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  • Phenandra

    I actually think there is a case to be made for more attractive Islamic dress, on the grounds that it helps a bit in integration if a woman doesn’t feel so much like an isolated and angry sack, and can take part in more activites than she could otherwise.

    It is something of a move away from hardline adherence to the dress code represented by the more deliberately unattractive clothing.

    • Crowgirl

      I’m torn by it – in some ways it is catering to an odious ideology, but on the other hand it is Westernising these women and having them focus on fashion and looking attractive. Once you get them away from this idea of looking hideous in a sack and nana scarf, maybe, just maybe it will be easier to integrate them into Western society. Appealing to their vanity also makes it harder to get them to conform to all that dreadful black sack stuff.

  • Glenn

    Que the inevitable death threats.