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Former ACT leader John Banks has been sworn in as a JP for a second time.

Former ACT leader John Banks has been sworn in as a JP for a second time. JASON DORDAY/FAIRFAX NZ


Becoming a JP again is vindication for the “judicial jihad” of the electoral fraud allegations he faced, John Banks says.

The former ACT leader and Auckland mayor has been sworn in as a Justice of the Peace for a second time, after resigning his position as a JP while battling the charges in 2014.

“This is the beginning of the end of a long, disappointing, expensive judicial jihad,” he said on Monday.

“Certain matters left outstanding needed to be tidied up and this was one of them.”

Banks was sworn in along with seven others at the Auckland District Court on Monday afternoon.

In 2014 he was convicted over two $25,000 donations to his 2010 mayoral campaign by internet entrepreneur Kim Dotcom. He appealed and was subsequently acquitted of the charges.

He went through the normal process of applying to be a JP again, Banks said.

“There’s no shortcuts, I had to line up with everyone else.

“I had to be vetted by the Justice Department, I had to sit all the exams, attend all the classes.”

He had no choice but to resign as a JP while he was facing criminal charges, Banks said.

“The ignominy of passing in my warrant was something that needed to be straightened out and put right.

“I just think it’s part of the big circle of events that’s taking place in my life that’s putting the wrongs done to me of the past right, and in perspective,” he said.


 – Stuff.co.nz


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  • Bruce Rayner

    I hope dot com is on the ‘tidy up’list too. Go for it.

  • sarahmw

    So pleased to hear this. Sometimes the good guys do win, but what a price he has paid all because of a big tub of lard. Go John!

  • Aucky

    The quintessential Kiwi battler. Onya John.

  • Usaywot

    What happened to John was an utter disgrace. To think a senile judge could take the word of a former prostitute over a blameless Mrs Banks. It doesn’t bear thinking about. Go well John you are a good man and should never have gone through that rubbish.

    • It’s worse than that. He actually stated Mr and Mrs Dotcom’s testimony were more credible than those of the Banks’.

      The Dotcoms didn’t get where they were at that time by not being able to con people. In fact, that’s been their stock in trade.

      • biscuit barrel

        The court of appeal accepted new evidence from Banks wife, so that must mean it wasnt given at the original trial.
        I think Banks lawyer was very poor, as from memory, his was a technical defence, something about just signing the document prepared by others. And of course Banks didnt testify himself, with his background and integrity his testimony along with his wife would have prevailed over the 3 dotcom witnesses

  • Abjv

    Wonder if there is another mayoralty left in him?

  • Charlie

    It is rather sad to reflect on the poor quality of our legal system and the incompetence of our judges (who demand the utmost respect) when the judge would take the word of a convicted fraudster, obvious liar, and his subservient self serving wife, over the word of respected, hard working members of our society.

  • LesleyNZ

    So pleased to read this. Wished JB would stand for Mayor. He knows the job and has integrity. Good character, good leadership and teamwork, fiscal responsibility with ratepayer money, wisdom and being truthful is all I ask for in a Mayor.

    • WeaselKiss

      Lesley I reckon he might have thought of standing but then he considers having to try and clean up the mess left behind by the current lot.
      Very much a ‘sit up bolt upright in bed in a cold sweat in the middle of the night’ type scenario.

  • Michelle

    Great news and hope he can recoup some of the loses he has sustained from this whole debacle
    It shows a disgusting state of our judicial system when someone like JB can get dragged through court and the likes on Winnie gets off scot free

  • Peter

    Good on ya Banksie!!