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A Belgian woman who converted to Islam and moved to Syria after falling in love with a man she met in a supermarket has warned other women about making the same mistake.

Laura Passoni, 30, returned disillusioned last year but was only recently reunited with her children after an exhaustive inquiry by Belgian social workers.

She was working in a supermarket in the Belgian city of Charleroi when she met her future husband Osama Rayan, who was of Tunisian origin.  […]

She said: ‘I went there voluntarily and willingly, I converted to become a Muslim and then I was radicalised, and I became convinced that the caliphate was only place for me and my family to live.

‘Once I got there though I really got to know the meaning of terror.’

She said she was confined to the house where all she could do was the cleaning and cooking, and was only allowed to leave when she was dressed in a burka and with her husband. […]

Speaking about life under ISIS, she said: ‘There were no taxes to pay, health care was free and they used a lot of alternative medicine, cures never seen in European health care.

‘But life there was very expensive, and the money were not enough.’

She said she was never treated violently but she felt like a prisoner.

Miss Passoni said: ‘I was forbidden to do anything, I just had to take care of the home and children. I could not leave the house or use the internet without the presence of a man.

‘I started to become very afraid that they might take my children away. It was just the opposite of what they promised in the propaganda of the Caliphate. I decided I wanted to escape when I realised there was a very real risk my son might end up a terrorist.’

She managed to get a mobile phone and was able to communicate secretly with her parents, Pascal and Antoinette, by text message.

She managed to escape, via Turkey, but has refused to give details for fear of putting others in danger.


– Daily Mail



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  • Justme

    I know love is blind, but sometimes it seems to be absolutely face-palming stupid as well.

  • rexabus

    I know of 2 young ladies I was acquainted with who married muslims and left within a year. That was 20 yrs ago now but same issues. Freedoms a woman in the west takes for granted until they’re taken away from her. It’s funny how western women are prepared to give that nonsense a go but it wouldn’t cross their mind to convert to exclusive brethren or a similar restrictive Christian sect

  • oldmanNZ

    some thing caught my attention about this women..

    “There were no taxes to pay, health care was free and they used a lot of alternative medicine, cures never seen in European health care.”

    is she saying the alternative medicine was a good thing ?

    she is also banned from using social media.