Has Europe abolished itself?

Angela Merkel is being blamed for the demise of Europe:

A combination of Islamist terror and badly designed migration policy is going to destroy Europe, claims a Swiss member of parliament who said Angela Merkel and Islam are to blame.

The comments by Swiss People’s Party (SVP) member of parliament Roger Köppel are just the latest by a high profile European politician on the demise of the continent. His remarks, which appeared in his own Weltwoche daily newspaper could not have been clearer, when Mr. Köppel remarked on Europe’s growing instability: “The German refugee policy could trigger a new world war”.

Comparing the “megalomaniac, we can do it” mentality  of Angela Merkel and others to Europe on the eve of the First World War, the editorial foresaw a situation where millions of ordinary Europeans would pay dearly for a situation manufactured by their leaders. Those in charge would now, as then, not have to pay for their mistakes at all.

Writing in the newspaper of which he is editor-in-chief, the parliamentarian wrote: “The basic problem today is Islam… The attacks in Paris and Brussels are acute symptoms of an incorrect, sick immigration policy.” Criticising the infiltration of “death-seeking fanatics and madmen”, Mr. Köppel said “Islam endangers the survival of our civilisation”.

Yes it does. But people are too scared to say anything, much less do anything.

He said the arrival of millions of Muslims for North Africa and the Middle East “increases the risk of terrorism in Europe significantly” and “the vast majority of migrants do not bring the conditions for successful integration in our competitive economy”.

No shit Sherlock. The residents of Paris and Brussels know this all too well.

Calling the EU-Turkey deal “bankruptcy”, Mr. Köppel remarked the EU was merely outsourcing their responsibilities eastward to “the autocrat Erdogan”, saying: “This is not a deal, but a submission”.

A number of other senior figures have recently spoken of the deteriorating security picture in Europe recently. Breitbart Londonreported in January on Hungarian leader Viktor Orban’s comments in which he called the continent “dying”.

Mr. Orban said: “The threat of terrorism is increasing and public safety is deteriorating.

“One is not allowed to say such things in Europe, it is forbidden, and some countries will not even broadcast what I am about to say. But the situation is that European citizens are living under a threat, especially the vulnerable ones, women, and those who are unable to defend themselves.

“This is unacceptable.

“This is why I think that from now on the issue of migration is principally one of public security, and I believe that all politicians have been primarily elected to guarantee the protection of their citizens”.

The head of Sweden’s military forces, General Anders Brännström, made similar remarks in January. He said his men had to be prepared for war in Europe and compared the situation to the 1930s before the outbreak of the Second World War. He said:

There is now a much stronger focus on national defence… it is about preparing for the worst”.

Finally someone in authority is saying what I have been saying for damn near a year now. We are at war…a war for civilisation.




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  • Odd Ball

    I think it’s inevitable that civil unrest or war breaks out in Europe eventually, but that doesn’t mean NZ needs to get involved

    • Woody

      New Zealand does need to get involved, at least to the point of saying that we reserve the exclusive right to only take migrants who are likely to assimilate and also to demand that those already here adhere to our laws – all of them, not just the ones they cherry pick to advance their own cause.

      • Odd Ball

        Well said, I think NZ should just look after number one,

      • Ruahine

        New Zealand should decide what so called refugees come here not the UNHCR and cronies.

        • RealKiwi

          Send them packing

    • duve

      This is a real “head in the sand” mentality. Modern travel is increasing interaction between countries and cultures, and we need to not only ensure that our country is safe, but that the world is too. Our need to be involved is more important now than in either of the world wars.

      • Odd Ball

        Given that the outcome is inevitable, how exactly do you think NZ is going to make a positive change for the better for Europe?
        NZ really isn’t that big, and quite frankly Fiji could do more given the size of their army compared to ours.
        It would be far better for NZ to secure it’s borders & be prepared, rather than sending a token force to someone else’s war.

        • RealKiwi

          It will be our war, I see it as standing up for family

    • RealKiwi

      Or bring the problem here

      • OneTrack

        Our politicians should employ some evidence-based decision making and stop all muslim immigration. Islam is clearly toxic to western democracy and way of life. Europe has now provided more than enough real evidence, instead of progressive dream times, of where muslim immigration eventually gets to.

        Yeah, yeah, your neighbourhood muslim is a nice guy. But you haven’t risked offering him pork sausages at the barbecue, have you? Baby showers are probably off the list as well. And you probably know in the back of your mind, when they have the numbers , usually about 2%, the calls for limited sharia will start. Just like they have in every other country.

        • RealKiwi

          All part of the Caliphate

      • RealKiwi

        Actually I am going to back up a bit and say as Islam declares a Holy War against
        My indigenous homeland and culture the Anglosphere (UK , Australia, Canada and NZ) must unite and wipe this evil out otherwise what do we stand for.
        And then the criminal politicians who betrayed their countries be tried for treason.

