Forensic evidence backs claims Pistorius beat Steenkamp with a cricket bat before he shot her


Dramatic new evidence emerged today that claims to show Oscar Pistorius attacked his lover with an air rifle and a cricket bat before shooting her dead.

The Paralympian told his trial that he accidentally killed Reeva Steenkamp after mistaking her for an intruder at his home in Pretoria three years ago.

But two experts have now released never-before-seen forensic pictures they claim conclusively proves the athlete murdered the model.

They point to two injuries on the model’s back they say match the tip of his cricket bat, while marks on the ripped and blood-covered handle suggest there was a struggle.

So he basically beat the crap out of her, she hid in the toilet, and then he shot her through the door.   Nice guy.  



The injury on her back and the shape of the bat match.

Other pictures appear to show a 4.5mm hole in the athlete’s bedroom door which is believed to match the caliber of his air rifle.

A similar-sized wound was also found on Reeva’s arm, suggesting he may have fired at her with the weapon as the model fled the bedroom.

The claims have been made by brothers Calvin and Thomas Mollett in their new book Oscar vs The Truth after studying evidence and conducting their own tests for over a year.

Another image of a dented steel plate on the side of the bath also appears to support the idea he wielded the bat in fit of rage.

Speaking to Jane Flanagan for The Sun, Thomas Mollet said: ‘Oscar went after her with a cricket bat, infuriated that she locked herself away from him.

‘To scare and frighten her, he hit the door with the cricket bat about two to three times and also hit the steel plate against the bathtub wall.’ […]

If confirmed, their evidence would cement the prosecution’s case that Pistorius gunned down Miss Steenkamp in a fit of rage during a late-night row after she had locked herself in the toilet cubicle.

After this, I suspect the defence is now wrong footed and finds itself without a leg to stand on.

But more grimly, if true, what an evil piece of work that bastard is.


– Daily Mail


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  • George Carter

    Forgive me asking the obvious but where has this all been hidden till now?

    • Bruce S

      In December 2015, Judge Eric Leach of the South African Supreme Court of Appeal criticized the original trial judge, Thokozile Masipa, because she “ignored key evidence” and because she made fundamental errors of law during the Pistorius / Steenkamp trial. Masipa’s original verdict was overturned and replaced with murder.

      So the evidence wasn’t hidden, it was ignored.

      • George Carter

        Wow, that’s hardly what you’d call an insignificant piece of evidence. The fact that it appears to completely undermine the defence case makes you wonder on what grounds she found it inadmissible! An I thought our judges were hopeless!

        • STAG

          Affirmative Action in action perhaps?

        • Raibert

          The question needing to be asked is was this judge investigated in any way after her verdict wa found to be so very wrong? Or is the SA judiciary above investigation in these matters as judges in our NZ system seem to be.

          • Simon P

            It is no different to NZ where Court of Appeal decisions were often overturned by the Privy Council. So what was the remedy, promote the morons in the Court of Appeal to the New Supreme Court, problem solved, no more bad decisions.

      • Orange

        Watching the initial verdict from Masipa live on the internet it was obvious there was something chronically wrong with her analysis. She ruled out murder because “we don’t know he knew it was specifically her” while the question was meant to be “did he know he was shooting at a human?” When she said that I didn’t think it would stand very long it was so obvious one had to question the reason for it – was she paid off or just really stupid.

  • Muffin

    Enjoy prision in SA Oscar, It will give you time to work on your ‘rage’ problem among other things.

  • STAG

    It always stunk, it stinks even more now. Hopefully the South African judicial system can see it’s way to the correct finding unfortunately I still have my doubts.

    • Keeping Stock

      They already have Stag. The judge’s finding of culpable homicide was overturned on appeal, and Pistorius will be sentenced next month for murder.

      • STAG

        Ture, however I remain unconvinced he will be sentenced appropriately.

  • Cadwallader

    Does South Africa execute murderers?

    • Dan

      No. Minimum sentence is 15 years. The death penalty was abolished in 1995.

      • Tony

        Either that or execute half of the ANC – who comprised all of Cabinet

  • RightyTighty LeftyLoosey

    Will the cricket bat manufacturer now be sued like the gun manufacturer in the Sandy Hook case??

  • Brian Smaller

    I thought he had had his trial. I was completely unaware that he was being tried again? I am guessing if so then it is an appeal by the prosecution. I have not kept up on this particular story as it had no legs for me.

    • David

      Pistorius appealed his murder conviction on January 11, 2016 and I believe he is under house arrest at a relative’s residence. The prosecution also appealed his light sentence. I’m not sure if either case has appeared before the courts yet.

  • Keeping Stock

    I’m not by nature a vindictive type, but I have nothing but contempt for Pistorius. He quite literally executed Reeva Steenkamp, and if for any reason he finds 15 years in prison tough, he has no one to blame but himself.

  • Orca

    Who knew Pistorius played cricket? Still, after initially being baled and allowed to walk, he may yet be caught, all out for one, at stumps.

    • wanarunna

      He thought he would take up cricket on the basis that he could never be given out leg before.

      • Nic C

        Yes, he may avoid an LB dismal but he’d be stumped every time by the keeper!

        …. (sooooooooooooo inappropriate; but this evil, narcissistic scum-bag doesn’t deserve even a modicum respect or consideration for what he did to that beautiful young woman).

    • John Colbert

      They call him neil in clink.

  • Big_Al

    Looks like he was a piece of work alright. How come it took this long for this evidence to appear??

  • Nic C

    Can I ask an honest question… and I’m not being facetious either.

    How does he function or get around in prison, when all his various prosthetic leg options (blades, steel pole and foot, walking sticks etc) can so easily be pinched off him by other prisoners and used as weapons against guards and other prisoners?

    One can only hope that this issue (if it is in fact an issue), will make every day of the 15 year sentence, likely served in a max-security prison for murders, an absolute living hell on earth for this evil piece of gutter-slim.

  • Tony

    I always thought that he did hit her with the bat. maybe I just dreamt it. Does anyone else think that this is old news? Or was it great imagination on my part?

    • Crowgirl

      I thought he’d hit the bathroom door trying to knock it down. I’m not sure why it has all the blood on it if that’s the case, and I’ve never understood why a young woman would lock herself in the bathroom away from her lover if she was just toileting, and she wasn’t in fear of him.

  • jps1970

    Roses are red
    Violets are glorious
    Don’t turn your back
    On Oscar Pistorius