Great sledge from Boris

Boris Johnson is sledging out David Cameron easily.

Boris Johnson’s dispute with David Cameron over the EU deepened on Friday night after he called the Prime Minister and his allies the “Gerald Ratners of modern politics”.

In a major speech to mark the opening day of EU referendum campaigning, Mr Johnson accused Mr Cameron and his colleagues of pretending to be a eurosceptics despite “loving the idea of a federal Europe” and said that they do not have a “shred of idealism”.

But television viewers watching events in Manchester were treated to bizarre scenes as the London mayor demanded that a reporter stop broadcasting on-air from the back of the auditorium.  

As the speech continued, Michael Crick, of Channel 4 News, was heckled  and then accosted by a member of the audience during his live report.

When Mr Johnson moved on, he compared Mr Cameron and his allies to Gerald Ratner – the jeweller who wiped £500m off the value of his business in 1991 by describing his products as “total c**p”.

Mr Johnson also said that voting to leave the EU is a “vote for freedom” and that the day after the June 23 referendum “will be independence day”.

Boris lethal to his enemies when sledging.


– The Telegraph


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  • Keyser Soze

    When Boris takes over as PM, British politics are going to be awesome!