GPS bracelet proposed for “abysmal” killer of a 17-month-old

via The Press / doesn't look like a child killer, but is one

via The Press / doesn’t look like a child killer, but is one


Healy, who was jailed for murdering 17-month-old Christchurch girl Shae Hammond while babysitting in 1997, is to soon be released on parole but subject to a number of restrictions.

That’s despite an “abysmal” performance during her last release before being recalled in 2014.

The Parole Board this week released its reasons for granting parole.

Panel convenor Marion Frater noted Healy’s change of circumstances since this time last year, when she wasn’t seeking parole.

She had undergone intensive psychological counselling and had a strong support network, Ms Frater said.

For the past year she had been working six days a week in a kitchen and completed barista training. Her friends and former employers have offered to re-employ her.

Shae’s mother Andrea Keats is against Healy’s re-release, fearing she will reoffend.

But the board says it is satisfied that if she sticks to the safety plan the risk to the community can be mitigated.

“Ms Healy is in a much stronger position now than a year ago. She has worked hard on her release plan,” Ms Frater said.

Healy must wear a GPS bracelet and carry a cellphone so her probation officer can call her.

For the rest of her life she cannot have anything to do with children without permission or another adult being present.

Additionally, she cannot ever again drink or take drugs, or return to Christchurch or the Upper Hutt suburb where she was accused of breaching her previous parole conditions by babysitting a six-year-old.

I’m sorry, but a GPS bracelet and a cell phone aren’t going to keep the public safe.

The risk of this going wrong are simply too high.

She cuts off the GPS bracelet and drops the phone. At that stage, as we’ve seen in the news over the last year, she had anywhere from a six-hour to two-day head start.

How anyone is going to be able enforce the no-child contact when she has to move about the world is beyond my understanding.

If she can’t be put under 24/7 supervision while she is free, then this is a textbook case for protective custody. Some predators simply can not be trusted to do the right thing.


– NZN via Yahoo!


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  • SAM51

    I don’t think I will bother taking the kids for a frothy at the cafe she’s working at!

  • Superman

    If she reoffends the parole board must be locked up with her.

  • waldopepper

    when i hear phrases like this one “Ms Healy is in a much stronger position now than a year ago. She has worked hard on her release plan,” Ms Frater said, i cringe. these twits talk as if we are all in this together, but wow, hasnt she made fantastic progress and we should congratulate her ! to hell with that. she murdered a little girl, but they talk about it like “oh darn, she burnt the muffins”. if parole boards were accountable im sure you would see very different decisions made regarding release,

  • OneTrack

    “.. if she sticks to the safety plan the risk to the community can be mitigated”

    Ah Baldrick, I can see a slight problem with this cunning plan of yours.

    • biscuit barrel

      Of course they stick to the ‘plan’ when everyone is watching.

      What about in 5 years time. THis sort of sick behaviour is imprinted in her from way back. Completing barista training isnt dealing with her issues, she had her chance which showed true colours. Why isnt she one of those few people the parole board forgets about – for good.

      Its not like a wee toddler can even defend themselves, one bad week and her old impulses come flooding back.

  • intelligentes candida diva

    Right on, good post

    What does working as a barista prove,she was working as a baby sitter, so capacity to work proves squat? … no answer required.

  • Aylene Price

    So sh’e been locked up for 18 years and couldn’t be trusted when she was released last time and had to be recalled, but suddenly over the last 12 months she’s worked hard, had psychological counselling and she’s all better. Yay! Gosh wonder why she wasn’t all over those opportunities for the earlier years she was locked up?!