How long before someone nicks it again?

Let’s run a competition as to how long it will take before this one is stolen.

Like Jesus, an anti-Trump billboard depicting the Republican candidate and the son of God on display outside an Auckland church has been resurrected.

The billboard depicting the Republican frontrunner for US president – or a cartoon of his likeness – was originally erected outside The Community of Saint Luke church in Remuera last month, where he criticises a crucified Jesus for being a “loser”.

But the day before Good Friday it was stolen.

The controversial billboard, much like the man depicted upon it, has been resurrected however, and now is back outside the Auckland church.  

It will remain up as long as the issue of Mr Trump’s candidacy remains undecided.

It’s not the first time the man behind the billboard, minister Glynn Cardy has used shocking billboards to get across a message.

When he was at Auckland’s St Matthew-in-the-City Church, he unveiled a risque billboard of Jesus’ mother looking dejected after unsatisfying sex with Joseph in 2009.

And again in 2011, the progressive church opted to depict a contemplative Virgin Mary holding a positive pregnancy test.

It will remain up as long as someone doesn’t nick it.

My pick is it will be gone by the weekend.



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  • SteveWrathall

    In the meantime, why doesn’t this “progressive” church put up a muhammed cartoon

    • Mrs_R

      Because quite simply he would be putting a target on the back of every christian and he knows it. While I’m no supporter of Glynn Cardy’s theology he does seem to limit himself to only challenging people’s thinking about his own faith and he stays well away from offending people of other religious views. If indeed he ultimately only answers to God then I suppose he will eventually discover for himself whether mocking God was a wise move.

      • SteveWrathall

        That is implicit agreement that Islam is a violent ideology. Doesn’t such a belief system deserve satire & riducule more than Xtianity, and the views of a politician running for democratic election? Or do these brave progressive warriors only challenge soft targets?

        • Mrs_R

          I fail to see the acceptability of Christians mocking and criticising another religion. While we are all free to condemn the evil actions of any individual person, we walk a very fragile line when we start making sweeping judgments and in doing so restricting an innocent person’s freedom. The religious freedom we enjoy in this country is available to all so long as a person’s actions remain within the law of the land.

          • SteveWrathall

            How am I restricting anyone’s freedom by pointing out objective facts about how violence is at the core of the Islamic ideology? It is Islam that explicitly restricts freedom-as evidenced by the human rights situation whereever it prevails. And more and more it is restricting the free speech of non-muslim societies such as ours, where this church and their ilk are bold as brass in ridiculing their own religion and those they disapprove of, such as Trump. But they cravenly self-censor like good Dhimmis when it comes to Islam.

          • Ruahine

            The ‘law of the land’ in Saudi Arabia gets your head chopped off.

          • Aucky

            Agreed but we aren’t in Saudi.

        • kereru

          I am a believer in Christ whose crucifixion this anti-establishment, supposedly Christian, minister is mocking. I have found his previous efforts distasteful as well, and he has the right to do as he thinks fit. But, and it’s a big BUT, you don’t mock God without consequences, especially if you’re a leader from whom much higher standards are expected than the ordinary believer. All this shows is that he doesn’t take Biblical teaching at all seriously.

    • Seriously?

      They should go for gold.

      Trump, clad in the stars and stripes, standing next to a gold encrusted door in a huge wall with the sign “US entry point” hanging above it, shouts over the wall to a suicide vest clad Muhammed “Loser, the Mexicans paid for it anyway”

  • Eddie

    Wouldn’t it be nice if the church showed as much concern about the Christians being slaughtered in the Middle East genocide than they do about the US elections?

    • Mrs_R

      You perhaps need to be clearer in your criticism. When you refer to the ‘church’, do you mean the one billboard here in NZ, or are you speaking in broader terms as in the church in the USA? If you just mean locally then one billboard does not out number the considerable number of Christian organisations (both locally and internationally) that provide funds and assistance to fellow Christians in the Middle East. Would you like me to list a few? I personally give to Tear Fund here in NZ to assist with their work in the Middle East, however I see there are also quite a few others trying to make a difference. I will also add that we employed a Christian from Iraq who fled from his home country due to persecution. I think you will be surprised at just how many are trying to do their bit, billboards excluded.

      • Orange

        Pretty obvious that the reference is concerning that particular group and Glynn Cardy. Don’t need to take offense when clearly none intended.

      • Eddie

        Just this billboard. There are many Christian groups trying to help the genocide that’s going on. There are also many Christian groups afraid to speak up about it. Why are not all Churches urging the government to prioritise Christian refugees, for example?

    • LesleyNZ

      A lot of so-called mainstream Christian churches do not like to use the word sin and acknowledge the evilness associated with sin. They don’t know what sin is.If they did know they would be loudly condemning the slaughtering of Christians at the hands of the sinful evil devil’s army. Instead they blaspheme the God they are supposed to believe in – as Saint Luke’s church has done with the anti-Trump billboard..

  • OneTrack

    Doesn’t seem particularly Christian for this church to be so personally anti someone.

  • Isherman

    Might as well take it down now then. After losing Wisconsin, Trumps chance of securing the required delegates before the convention are pretty much dashed I would think, and I can’t see him emerging the victor from a contested convention.

    Other than that, I’ll say it gets nicked tomorrow night.

  • XCIA

    Are you sure this wasn’t an inside job just to get some publicity?