Greg O’Connor needs to apologise


Will Greg O’Connor apologise to firearms owners?

The facts are now released and the reason firearms get into the hands of criminals is because they are stolen in burglaries, which Police don’t bother to follow up.

Not only that but over 80% of firearms stolen are shotguns; not the military-style weapons that the media has been splashing all over their websites.

Mind the pun – but the Police Association President has shot himself in the foot.

He’s been trying to stoke up a firearms debate and yet it’s his own members’ fault that criminal scumbags get guns!   

The Police don’t do the basics of their job. They don’t bother with investigating burglaries; and most guns are stolen in burglaries.

Greg O’Connor needs to apologise to firearms owners and to the public.

It’s only off the back of his puffery that this firearms enquiry is even happening. It turns out that it needn’t even be occurring if the cops just did their job.

No one deserves to go to work and get a gun pointed at them, but the lack of focus on burglaries is the actual cause of criminals getting their hands on guns. It’s their own bloody fault and if they did their job properly, instead of chasing speeding tickets, then chances are that criminals might not have many guns at all.

Greg O’Connor made a song and dance on this issue. He also focussed incorrectly on semi-automatic firearms. He has misled the public and the Media party who published his inflammatory remarks. So he needs to fall on his sword and apologise. As the representative of Police force members he opened his mouth, made spurious claims and caused a lot of concern to legitimate firearms owners.

Do the right thing. Resign before you are due to leave the job anyway.


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  • cows4me

    Oh I’m sure Greg knew what the real facts and figures were even before this so called kangaroo inquiry. His proclamations were really directed at the legion of liberal useful idiots and gun haters. Greg is a gun whisper, that is he talks in a loud voice about criminals and guns and whispers regulation and confiscation to the law makers.

  • Dog Breath

    Or maybe the converse is true deliberately not investigating burgleries knowing that firearms are obtained this way to justify arming the Police.

    • pidge

      That’s a lovely application of “sufficiently advanced incompetence is indistinguishable from malice”.

  • O’Connor is simply following the leftist dogma like a true blue socialist unionist. Arm the state and disarm the populace and they will be easy to control.

    And the left want to control us. They know whats best for us so first they need to be able to prevent us from stopping them.

  • Mr_Blobby

    Yes he is just a sad apologist.

    Why is he not advocating for the basic human right of self defense.

    Small businesses, like service stations, liquor shops, dairy owners, taxi drivers, bank workers, door security etc are more likely to face a criminal brandishing a weapon than the Police.

    They are also more likely to be injured or even killed.

    Yet if they defend themselves they are warned or prosecuted by the Police. The first responder to any crime is the victim.

    I will say it again self defense, by any and all means possible, is a basic human right.

    We are seeing it in Australia at the moment a convicted criminal scum, found in a private residence in a little girls bedroom, Killed by the Father.

    It is the Father in prison on murder charges and the convicted criminals family crying about how unfair it is and wanting justice. Good luck getting a jury to convict.

  • Police complain that burglaries are not properly investigated because of a lack of resources. It strikes me that, if there is any place where police SHOULD be placing maximum resources, it is in the investigation of burglaries where a gun has been stolen. After all, it is highly likely that the gun will be involved in further criminal acts, probably involving injury and death.

  • andrewo

    We pay police salaries, and so it’s about time they figured out we are their real ‘clients’. Stop abusing motorists for doing 104 km/hr and start working on burglaries.

  • Huia

    If he is so concerned about illegal guns then he really needs to hold Heather DPA up as a shining example of how to procure illegal guns, prosecution should have happened immediately. NOT cover up by the Police and media, it made a mockery of the illegal gun purchase and how to get away with the crime because crime it was.
    I expect the same treatment when I purchase a shottie from the internet using false ID, what is good for one should be good for another.
    History shows us when the gun owners rights are violated by their very own Government the market for illegal guns rises dramatically. That is a fact.
    Greg O’Connor seems to be a bag of hot air with no substance and his Police really do need to concentrate on home invasions and burglaries, Policing the roads is okay but its done not a lot to reduce accidents and stupid driving, Police could be better used in other areas. We should have kept the Transport department so they could concentrate on the roads and the Police on Policing.

    • Scottydog

      Clearly if a women gets an illegal firearm (abortion) she should not be punished.
      This is the situational logic of the lefty lunatics.

      Any body that is caught committing firearms offences needs to be punished, criminals that do need very heavy sentences.

      The police letting of that stupid women Heather sends the wrong massage.

  • LesleyNZ

    So why aren’t the police doing their job? It could well have a lot to do with the police budget.