Helen Kelly is the next to call out Peter Dunne’s bullshit

It is a red-letter day when Helen Kelly and I are on the same side.

Former CTU head Helen Kelly has labelled Associate Health Minister Peter Dunne’s speech on drug reform “dishonest”.

Her battle to access medicinal cannabis for her terminal lung cancer has unfolded publicly.

She’s currently taking cannabis products she sources illegally to relieve her pain.

Ms Kelly says the product she took last night made her violently ill, and she and other sufferers need a product that’s specialist-approved.

“I’m dying, and it’s considered not good enough for me because somehow it’s going to harm me, it’s ludicrous.”   

Mr Dunne this morning told a special session of the United Nations General Assembly in New York that New Zealand urged the pharmaceutical industry to invest more in research and development of cannabis-based products.

He said for those with a terminal illness, a compassionate approach to their treatment is a priority.

However he said finding the right medicinal cannabis product required a robust, scientific approach.

Ms Kelly said she found the speech “unbelievable” because Mr Dunne was saying everything she wanted to hear, but the situation he described in New Zealand was far from reality.

“He uses these words, available, compassionate, and it’s just simply not.

“I now no longer have an application in for cannabis because it’s too difficult to get it through the system and there isn’t any cannabis available in New Zealand that I can take lawfully, so I’m taking it unlawfully.”

Peter Dunne moved with amazing alacrity on synthetic cannabis, but seems to be really dragging the chain on natural cannabis.

We should be moving rather rapidly towards a regime not dissimilar to the way tobacco and alcohol are managed.

It is going to happen and it will happen a whole lot faster without pontificating ponces like Peter Dunne getting in the way.


– Newshub


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  • Dog Breath

    The problem being that this is being promoted as a medicine which means it comes under both the medicines and misuse of drugs acts. The solution is to either change the acts/law as Helen suggests or call it something other than medicine. Rather than attacking the mouth piece for the law (Dunne) would it not be a better effort to focus on the big picture and demand law change from the greater Parliament.

    • kenbeth

      Are we a different species in NZ that we need research etc on its use..all the medical tests etc. are in the public domain.. just import it from US and stop feeding the gravy train of research in NZ to reinvent the wheel..

      • Dog Breath

        I think you maybe confusing research to clinical trials. Medicines require clinical trials approved by the various authorities such as the FDA in the US. While there has been research as you have correctly pointed out there have very little clinical trials.
        Next problem clinical trials are run by drug companies at their cost and they only do it if there is a good chance that there is a dollar to be made at the end of the day. Bit of a concern that no drug company has jumped on this band wagon after all these years which tells me either there is no money in it for them or that they are not convinced the benefits outweigh the cost of trials. The drug companies have trialled synthetic versions and in one case with disastrous results. The only reason they will be pushing synthetic is money, it’s a way of controlling it for maximum profits.
        The law needs an escape clause so that when natural medicines come along or are discovered their safe use can be determined by other methods rather than clinic trials.

  • The Needler

    Dunne is the man with a lot of grass in his hand and wants a new plan, Kelly is a women with no grass in her hand or a plan. When she asks Dunne for some of his fun, he replied there none.

  • Seriously?

    Again, Ms Kelly deliberately blurs the line between cannabis as a possible treatment for illness, and using it for pain relief. The first is accommodated by the approval process we already have (medical support – ministerial dispensation), it might be clunky but it is there. The later is someone like Ms Kelly seeking to get high (mildly so or otherwise) in order to avoid feeling pain or lessen its impact. That is something for which there are alternatives.

    What Ms Kelly wants to do is change the law so that people in her position can choose to use cannabis instead of other alternatives. She knows that, which is why she has not applied for ministerial dispensation.

    I think medical use for pain relief is a silly half-way house that begs for trouble. If we are to go there (and we should) just legalise it completely and regulate it as we do the manufacture and sale of spirits.

  • Graeme

    Don’t recall Kelly calling for the release of “medicinal cannabis” before she found herself in the situation that she is in now.

  • Asian_driver

    Like coffee, cannabis comes in a spread of flavours and kinds. It gets a bit confusing with the CBD and THC . The main strains are Cannibis Sativa and Cannibis indica, the main similarity is they are both green , they affect people in different ways. Then there is the amound of the active ingredient , which has got higher over the last 50 years by selective breeding.
    The easiest way to ingest the drug is by smoking , but there are alternatives, eating it is effective and much healthier, and I suspect spotting is healthier than smoking joints, it more fun for sure.
    Dunne is trying very hard to make it impossible to have fun, if there was a cannabis that made you violently sick, I sure that’s the one he would be recomending .
    Given that we have already had the chemical spray onto vegetation ( Synthetic cannabis) experiment , we should at least be trusted to test the other side, although it is pretty well tested by now.
    Its not perfect, but neither is alcohol, tobacco, opium but they all have a place

  • Keanne Lawrence

    He is right though when he says “However he said finding the right medicinal cannabis product required a robust, scientific approach.” That is what has been lacking and even Kelly seems to have reacted to a chosen “medication”.
    Few were interested in what Kelly had to say as a union hack and less with this new interest in dope being dominated with the same unionist thinking.