Good news: If you have dodgy ticker, it’s all bacon, all the time


New Zealand researchers have found that eating an unhealthy diet does not increase the risk of adverse heart related event.

Patients with heart disease are no more likely to suffer a stroke or heart attack if they eat a diet of fatty and sugary foods, research suggests.

But if they eat a Mediterranean diet, rich in vegetables and olive oil, they can significantly reduce their chance of life-threatening complications.

Ok, so here’s the bottom line:  If you are likely to suffer a heart event, due to genetics or bad life-style, there is no reason to give up your bad life-style.   Keep on keeping on.

Once fate has picked you and tapped you on the shoulder, and you continue to eat like a forestry worker that trains and plays rugby while sitting on the couch, then you still aren’t going get any more heart events from it.   The only problem is that you may have more interesting complications.  

Evidence over many years has shown that eating too much heavily processed, sweet and deep-fried food significantly increases the risk of developing heart disease.

But the new study, which involved 15,000 participants from 39 countries, set out to establish the impact that diet has on those who already have heart disease.

The team, led by scientists in New Zealand, found that a Mediterranean diet significantly reduced the risk of suffering a major cardiovascular emergency.

They found that for every 100 patients eating this diet – which typically includes oily fish, fruit, vegetables and other unprocessed foods – there were three fewer heart attacks, strokes or deaths over the four-year study period.

A ‘Western diet’ – including refined carbohydrates, sweets and fried foods – was linked to more heart attacks than a Mediterranean diet.

But it did not increase the risk of heart emergencies when compared to the average diet of all the patients, the study said.

So there you go.

To recap  1) Keep eating bacon.  It doesn’t change the chances of you having a heart related event.  2) Once you have a heart related event, keep eating bacon.  Because for 97 out of 100 of you, it will make no difference whatsoever.

As for the 3%, you’ll die happier.



– Mail Online


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  • Spiker

    Now thats my kind of medical advice.

    • Backed by science!

      • Carl

        I hate the term but when I read this I would like to believe that the science is settled.

  • willtin

    This is really just another example of how recent generations have been mislead (brainwashed) by so-called science, via the media sensationalising some blip in some random study (probably taxpayer funded, just to rub it in) and suddenly bacon and eggs are not good for you. Let the truth be told!
    Then again we hear truths about alcohol and tobacco and some don’t want to know; or the truth about cannabis and practically no one wants to know.
    The Truth is; Take everything with a pinch of salt and in moderation.
    And be the one to get the worm.

    • Platinum Fox

      There does seem to be a lack of understanding among scientists of the difference between correlation and causation. The latter is far harder to prove.

      • willtin

        I’m positive; one day we will all know one day, and we won’t give a tuppeny, and we will be at peace.

  • Mags

    Keep dreaming:)

  • Michelle

    We have all got to die of something so why not be happy instead of miserable eating cardboard food
    Bacon and eggs (from our chooks) for breakfast the last 2 days soooo nice after walking for over an hour up hill and down dale through the bush and farm, no car fumes
    Lunch fresh fruit off the trees and dinner is mussels fritters fresh from the ocean with a nice beer, followed by a nice glass of wine
    l am not about to change my diet because of some science, especially anyone who says giving up bacon, might go back to making my own

    Be happy and make the most of every day, eat what you want as long as you are happy

    • willtin

      You can hold off carking it, because you are already in Heaven

      • Michelle

        yep l said when we moved here l would be leaving in a pine box and still hold to that, it is a great place with everything we need

        • willtin

          Cool. It is all happening too, with we two at the moment. A shift to more self sufficiency, in a small village..

          • Michelle

            well worth it for health to be happy and know what you are eating
            funny how you get to a stage in your life where things are not the most important in life but being happy, healthy and comfortable with yourself
            Small towns are great, people know your name and are friendly and someone will always chat to you not like the cities

          • willtin

            Don’t spread the word too far!

          • Michelle

            some of them are escaping the city and coming up here, just hope they are prepared to fit in and not try to change our areas up here

          • willtin

            We have already escaped the city, to halfway there and stayed a while, now we are going the whole hog.

          • Michelle

            Good on you
            nothing better than eating food you have grown yourself or make yourself like bread and make your own bacon
            l bought the pork from butcher shop comes in fresh on a Monday and they cut up piece to how l want it a lot easier than rearing our own pigs these days
            no pan full of watery stuff and the taste is amazing l know what l have put on as the brine so easy as it is a dry cure

          • willtin

            The walking bacon would have to be a pet, or our 2 Vegan sons might try and extract any inheritance earlier than is natural. I will be buying my Bacon.

  • Doug

    As I read recently, “All of these health nuts are going to feel pretty stupid, laying in their hospital beds, dying of nothing”

  • rua kenana

    A bacon each day keeps the Muslims away.
    Sounds a pretty good suggestion to me.

  • rantykiwi

    So… after last night’s revelation on “The secret life of cats” that cat owners have a 30% lower risk of heart problems, and this information about bacon I’m sorted. I’m less likely to cark it, and if I do I’ll be happy and well fed. What a finish to a great Anzac weekend.

  • Keanne Lawrence

    Sounds like a bit of realistic research going on here where they didn’t start with the results drafted before the get go. Plus a sizable sampling over a group of countries.