But multinational corporations are too clever to pay much tax. In one year, Facebook in New Zealand paid only $43,000 to the IRD.

An average tertiary-educated couple living in Auckland would pay more between them.

If Facebook, Google, Apple, Pepsi and all their big-name mates paid what some say they should to the IRD, this country would be nearly $500 million richer every year.

But this Government isn’t going to make them cough up.

Let’s hope they make her employer cough up the $68 million they dodged in tax. IRD is actually prosecuting those ratbags.

And now this Government isn’t going to stop rich foreigners using New Zealand as a tax haven.

Instead, this Government is smiling and waving to tax-dodging celebrities on the other side of the world while it uses the Panama papers leak as some sort of international advert.

But I’ll bet the house my kitchen sink is leaking all over that if overseas taxmen are being ripped off by fancy folk hiding their wealth in New Zealand, we are also being ripped off by our own fancy folk hiding their wealth in more exotic locations.

Meanwhile, the IRD is chasing down tradies it reckons may be doing under-the-table jobs worth as much as $20,000.

Let me stop you there, IRD. By my calculations, on a job that size, they’d be dodging tax of around $6000.

It would take 83,000 black-market jobs like that to add up to the kind of tax multinationals are not paying.

You mean multi-nationals like APN, the owner of NZME where this little rant against the government and tax dodgers is published? Those kind of multi-nationals that dodge $68 million in tax.

So you can either chase 83,000 plumbers, cleaners and freelance photographers, or you can change the rules for 20 big companies.

You know where to find them. Their head office addresses are listed under the “contact us” tab on their websites.

Yes, addresses like 151 Victoria St West, Auckland where NZME is. Perhaps IRD could rock up there and ask for the $68 million.