquering Rome and the Vatican, after of course conquering the White House.

    • KatB

      That’s an interesting read. Though I don’t know if there’ll be much fighting, I think we’re just going to open the front door to them. On this occasion in the above article, I think the Pope had finally made a good choice and he’s been scuttled in the end. So even if our leaders make good choices for us in the way of picking compatible refugees, it seems they may well be overridden in the end.

      • Chinaman

        This surprise at the Jesuits being behind intrigues in the world just shows the lack of proper teaching of history at the moment.

        A couple of generations ago it was fairly common knowledge and talked about how the Jesuit order was the Roman Catholic`s secret service,with the the head of the order being known as the ”Black Pope”.

        Now the interesting thing in the long history of the RC church how we have for the first time a Jesuit not as the ”Black Pope” but the real Pope!

  • Eiselmann

    Well the Pope called Trump un-Christian because of plans to build a wall separating one state from another…so I guess the Pope is really just being true to form by inviting Muslims into Europe at the expense of Christians, after all he lives in a walled state himself.

    Pope Francis , tear down that wall.

    Or stay behind it and leave Europe alone , the last thing it needs is your kind of help.

  • Richard

    It’s not that surprising really, given that the UN, EU and the public face of the Catholic church are directed by the top echelon of the Catholic operation.

    The whole mess in Syria is directed by the Jesuits anyway.

    • Usaywot

      What a weird statement. Support this with facts, please.

      • Richard

        It’s probably easier if I point you in the direction of some reading material. In all the years I have studied this, the most concise summary I can suggest is a book called Rulers of Evil, by F. Tupper Saussy.

    • spanishbride

      Full marks for being original. I have heard the often repeated claim that Jews rule the world but I had never heard the ones about Catholics/Jesuits before.If they do control the EU and the UN they must be suicidal given their actions so far. What kind of conspiracy conspires to destroy its own members?

      • Richard

        Maybe the same kind of organisation which fosters a culture of abuse against their own young parishioners, I mean, it’s not like they haven’t got form for it.

  • Kiwiracer

    Ive tried to understand the reasoning behind this tolerance and total acceptance of the muslims throughout the western world, it defies all logic, there ideology dosent facilitate itself to intergration, we are in for a rocky ride

  • Nesher

    The Media is still talking about this sub-30 minutes private jet trip when 12 Syrians were taken from a safe place in Greece to another safe place in Rome. At the same time, other people conducted the real live-saving operation on the dangerous Syrian grounds. Unfortunately, this story hasn’t found any reflection in the Media: http://www.timesofisrael.com/israeli-doctors-spies-rally-to-save-5-year-old-syrian-girl/