Hosking on Clark’s push to become the President of da World!


In a nutshell, [the United Nations is] a spineless mess that has allowed the world to disintegrate before its very eyes. In the theatre of military turmoil – of which there is much – they do nothing but disagree on what to do on everything.

This leaves the United States to play global sheriff, and when the United States is led by a bloke like Obama, his first thought process is to bring troops home, hence you have vacuums, violence and carnage everywhere from Afghanistan to Syria to Iraq to Libya.

But despite all of this, the United Nations isn’t going anywhere and it does need someone to run it – so why not Helen Clark? This is why we should all be behind this. Anytime a country our size gets to be at the top table of anything we should take it.

Helen Clark isn’t going to transform the UN any more than Ban Ki-moon hasn’t or Boutros Boutros-Ghlai or Kofi Annan but that’s not the point. It’s the influence of the job, it’s the doors it opens, it’s the access it gives.

Remember that every time a Prime Minister from this country heads off to an international pow wow, it’s not the event itself that counts, it’s the pull-asides, the dinners, the moments in the corridors. That is where the action is and where the deals are done.

Anything this country can do to get itself front and centre with the genuine global heavy weights, we should be leaping at.

We should also be mature enough to put politics aside at a domestic level in order to see the big picture. When Don McKinnon was running the Commonwealth, no one cared what party he came from same with Mike Moore at the World Trade Organisation. Good political operators do business above and beyond their original political beliefs and constraints in the country from which they came.

A win for Helen Clark is a win for all of us.

To paraphrase: it’s a pointless job that will have no direct positive or negative outcomes for New Zealand, but a bit of elbow rubbing might make New Zealand lucky in squeezing through a deal or two along the way. Nothing to do with the UN of course.

The major benefit to New Zealand in the short-term, and especially the Labour Party, would be another five years of blissful absence as Ms Clark remains overseas counting paper clips for Africa.

As taxpayers, we all pay into the universe-sized trough that funds the UN, so we might as well get some return on the money that continues to be poured down that ineffective festering hole.

I can’t think of anyone better than Helen to be in charge of it.


– Mike Hosking, NZME,


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  • Keanne Lawrence

    Benefits if any will be marginal but there is almost a unanimous opinion that Clark and the UN post are well suited to each other. Useless users of public funds and over there.

  • Jman

    If NZ were going to have a UN secretary general I would rather it be John Key after he retires from being PM in 7 years time. But the thought of Helen Clark coming back here if she fails in her bid is a scary one.

  • ex-JAFA

    My biggest concern with Clark becoming SecGen is that after the enormous effort and cost to get her elected there, it’d be politically impossible to withdraw from the UN, which is what I’d rather see.

    I don’t care if, as Hosking says, “the United Nations isn’t going anywhere” – just so long as we’re not on that colossal drain on your and my money, the only obvious purpose of which is to further global socialist interests.

    • JEL51

      We can just hope that Helen will leave the UN in the same shape as she left the Labour Party…….wowfully inadequate, utterly directionless and just totally disfunctional. Then the World may just be a better place to be.

      • jcpry

        I don’t think she will actually have a lot of work to do to achieve this.The UN reflects the balance of power titled towards those who contribute least to its upkeep and require most of its outputs. Something she is wholly adept in managing.

      • ummmm, have you looked at the UN lately? It’s already woefully inadequate, utterly directionless and just totally dysfunctional

  • waldopepper

    helen clark ruined NZ. the UN deserves her.

  • zotaccore

    I wonder if anyone has realized that if H1 gets the job, H2 will run the show in the background – she did it while H1 was PM. The lady behind the lady with the strong-arm tactics.

  • Hobbes

    I don’t want to see Clark improve her CV on other people’s money yet again.

    • This is what she was using other peoples money to improve her CV for.

  • OneTrack

    Sorry Mike, I don’t see any benefits to New Zealand out of this – just costs because we are apparently throwing 100’s of thousands of dollars Helen’s way in order to get her a new job.

    How much benefit does Korea get out of Ban-Ki Moon? He comes from Korea – so what.

