Honesty, integrity, openness

The image on the left (I do apologise) is what Helen Clark looks like today.  The image on the right is what is on Helen Clark’s UN profile page, today.


via Twitter

There’s such a thing as putting your best foot forward, but using a photo you used to run for (and lose) the 2008 election campaign for your run at the UN President of the World is starting to poke the borax beyond the bounds of reason.



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  • KGB

    Vanity is a tool of the young, as we age we inspire belief in our lines of wisdom.
    Helen should portray herself more honestly. She earned every imperfection by way of a sucessful political career. Like her or not she did her job well, and should “own it.”

  • JohnO

    posted in wrong place

  • Builder

    Is that Helen’s elderly mother on the left?

  • Edward M Blake

    That’s borderline catfishing!!
    Though the she beast does say that social media will be a big part of her campaign. In other words she has Twiters moderation panel on side and Facebook censorship at her becon call.

  • Sally

    Imagine you have an appointment with Ms Clark at the UN and had never seen or met her. You go and look up her profile to learn all about her. You turn up for the appointment only to find a older woman behind the desk. You probably think you had been shown into the wrong office.

    • Orca

      If you were told that you were meeting someone who displayed honesty, integrity and openness, then you would definitely know that you had been sent to the wrong office.

  • papagaya

    She’s just cheap; she doesn’t want to pay for new professional pix. Tightwad lefty, despite living high on the hog at the UN. But definitely bad karma to use the pic from her failed election bid.

  • Boss Hogg

    The picture now has a RED background and the jacket is jet black. To be fair, the photo was possibly supplied when she joined the UN in 2009. Just forgot to update and that photoshop editing is difficult to get just right…

  • Keanne Lawrence

    Now that’s a real challenge for the next makeover. There you go with the headline again or is it aimed to highlight the shortfall in her skill inventory? These are certainly not things that immediately come to mind when her name is mentioned. Moderations looms if we are to be honest, frank and explicit of her real attributes.

  • Wheninrome

    And that was an airbrushed photo at the time, very airbrushed. Paul Serville her hairdresser never came cheap, I wonder whether she got mates rates so he could use the PM in his advertising. “I do the PM’s hair” , on second thoughts maybe not.

  • Disinfectant

    I have to agree.
    All those seeking political office should be required to show a photo of themselves no older than two months.
    Hilary Clinton is another who needs to get an updated photo.
    There are a couple of people around with a craggy face holding public office.
    One that comes to mind is Dame Margaret Bazley. And I take the view that she’s earned it, and respect her for it. What you see is what you get. Bravo to Dame Margaret.

  • Orca

    Surely this one is more relevant now, from one of her trips to Iran:

  • XCIA

    Some people reinvent themselves. Aunty H prefers “born again”.

  • Pahtrisha

    Such misogyny stems from envy. Would you be saying the same thing if it were a male using an airbrushed or older image? All professionals have a headshot which makes them look better than in real, close up, poor lit, life. We have a Prime Minister who spends a great deal on grooming and yet still looks like a thin lipped, hook-nosed’, aging male in many photos which differ somewhat from his headshots.

    • Edward M Blake

      Good to see you down in the muck slinging mud with everyone one else. Have a good roll around while your at it.

      • Pahtrisha

        Oh my goodness, was that “offensive”? My humblest apologies. It was not ‘mudslinging’ it was an honest appraisal. :)

        • Edward M Blake

          Just like everyone else’s honest appraisal’s. In no way are they misogynistic.

          • Pahtrisha

            Would the same have been done for a male? Tell me, would it?

          • Edward M Blake


          • Mrs_R

            You, yourself, made a derogative remark about the physical appearance of our male PM so perhaps you can take that as your answer. I would also say that Donald Trump has been subjected to a huge amount of criticism concerning his physical appearance, namely his hair. I don’t recall hearing anything at all about Hillary’s hair. So yep, male or female you are fair game for those who wish to have an opinion.

          • Pahtrisha

            My inclusion of personal, physical comments were deliberate. :)

            Hillary Clinton has had much said about her physical appearance. It appears that women are more likely to attract commentary about their appearance and men about their ability. Note, for instance, television – especially American television where women ‘retire’ much earlier than men.