        • Charley jones

          Why can’t we just kick the treasonous politicians out now before the real damage is done. Iceland seems to know how to deal to their corrupt politicians.

          • RealKiwi

            The left want to separate immigration and refugee intake issue from national security concerns which to any rational mind is an absurdity. An influx of followers a certain faith poses the biggest threat we are ever likely to see.
            If I’m wrong on this and we stop them arriving what are the consequences?
            If we follow the lefts lead they are wrong what are the consequences?

  • KatB

    They need to stop talking as if it’s just the terrorism that’s the threat too. Immigration will have brought in some terrorists but also it will have bought in a whole lot of Muslims who don’t necessarily want to blow you up, just take you over. He speaks of the vulnerable and the women being under threat, that’s just not from terrorism but from daily life from the immigrants who have a completely different view of what is socially acceptable. We need to stop the slow, insidious creep as much as worrying about terrorism.

  • Nesher

    The “badly designed migration policy” is in-fact a clever designed system for importing lefty voters. It is a holy caw of European socialist leaders because it maintains their electoral base and their privilege to be in power.

    • AF

      It is also deigned to import a work force….albeit with unintended consequences.

      • MaryLou

        Yes I have heard that. Interesting, when most of the developed world is holding summits and conferences galore on what to do with all their people who can’t or won’t upskill over the coming decades. It’s tosh, this “worker importation”. Has to be.

    • Miss Phit

      Yes they are importing dogs that will eventually bite the hand that feeds them.

  • rua kenana

    If we wait for the main NZ news outlets to report this sort of material we’ll be waiting a long long time.
    Plenty long enough for the jihadist instructors proposed to be imported from Egypt to get their work well under way.

  • At what point will the talking stop and the doing start ?
    The only option is rounding up all the fakugees and shipping them back to where they came and shutting the border to prevent their return
    A massively disproportionate response needs to be taken to thin the numbers of radical jihadi’s and followers of the religion of peace that are insisting on inflicting their form of brutal islam on everyone
    Then some hard decisions need to be made about what to do with the millions they have already let in that have no intention of integrating or working

    • veridian

      I think getting rid of small numbers of chancers is certainly achievable but large numbers like they have in Europe is going to be more challenging and that would be difficult enough without having the left wing press and parts of the establishment trying to sabotage your every effort.

      As the saying goes “if you’re $100,000 in debt to the bank then YOU have a problem, if you’re $100,000,000 in debt to the bank then THEY have the problem”.

      • The invaders have been kicked out of Europe more than once before in history………. and the leftist enablers / collaborators suffered the same fate (although im pretty sure that the left would change their minds after less than 6 months of living under Islam and sharia)

    • phronesis

      At the moment Europe has a million plus military age men who are enjoying having a Govt provide all their needs and wants and paying them to do nothing. Imagine what will happen if those same men are to be deported back to the failed states they come from and suddenly realise they have nothing to lose?

      That will be when the real problem that Europe has created for itself becomes obvious.

    • sandalwood789

      “At what point will the talking stop and the doing start?”

      I don’t think it will. Europe has become soft in the last 70-odd years.

      I agree with those who think it is too late. Demographics will finish what liberalism started and Islam took advantage of.

      • Miss Phit

        Its part of a cycle.

        Hard times create hard people who do what they have to do to survive. They then create an environment which allows their offspring to prosper and grow soft. How often have we heard parents/grand parents say they want better things for their families and for them not to suffer as they did?

        The problem is when you get too soft, you cant make the hard choices and then it all falls over. Then comes the hard times again and only those with sufficient fortitude survive. Unfortunately for Europe, that isnt them, its the hardened “survivors from elsewhere” who will make the hard choices and thrive.

        Alas poor Europe, I knew it well…

  • Tiger

    They key point in this story is that a MSM newsman is suggesting Europe is stuffed! One in Switzerland no less, home of the all pervading thought police, the UN.

  • cows4me

    Mr Koppel is incorrect when he states Islam is responsible for the demise of Europe, way to easy Mr Koppel. The demise has been a slow cancer called liberalism, this cancer has more to do with the demise of Europe than Islam could ever hope to achieve. Liberalism and it’s old mate socialism are deliberate ideologies that erode the social structure because they promote multiculturalism with the view all cultures are equal, laws that suppress free speech but claim otherwise, believe all can be made equal by taking from others, promote laws that give power to those that use the same laws against those they seek to rule over. No Liberalism is the real cancer here and it’s to late for Europe as it’s a terminal cancer.

