Garner on Moroney and Social Media

Duncan Garner joins the fray on Sue Moroney.

Labour MP Sue Moroney’s moronic tweet this week about why a wealthy bach owner shouldn’t decide our flag referendum was a shocker.

She knows it. Labour leader Andrew Little knows it. It was serious face palm stuff wasn’t it? Moroney didn’t engage her brain with her loose fingers and wayward, poorly judged thoughts.

She also forgot the immense and invasive power of social media. It’s the equivalent of sending out a press release to the entire world.

In the old days rookie MPs were told to ‘breathe through their nose’ (a nice way of saying don’t ever open your mouth) as they learned the ropes from the back benches.

But today MPs are all over Facebook and Twitter because it’s such an effective (and free) way to connect directly with voters.  

But Moroney’s foolishness serves as a timely reminder about why using social media wrongly can end your career. And torpedo future job prospects too.

We still don’t respect social media. It’s still relatively new. But much like a tattoo, it’s there for life (or at least bloody hard to remove).

I don’t respect social media, nor do I respect anyone who tells me it means better quality engagement with voters.

Social media creates echo chambers…that is all. No voter ever has been convinced to change their vote because of “engagement” on social media. But it does show voters how stupid someone is.

Social media isn’t an effective way to connect with voters. It is an effective way to destroy your credibility, or in the case of Sue Moroney, reinforce people’s perceptions of you as a nasty, spiteful, vapid person.


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  • JLS

    Just another example of Labours predilection for trying to defy the power of nominative determinism.

    • Bruce S

      I suspect that either with or without that name, she’d still be a moron.

  • Left Right Out

    Duncan can use this same story for the material girl as well…. just swap out the names

    • Nechtan

      Its interesting that Moroney quite rightly got a going over by the MSM and her party, Metiria on the other hand seems to have escaped any ridicule/censure over her tweets.

      • Michelle

        Yes l was thinking the same it has dropped off the radar very quickly it was gone by lunchtime because l went looking and could not find anything about her at all in the MSM

        She should have got the same treatment as she was endorsing drink driving
        Maybe the Media party realize that Labour is a lost cause and hoping people will vote Green

  • STAG

    The proof of labour realising just how bad this was in the public eye will be if she drops down the list, I bet she won’t.

    • Cadwallader

      I suspect you are right. In any other party she’d be dropped quickly and fall through the earth. JK and Winston in their respective parties would do so without hesitation. Labour’s “talent pool” is barely a drip from a tap so Little Angry will be hesitant to act. The next luminary in Labour’s atrophied list may be worse…yes even worse than Ms Moron.

    • Platinum Fox

      She’ll at least rank below Angry on the next list, provided he remains as leader of the parliamentary party (no logical reason why he won’t as nobody with a brain cell would try to dethrone him while the party constitution remains as it is).

  • Orca

    Stupid is, as stupid tweets.

  • Chris Bell

    I have never got it – why is social media so popular? – OK maybe for catching up with long lost friends – but why do people go hard out to make others lives miserable through it? – it’s more often just bullying at a distance pure and simple – can’t say it to their face so i’ll say it on-line and at the same time make myself look like a right prat!!