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I have an anonymous letter which asks me what is being done by the United Nations about the plight of the nearly one million Arab refugees of Israel aggression.
Isn’t it astonishing how many mistakes can creep into one sentence.
There are 800,000 refugees who are being cared for by the U.N. and have been cared for since, during the war, their own Moslem mufti in Jerusalem called upon the Arabs in Israel to leave.Israel was not the aggressor in this war. The Arabs were the aggressors. The partition of Palestine and the creation of the State of Israel was the result of U.N. action.
The Arabs did not accept the new state. So Israel fought and gained more land, holding it by defeating her Arab attackers.
The Arabs who did not heed the call of the Mufti and leave Israel during the war are still living there. As a minority, they have certain grievances. But, by and large, with eight representatives in the Knesset (the parliament), they have a voice, as citizens of Israel, to demand redress for their wrongs.
No one can blame the poor people who left Israel. They were told that in a few weeks they would be back and would receive not only their own land and belongings but that of the Israelis, who would be driven into the sea.
Unfortunately for the Arabs, this did not come to pass. Israel remained a state and those poor refugees were the saddest and most miserable people I have seen in any refugee camps.The worst of their plight was that, being in Arab countries where they didn’t want to feel they were permanently settled, they were not even allowed to find jobs to keep up their skills, to set up work within the refugee camps for this purpose or to train young people…It’s been nearly 68 years, and nothing has changed.
That is the real “Nakba”
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  • 10cents

    That helps explain the present situation concisely and clearly. Good post.

  • R&BAvenger

    Nothing like history, as it was reported and written, to be put out there in order to correct the rewritten history reported as fact. Reported and repeated by msm apologists for Palestinian/Muslim violence and atrocities visited on Israel, Israelis and the world, historically and in the present day.

  • kereru

    Oh for the days when leaders were statesmen married to highly intelligent and articulate wives. Can you imagine Eleanor putting on a concerned expression and holding up a sign? Roosevelt, Eisenhower, Obama. A POTUS for our times of platitudes and hashtags. Perhaps we do get the leaders we deserve.

  • johnandali

    I understand that many Muslim countries in the Middle East expelled Jews, and they were not allowed to take any possessions or even their valuables with them when they left, and their properties that had been in their families for countless generations, were confiscated. Most of them went to live in Israel, and there were about 800,000 of them, equalling almost exactly the same number of Arabs who had been living in Israel, and were told by the invading Arab forces in 1948 to leave. Those Arabs went to live in refugee camps, and to this day they have never been allowed to live outside of them, and have never been given citizenship of their new countries. And they’re used as pawns in the Arab frenzy to drive Israel into the sea. The Jews who went to Israel have been absorbed into the population, and there have been no efforts by the UN to have them compensated for the properties they were forced to abandon or to allow them to return to their home countries. But you never hear that side of the story. I understand that any deal that Israel makes with the Palestinians for the forming of a Palestinian state, will not allow the return of the Palestinian refugees back into Israel. The 800,000 Arabs who left have now grown to several million, who demand the right of return. If they were allowed to return, they would soon outnumber the Jewish population, and that would eventually result in Israel being governed by Arabs. It’s a real mess, and with the current Palestinian leadership, there will be no chance of an agreement to form a state in Palestine. My greatest concern is that one day soon, Israel will declare that Palestinian terrorism and killings are to stop, and if it doesn’t, the Palestinians will be the next group of “migrants” who will be seeking residence in Europe. Yes. It’s a mess, and while we have a UN that is dominated by Muslim countries and their hangers-on (including the EU and New Zealand), there can be no resolution to the problem.