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Former UK Official Who Invented Term ‘Islamophobia’: I Got Everything Wrong

He is now trying to make amends. Too little, too late.

Trevor Phillips is helping to present the study as a way of making up for having gotten “almost everything wrong” during his tenure in government. While heading the commission he led the formation of an official report that created and popularized the term “Islamophobia” as a way of stigmatizing any criticism of Islam or of mass Muslim immigration. Now, he admits he was wrong about everything.

His comments ought to improve the debate over mass immigration, at least. Since the 1997 report he commissioned, concern about large-scale Muslim immigration has been treated as if it were literally a psychological disorder. A “phobia” is a groundless, irrational fear that ought to be trained out of a person by aversion therapy or some other treatment. It is not in any way a concern to be taken seriously. It is simply a disorder that must be corrected.

Now we learn that those who were raising these concerns were right all along. The fear that the massive importation of Muslims would create significant changes in British culture turns out to be perfectly well-grounded. The suggestion that it would create a growing bloc of voters who wanted to repeal the unwritten British constitution in favor of sharia law was not a part of a ‘phobia’ at all. It was simply true.

In the mean time, New Zealand politicians continue to blindly blunder along the same path.


– counterjihad.com via  Tiffany Gabbay, Truth Revolt


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  • intelligentes candida diva

    Oh dear, lacking credibility all over the place.
    I notice the term ‘Islamophobia’ is not being used around the internet as often in recent times, perhaps those who have been & are advocates of it now have an irrational phobia of appearing illogical or stupid given the facts around Islam

  • waldopepper

    unfortunately for millions of innocent people around the world who’s lives are now being affected or even destroyed by muslim mass immigration, the “we told you so” speech will ring hollow and will possibly be in poor taste now. but, “we did tell you so”.

  • cows4me

    Highlights the share arrogance of the vast proportion of New Zealand politicians of whom many are unelected, so what makes them such great authorities, while claiming we have nothing to fear from Muslim immigration. Clearly there is something to fear but this latest revelation will have little effect on these know it alls. Our politicians claim that Kiwis are OK with Muslim immigration but you could bet the farm the gutless wonders won’t make it an election issue.

  • George Carter

    The arrogant denial of the left. Even when one of their best and brightest announces he was completely wrong they reply with, nothing to see here, carry on, the right wing have got to him!

  • Ruahine

    Remind me again why we have to go through all those scanners at the airports when one wants to fly from anywhere to some where. Ah, Yes. Now I remember.

  • Eiselmann

    Yes yes you got it wrong, like so many others still do. Yet millions of your fellow citizens had concerns and you did everything to shut down those concerns rather than actually address them, refute them and defend your position.

    Its still happening today, it will still happen when people like you will only realise their error when their grand-daughters are fitted for a burka because an under ten year old girl might force an adult male to rape them if they are uncovered…thats the possible future you have been a party to …

    ….so the question to you Mr Phillips and to the others who have come to understand the dangers of Islam after years of shutting down concerns ,is what will you do now?…its not enough to put your hand up and say ‘yeah my bad got that wrong’…if you were a champion of Islam over Judeo-Christain/Secular culture , then put the same effort into being a defender of what you and the rest of us have…its the very least you can do to correct the damage you and others like you have already done.

  • edenman

    Two weeks ago I was able to watch a UK channel 4 the documentary program ‘What British Muslims Really Think’. This was fronted by Trevor Phillips. If a copy or link could be made to this program It would be well worth putting up on Whale Oil. I don’t think our own MSM will source it.

    • rexabus

      Good stuff. At least it looks like the reality of the situation is getting some mainstream media coverage over there