Helen and Peter: A fine romance, without kisses

, Auckland, New Zealand, Wednesday, November 05, 2008. Credit:NZPA / Wayne Drought

They’ve lived on different continents for seven years but Peter Davis says he’s ready to move to New York if his wife, Helen Clark, gets the UN’s top job.

The couple’s lived apart for the tenure of her role as head of the UNDP, with Dr Davis opting to stay in New Zealand where he’s a sociology professor at Auckland University.

However if she gets the secretary-general’s job she’ll be New York-based for another five years at least.

Dr Davis said frankly it’s getting to the stage where they should be spending a bit more time together.


This isn’t a marriage as I understand it.  It’s not even as if Helen takes the opportunity to come see Peter regularly.

Helen Clark often returns to New Zealand, partly to visit her elderly father.

Their marriage is none of our business really.  And nobody is talking about it, in spite of the years of observations leading people to conclude that, at best, we can’t relate to what Helen and Peter see as a marriage.

And all of that would have been left unsaid if it wasn’t for Dr Davis talking to the media saying he “should” consider going to live in New York.

I don’t see the point.  Helen will be busier than ever, and even more all over the world.

My advice is to just stop talking about it, because every time the public get reminded of that relationship, such as it is, it is left completely befuddled as to why either Helen or Peter still insist there is a relationship at all.


– Alexia Russell, Newstalk ZB



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  • andrewo

    Where does H2 fit in?

    • Stamper44

      Sorry Andrewo – I’m too much of a prude to explain the intricacies of who fits into who, and how.

    • Mav E Rick

      She is probably over there also – no room in the Inn for Peter!

  • NeverMindTheBoll

    Helen? Peter who?

  • Pluto

    While nobody here really concerned themselves about their “marriage” the same can’t be said for many other cultures she needs to impress.
    Time to roll out Peter again.

    • Red_NZ

      was thinking the same, there are many voting nations, that regardless of what many western nations current view on her unspoken relationship choices are, there are a lot of more nations that may not exactly approve of her relationship choices

  • Eddie

    She can’t be seen to be lesbian or unmarried otherwise the Muslim states that make up a large proportion of the UN wont support her. It’s bad enough they are being forced to allow a woman to run for the top job and will likely have to put up with a female leader. At least Sharia laws would prefer she be married in the ‘proper’ way.

    • papagaya

      True. I look forward to the day when, if she is hiding anything, she can be true to herself. But then she is of an older generation, and may take any such secret to the grave.

      • Nige.

        She’s the Freddie Mercury of politics.

        • papagaya

          That’s kind of an insult to Freddie, who had charisma to burn and a stupendous talent that enthralled countless millions .. and still does!

          • Nige.

            In terms of sexuality.

          • papagaya

            I think there was a bit of a difference in that there were people in his circle who knew he was carrying on with men. Does anybody know what Helen’s up to? If she is up to stuff, then it’s locked down VERY tightly, that’s for sure. Which would be a big shame for her in this day and age, if that is the case.

          • johcar

            That’s not an image I want to see in my head, thank you: Helen Clark and sex….

        • Orca

          Freddie Mercury was more discrete about his sexuality I think, but she does remind me of the song” “I want it all, and I want it now…..”

          • herewego

            Crazy little thing called love?
            Somebody to love?
            I want to break free
            God save the Queen
            Don’t stop me know
            You’re my best friend

            Any and all of those could be campaign theme songs (if she can secure the rights)

  • Diehard

    She’s in campaign mode and must appear to be a happy normal family. Just as she did with the New Zealand population. Once the campaign is over he’ll be back.

  • cows4me

    I don’t know but Peter might be a kept man. I few dollars from She Beast once a month to supplement his meager earnings, no kids, fancy free, could be worst.

  • PsychoKea

    Didnt Peter get into a spot of bother last time he was in the US ?

    • Stamper44

      Yep – I’ve heard that one too.
      However, as the Partner of the SG – may be he can travel on a Diplomatic Passport – i.e. an untouchable for LAX Authorities.
      Or – it is just a smoke screen, and if she gets the job, Peter gets the DCM, i.e. status quo.

      • jonesboy70

        Yes I heard that too. Something to to do with small children ?? Last time I saw him he was coming out of the gambling room at Sky City Casino ????

  • CheesyEarWax

    Is Peter and Helen’s relationship like Frank and Claire’s?

  • Orca

    When she is finally able to leave the closet, without any shame in any western country, she chooses instead to step right back into a much deeper darker closet, from which there is no exit, under penalty of sharia law. Oh my, the lure of the trough is strong in this one!

  • Wasapilot

    Perhaps Peter could convert to islam, then he could marry H2 as well. He could also demand that his wives wear a burka, an added bonus for all of us, and should get H1 the vote from muslim countries.

  • Frank N Further

    Is Peter positioning himself so that he will not be forgotten when the position of Consort of the NZ President is up for grabs once Helen’s UN adventure is over? But on saying that he has appeared to have been happy in his University work to date, so maybe it is more Helen requiring that Consort /spouse during her SG campaign.

  • Plantagenet

    The marriage was undertaken for political reasons from the outset – Labour didn’t want an unmarried woman to get the nomination for Mt Albert back in the 1970s so, to further her career, Helen and Peter tied the dreaded knot. Most of the time the partnership has been kept in the background but now that Helen needs to be in campaign mode once more, and especially as she will need the votes of some conservative types, Dr Davis has re-emerged onto the public stage. It’s all pretty obvious really.

  • JEL51

    One word…………….Facade:a deceptive outward appearance. (Oxford dictionary)
    Sad really as there is not truth in that.

  • jonesboy70

    As you can see I love Helen. She pirated all NZ’s wealth when things were going well and gave it to all the students, no hopers etc. Tried to buy her votes to get back in again . Thank god John Key came along for all his small failings he puts NZ’s future first ( gee, there maybe 2 political parties in that sentence??}

  • Toby

    Maybe their relationship is actually a complicated means for Helen to shuffle funds into the tax haven that is NZ without having to pay any tax.

    I wonder if Helen needs a green card to work in the USA or whether as a member of an international organisation she is ‘based in NZ’ and is paid into a NZ bank account.
    Does this mean she pays Tax in NZ or in the USA and if she shuffles money back to NZ does she pay any NZ tax.

    I bet she is on a tidy 7 figure sum in her current position and it would be interesting to know if Peter sees any of that.

    Seems like an opportunity ripe for some investigative journalism.