  • Just me

    Agh yes, but the whole argument falls apart when you first consider what Helen Clark has done for New Zealand to date in her current role?
    And what she has achieved for anyone other than Helen Clark?
    Plus, what she’s achieved in her current role?

    The answer to all these questions is “nothing”

    The world is awash with refugees fleeing abject poverty that Helen was supposed to positively influence.

    To Mike’s assertion that a win for Helen is a win for New Zealand is about as logical as saying that a world class serial killer would be good for New Zealand as well.

    Contrary to popular opinion… Just being a Kiwi doesn’t make you awesome and frankly when you consider the sell outs Helen took on New Zealand’s behalf signing up to the Kyoto Protocol (waste of time) and not using her executive powers to push out Ahmed Zaoui (another drain on the taxpayer) amongst others – history and poor performance would suggest its just a matter of time before the world works out that this over exposed and underwhelming political has-been actually is.

    So no… not a win for NZ.

    • Ruahine

      You forgot the big sellout to Australia regarding the Trans Tasman Agreement where she gave away the reciprocal rights of New Zealanders living in OZ. Especially citizenship and access to welfare payments which Australians still have when they come to NZ.

  • cows4me

    Someone has to be on top of the pile and if anyone deserves this position she does.

    • According to Her anyway.

    • WeaselKiss

      Just imagine Cows, the She-Beast and H2 at the top of the socialist heap of the world.
      I almost hope it happens, if not for the sheer entertainment value coming from South Taranaki that will ensue.
      Us W Oilers will have to pass the hat around to shout you a trip to Raro or somewhere during the winter, one will be beside oneself.

      • cows4me

        Quite frankly the UN deserves them Weasel , the UN reminds me of a fly blown sheep with H1 and H2 those green arsed flies that drop eggs on to the poor unfortunate victim.

        • Bruce Rayner

          Well said. UN is really good at pontificating and achieving nothing, and in that tone they couldnt have a better leader than clarke.
          Surely she didnt do NZ any favours and abandened the country like a rat off a sinking ship when she was outed as PM, gone before the ink was even dry.

  • Brian Dingwall

    Here in summary is Lindsay Mitchell’s opinion today, must say I agree 100%

    “Whoever the successful candidate is (notwithstanding the arguable
    impotence of the UN) I would prefer someone who has not made it their
    life’s work to advance the responsibility and power of the state to
    enrich lives.”

    She is likely to be regrettably effective in implementing a socialist NWO…at the cost of those who contribute productively.

  • “I can’t think of anyone better than Helen to be in charge of it”

    I can.
    Bozo the Clown
    Ernie and Burt
    Herman Munster
    Lex Luthor

  • taxpayer

    The supposed positive of Helen winning this is elbow rubbing with big wigs who may or may not throw us a bone with a trade deal.
    Let’s hope her beloved Labour Party does not get in to Govt as we all know how they view trade deals of late.
    I really could not see Angry Andy being much of a negotiator even if a trade deal came his way anyhow, the ex union boss would be all bully bully bully, and lets face it the man has all the charm of week old road kill.
    I don’t want a cent of my tax dollars to go to this, but then there are many things I would rather my tax money was not spent on so whats new.
    Go for it Helen, get in that trough, please STAY there as long as possible.

  • Nesher

    It seems that leading the UN would not be any harder for Helen than leading the Labour. There is a plenty of similarities in these organizations: they both are messy,
    they both are disconnected from the reality, they both are hypocritical and they both are corrupt. So Helen is 100% suitable for the top UN role based on her Labour experience. My personal preference would be to stay away from the both organizations. Helen is obviously enjoying them both. I believe it would be
    wise for NZ to have a minimal association with the UN to avoid “messy”, “disconnected”, “hypocritical”, “corrupt”, etc. labels to be applied to our country because of this association.

  • Superman

    The UN is going nowhere. Helen Clarke may as well lead it there. A positive is that the present 5% of Americans who have heard of or who know where NZ is may be increased to 10%.