          • Edward M Blake

            Yes women are more likely to attract commentary and crittercism on their appearance. But who are the trolls? Have you looked at a copy of the women’s weekly? Have you been in their offices? Its other women. If you want to meet Benito’s black shirts have a look there.
            Men and women respect confidence and attitude.

          • Pahtrisha

            I do not read the ‘Women’s Weekly’ nor have I been in their offices. I do agree that women are indeed the perpetrators of much bile and criticism of other women. We were discussing a different kind of woman, however, a strong and successful woman who is being considered for the most powerful job. She is not a ‘celebrity’ or a ‘bachelorette’ or a ‘trophy wife’.

          • spanishbride

            If the image was photoshopped as this one is then yes they would be fair game and we would mock them. We make fun of many politicians here especially male ones. We are equal opportunity mockers.This political person has no fashion sense and I feel compelled as a member of the fashion police to mock his brown shoes.Even better he has mocked Whaleoil for being overweight for many years despite the fact he is now almost twice Whaleoil’s current size.

          • Pahtrisha

            I thought ‘Whaleoil’ was a blogsite. :) Who is the Member of Parliament/Prime Minister in the photo? I know David Lange, one of NZ’s best Prime Ministers was a very large man. He had such brilliant oratorial skills and articulation, one didn’t notice his size.

          • spanishbride

            You miss my point. We ourselves have been mocked by Left wing blogs for how Whaleoil looks. Lange was a great politician but he was also VERY fat and people would comment on it. Mocking someone’s appearance is a cheap shot no matter who does it but men and women both suffer from it.

          • Pahtrisha

            Whaleoil is a blog – I see white with black print. Whaleoil is inanimate and any criticism would be of the content. Lange was huge. But what a man, what a leader! Lange was brilliant.

          • spanishbride

            Whaleoil is also a person as you well know.

    • Disinfectant

      Um, you can’t then be a professional, because all I can see is hair covering your eyes.

      • Pahtrisha

        <<<<This is not a 'headshot'. :) This is an 'avatar'.

    • FornaK

      At least he looks like the sex he was born.
      Sounds like you’re envious of the most popular, and intelligent prime minister NZ has ever had.
      Sure, the flag idea wasn’t his finest moment, but none of us are perfect

      • Pahtrisha

        I would have thought if one lays claim to being ‘the most popular and intleligent prime minister NZ has ever had’ one must be ‘perfect’. You cannot make such a claim anyway, it is erroneous, as the small and imperfectly formed person of whom you speak is the first NZ Prime Minister in the age of Social Media. :)

        • FornaK

          Well if you think he won because of social media, ask the Labour party how well electioneering on social,media goes for you.
          One doesn’t have to be perfect to be popular, just down to earth and easy to relate to those who are voting for you.
          How many terms has our PM been in charge for now? He must be doing something right?

          • Pahtrisha

            *lol* I don’t want a leader who is ‘down to earth and easy’. I want a leader who is passionate, HONEST, has integrity and loves HIS/HER country. You flatter me, I am not the Labour Party.

    • Sticktotheknitting

      When you are faced with facts, you have stooped to insults. Your description of our Prime Minister reflects your own bitter viewpoint.

      • Pahtrisha

        Any more at home like you, dear? Seems you are just pouring out of the woodwork. :)

    • You know I despise people like you. Not because you’re a woman, not even because of the fact that you’re a victim but because you are a hypocrite.

      ” …..yet still looks like a thin lipped, hook-nosed’, aging male…” You are a nasty piece of gear. This comment is nothing more than an overt racist slur on Key’s Jewish ancestry.

      Typical of lefty victim women. You are a disgrace.

      • Pahtrisha

        My description was merely to point out the hypocrisy of the article in criticising a woman because she is not beautiful in a classical sense. I said nothing about ethnicity. You did. It is interesting your mention ‘Jewish’. A politician I admire very much and who is in contention for the role of POTUS, is Jewish. It isnt about race or religion or colour. It is about integrity and honesty and transparency and love of country.

    • Ruby in the Dust

      You should have stopped at “…makes them look better than in real, close up, poor lit life.” I agreed with that part of your comment, but the rest was OTT.

  • old school

    Honesty and Integrity is fine and important but I don’t agree with these tactics. Its what the MSM and the herald do all the time to denigrate anyone they don’t agree with. Look at the pictures of Trump they use for example.

  • FornaK

    That’s two different men!

  • Larry

    She did not look like that in 2008 either or at any time prior.