How bad do you have to be beaten by Helen Clark? This bad


If Aussies had lived under Clark they might not be so supportive, but then again Kevin Rudd was pretty bad.

Twice as many Australians support Helen Clark to lead the United Nations than Kevin Rudd.

And even Labor voters prefer the former Kiwi prime minister to Rudd, a poll has found.

The Essential poll, released on Wednesday, indicates that Australia’s two-time former prime minister would no longer muster the widespread public support that characterised the “Kevin 07” election campaign and kept his leadership ambitions alive against Julia Gillard after being dumped by his party in 2010.  

Rudd has spent the past 12 months testing and rallying support for a bid to become UN secretary-general but has not made his candidacy official. His spokeswoman recently declared that he was “not a candidate”.

The Essential poll found 45 per cent of 1020 people surveyed thought Clark would be a better leader for the UN, with just 21 per cent opting for Rudd.

More people – 34 per cent – did not know who would make the better secretary-general than those who supported Rudd.

Among Labor voters, 36 per cent preferred Clark, compared with 34 per cent who backed Rudd.

Just 17 per cent of Coalition voters would support Rudd.

Kevin Rudd is probably talking to his video camera after that poll.


– Fairfax


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  • JLS

    K.RUDD- nominative determinism strikes again.

  • rua kenana

    Rudd is an unambiguous proven failure. Clark, maybe, although not quite so badly. She did after all help reduce National under English to around 20%. Not a result I personally wanted, but it’s what happened.