    • Orca

      And the muslims have been quick to exploit this weakness. All they had to do was leave the Wooden Horse of Islam at the gates of Europe, and they knew that the enemy would gleefully throw open their gates and bring it inside, only to discover its deadly cargo when it was too late.

      • Charley jones

        The same has happened in 2008 in USA when Bathhouse Barry was elected to the Rainbow House with NO scrutiny from the Lamesteam Media.

    • contractor

      And liberalism permeates our education system due to idealists. It is a growing force among our young.

  • RG52

    The question is, “how do we get those that sit left of centre to see this point of view”? When the so called leader of the free world (Obama) will not admit that there is a problem, (he actually lies to try and prove that there isn’t a problem) it is going to be difficult to get the public to see there is a problem until it is too late. The MSM certainly will not publish anything that contradicts their point of view, and they will block anyone who posts a comment that contradicts them (myself included when I posts some passages from the Koran on the Stuff readers comments).

    Is the coming civil war in Europe going to be Europeans against muslims, or will it be the so called right against the left as well as against muslims? The latter will be a hard fight for civilised society to win!

    • contractor

      Just like in the Middle East and Africa the European future could be multi-faceted conflict. There are far-right factions developing in many European countries, raising the prospect of right wing aggression, whole more Muslim numbers may inevitably lead to clashes among different Muslim sects, with the left circumventing their responsibility for their mess as always.

  • Bryan

    well I see Russia is creating a new national force with direct answer to Putin to fight terrorism, drugs etc with total numbers of 350000 !!! gee this looks like something we have seen before with His ex KGB back ground so he seems to have some real concerns in his own backyard, and with elections coming up could we see some diversion actions to boost his popularity.

  • Sponsz

    Not for the first time, a German leader has made decisions which will have catastrophic consequences not just for Germany but for the whole of Europe.

    Where is Claus von Stauffenberg now that Germany needs him?

  • Plantagenet

    It’s actually too late for Europe, the western part in particular, and has been for a while now. The latest scene of terror, Brussels, is 25% Muslim. By 2030 it’ll be over 50%. Of the ethnic Belgian population, 17% are under 18 yrs old. Of the migrant population, mainly Turks and Moroccans, 35% are under 18 yrs old. The numbers tell the story: game over for Belgium and similar stats are repeated all over the continent. In London in 1971, the native white population stood at 86%. It is now 45% and falling. In some parts of the formerly Cockney East End, native white Brits make up less than 15% of the population. We are witnessing the death throes of an entire way of life and, as often happens, it went not with the bang but with a whimper.

    • Ruahine

      It always comes down to the numbers.

  • hookerphil

    Countries cannot deport citizens of their own country which is by whom most of the present European terror attacks are being carried out by.

    • Doug

      If this is the case, you will find there is another way to deal with this. It is a lot more final, and may bring the word genocide out from the luvvies. But if that is what is needed to be done to protect themselves….

  • Rick H

    And our Lefty politicians and media are still banging on about doubling or even quadrupling our Terrorist (refugee) intake.
    This very day, here in Timaru, That silly “Smalley” is having a meeting this evening telling everybody who turns up how we should all be helping these poor Syrian refugees, and letting them all come to New Zealand.
    I hope nobody turns up.

    • AL357

      I live in Timaru too and won’t be there.

    • Her Shadow

      Yup. She’s a dedicated grief junkie, for sure.

  • Duchess of Pork

    And what would have happened if Merkel hadn’t laid the welcome mat out for the Great Northern Migration? Cameron would still have been attempting (unsuccessfully) to integrate multitudes of Pakistanis, Indians, Nigerians and Somalis. The Germans would still have been issuing scores of work visas to Turks. Sweden would still have been falling over backwards to incorporate asylum seekers of any nationality as long as they were Muslim. The Netherlands and Belgium would still have been allowing sizeable numbers of refugees and legal immigrants to enter their countries even though their domestic Muslim populations will soon reach a majority. Denmark would still have been too pusillanimous to curtail their Islamist Imams. And France? After the Charlie Hebdo and Paris massacres Hollande was all bluster and bravado in declaring war on ISIS but strangely silent on the key role played by his country in initiating much of the Muslim immigration which kicked off in the 1970s following an oil crisis and subsequent cementing of the European Community’s alliance with the Arab League. Western leaders have all been complicit in undermining the safety and security of those they have been entrusted to protect. Merkel merely stands at the front of a very long queue.

  • sandalwood789

    “We are at war…a war for civilisation.”

    Yes, we are, but try telling that to John Key. He’s more interested in hanging out with Helen Clark and Obama. “NZ can go hang – there are photo ops to be had!”

  • ross

    Each times there’s a Muslim terrorist bombing I think to myself: ”perhaps this will be the trigger for a revolution by Europeans to reclaim their culture?”