Half-dozen ignorant people get a right Simon Collins pimping

Simon Collins is pimping the poor again, and the truly stupid.

Almost 3000 Tamaki state housing tenants are being transferred to a new landlord company today, but some still don’t know why the change is happening.

The Tamaki Redevelopment Company, a joint venture owned by the Government and Auckland Council, becomes the new landlord for the 2800 Housing NZ tenants between West Tamaki Rd and the Panmure Basin from this afternoon.

But long-standing tenant Ioela (Niki) Rauti, who successfully resisted an eviction notice last year when her house was earmarked for redevelopment, said she did not feel safe because she did not know why her landlord was changing.

“What’s it all about? Nobody knows,” she said. “We are getting transferred to the Tamaki Housing Association, which is a private holding company [a limited partnership created by the Tamaki Redevelopment Company in January]. Do we feel safe? I don’t think so.”

Ms Rauti, 61, joined other tenants in a protest outside the company’s office in Glen Innes this afternoon.

Did their houses disappear? No. Did anything materially affect them? No.

A protest organiser, Yvonne Dainty, said the transfer was “nothing but privatisation”.

“John Key has not been given a mandate for this, nor has council,” she said. “We don’t believe we will be better off under this company.”

Housing NZ Minister Bill English said last year that the existing houses would be replaced during the next 10 to 15 years by about 7500 new homes, with a “bottom line” that there would still be at least as many social housing units as the 2800 existing state homes.

Uhmmm…he doesn’t need a mandate, but he does have one actually: he won the election and the changes to state housing were an election policy.

This is just more outrage from the truly stupid and it’s ably assisted by the anti-government editorial stance of the NZ Herald.

What these people forget is that these are not their houses….they are ours.


– NZ Herald


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  • Gazza

    Surely the ‘long-standing tenant’ will not require social housing when the project is completed as social housing is only supposed to be a temporary need…..mmmmm

  • A protest organiser, Yvonne Dainty, said the transfer was “nothing but privatisation”.

    Ummm, yeah, the company is jointly owned by the government and the council. That is not privatisation.

    Protest if you must, but let’s at least get the facts correct.

    • Phenandra

      It’s worth googling Yvonne.

      • There are two of them, this one is not the one who was facing charges for assault on her son.

        • Phenandra

          Thank you. I stand corrected, withdraw and apologise.

  • biscuit barrel

    “and the changes to state housing were an election policy.”

    No they weren’t, i remember at the time it was strange for Bill English to be mentioning state housing policy ‘just days after the votes were counted’
    And looking back the only ‘social housing policy’ mentioned before the election by national was ‘review tenancies regularly’
    The way back machine confirms this, as we all know 80 Billion dollar Bill was only put in charge of state house sell off AFTER the election.
    Its obvious that national knew before the election that big changes were coming, and are well over due, but they didnt tell the voters that before the election.

    • Phenandra

      From 2014 election’s National Social Housing Policy (not under separate Housing Policy pdf on the same page):


      “Reformed social housing
      sector to ensure it is fit-for purpose including passing
      legislation to facilitate a
      shift from state housing to
      a range of new social
      housing providers”

      So you are not in fact correct.

      Did you also complain when Helen Clark ignored almost all of her pre-election promises and passed significant legislation not in party election policy?

      • biscuit barrel

        Phenandra, sorry the internet doesnt forget and you are incorrect.

        When we look back at the policies web page the week before the Sep 2014 election we find that there is no ‘Social Housing’ web page like you would find today. Why is that ? Did they write it after the election ?

        The other strange thing is while social housing was in desperate need of change, after the election new minister Bill English was telling us the problem was central and local government were no good at running SH, which is so true.
        So now we have doubled down and have combined those who failed in a new arrangement to run social housing.

        • Phenandra

          I doubt very much that the manifesto was changed after the election. To suggest so is to enter tinfoil hat territory.

          And having maintained websites, I do find that the internet perhaps doesn’t forget, but it can, interestingly enough, throw up draft pages, pages I had marked as not-for-spiders, and is in in any case very patchy in its recall. Which is a bummer if you want to find the text of one of your pages.

          • biscuit barrel

            And the web archive url has this part at the top
            which shows the date the social housing policy was archived
            15/01/2015 .
            That means that pdf wasnt there in Sept 2014, the time of the election.
            Thats why national uses these pdfs, so they are linked ‘forward’ on the wayback machine, very clever.

            When I open the First home buyers web page, thinking I get the policy announced last election instead wayback tells me this


            5 captures
            13 Jan 15 – 29 Jan 16
            ie they dont have the election time one.

          • biscuit barrel

            Same goes for the nationals workplace policy, if you think you have the 2014 election page , wayback tells you this :
            “Saved 3 times between January 15, 2015 and January 26, 2015”.
            Very very clever relinking the pre election policies to those in Jan 2015

  • metalnwood

    I too would like to know why the transfer of title of the house I was living in went to someone else. Most particularly because I own it myself.

    If I dont own it then it’s not really my business.

    Many private renters face this all of the time and quite a few get booted out of the house because the new owner doesnt want to rent.

    Whats going to happen to these ones? New landlord, they still get their house.

    Don’t feel safe with your free house? Try paying for one and see how you feel.

  • Tracy

    Don’t like your new Landlord? Shift elsewhere – problem solved. So far there has been no effect on them whatsoever, they are staying in the houses, I assume the rent remains the same so what exactly is the problem? Oh & eventually we will build them a nice new house to live in cheaply.

  • Red

    Easy ways to make an impression on your new Landlord
    1: Mow the lawns
    2: Grizzle to the newspaper