How many Kiwis are named in the Panama Papers?

The Labour opposition have made a huge song and dance over the Panama Papers. Trevor Mallard accused the Prime Minister of involvement in tax evasion and smearing endlessly has occurred in the media and in the parliament.

But how many people from New Zealand are named in the Panama Papers?

You’d think it was a massive number from the out-pouring of rage from the left and the Labour party as they tried to smear John Key.

So how many?  

Well it turns out none…no one, nothing, zilch, nada…zip.

Anonymous has released the complete list of people named in the Panama Papers and not a single Kiwi is named.

There are some interesting names:

Head of States:

  • Mauricio Macri, President of Argentina
  • Salman, King of Saudi Arabia
  • Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan, President of the United Arab Emirates and Emir of Abu Dhabi
  • Petro Poroshenko, President of Ukraine

Former Head of States:

  • Silvio Berlusconi, served four terms as Prime Minister of Italy

The North Korean fellow, Kim Chol Sam, Daedong Credit Bank representative based in Dalian and presumed high official, is likely already dead, just for being named.

Then there are the FIFA officials:

  • Juan Pedro Damiani, Uruguayan member of the FIFA Ethics Committee. Resigned on 6 April 2016.
  • Eduardo Deluca, former secretary general of CONMEBOL
  • Eugenio Figueredo, Uruguayan-American former president of CONMEBOL and vice president and member of the ethics committee of FIFA
  • Gianni Infantino, Swiss-Italian President of FIFA
  • Hugo and Mariano Jinkis, Argentine businessmen also implicated in the 2015 FIFA corruption case
  • Nicolás Leoz, former President of CONMEBOL
  • Michel Platini, French former president of UEFA
  • Jérôme Valcke, French former secretary general of FIFA

The real interesting and probably most dangerous on the list are those associated with organised crime. If I was on the ICIJ these are the ones I’d be staying mum on:

  • Marllory Chacón Rossell, Guatemalan drug trafficker
  • Jorge Milton Cifuentes-Villa, Colombian drug trafficker, head of the Cifuentes-Villa Drug Trafficking Organization and partner of Chapo Guzmán
  • Rafael Caro Quintero, Mexican drug trafficker and one of the founders of the now-disintegrated Guadalajara Cartel
  • Iqbal Mirchi, right-hand man of India’s most wanted criminal, Dawood Ibrahim[129]
  • Gordon Parry, property dealer who was laundering money from the Brink’s-MAT robbery through a company called Feberion.

So, not a single Kiwi businessman, politician or anyone else named.

Andrew Little tabled his tax return in parliament for nothing, other than to prove he is a bad manager of money and has no assets other than a house. Further we know he earned around $2 million in the past 10 years and still has a mortgage.

This is the guy who wants to be PM.

Labour ran this hard on a hope and a prayer for some scandal, the Media party jumped right in too…and what has been proven? Nothing….other than labour clutch at straws.


– Anonymous


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  • R&BAvenger

    When I read the headline, I guessed none. This article highlights the utter ineptness of our opposition and media in NZ and the worldwide media. Literally there is ‘nothing to see here, move on’ for the NZ voter, hence the poll results for Angry Spittle and the envious rabble of opposition parties. Including the so-called ‘support’ parties – Maori and UF.

    • Isherman

      Yeah, but they seem to have latched on to the ‘moral’ bone lately, so they will just shift the ranting to the ‘ethics’ and ‘moral’ issues around…well, wealth in general it would appear.

  • Alan Beresford B’Stard

    Andre Little is the human equivalent of Pavlov’s dogs. Whenever his master throws him a snippet of potential scandal, he’s off salivating and yapping like a demented Chihuahua.

  • Totara

    Hillary Clinton seems to have quite a few of her campaign supporters linked to the Panama papers. Not a good look after she so publicly denounced rich people who hide their assets.

  • Let’s not forget the Media Party’s role in trying to breathe life into this corpse.

    • Jude

      What I can not understand, is that the Media Party are well aware of the power that blogs have with informing people of the facts.
      Why do they still persist in making up headlines and telling lies?
      They appear to wait for the bloggers to detail the facts, then happily release that info a few days late themselves !

      • InnerCityDweller

        I guess because most people who read “news”-papers and watch regular TV “news” aren’t the people that frequent blogs, so they get away with it. For a bit still, until…

    • pisces8284 .

      For the life of me I can’t understand why most media are left leaning. Is it just an anti-whichever government is in power, or are they really all communists at heart?

      • Kevin

        It’s because journalists get into journalism thinking that they can change the world – a hallmark of Leftists.

        • David Moore

          Journalism used to be a profession, it’s now, as you say, simply a form of paid (or unpaid more likely) activism that pretends to be a real job.

      • SAM51

        Its simple when you look who lectures them at polytechs and universities.

        • Doc45

          How right you are Sam. I gave the graduation address to a School of Journalism 15 years or so ago. I knew they were a soppy lot so went out on a limb and gave them both barrels of socialism and its ills. Within minutes I was being booed, interrupted, yelled at and abused – not by the class but by the lecturers and the professor.

      • Hard1

        It’s all about “Losing My Religion”, the permanent state of mind of those that inhabit the left.

        “The Southern term for losing one’s temper, “flying off the handle”, etc. Note that the R.E.M. song of this title has nothing to do with religion, despite the common misinterpretation of the phrase.”

        It literally means “losing my temper” or “going insane” to some degree. If you would look at the REM lyrics to the song by the same name, it makes more sense, it really has nothing to do with religion.

        “I was pretty much losing my religion after being forced to listen to rap music all day.”
        “I was close to losing my religion for the entire decade in opposition”
        “I was close to losing my religion when the kid wrecked the Holden.”
        “I was close to losing my religion when I couldn’t pay the IRD”

    • stephen2d

      Let’s see how fast the MSM in NZ update their reports with these facts………….. [tumbleweed]

  • Keeping Stock

    What I’m looking forward to now is Labour and the Left in general trying to denounce Anonymous as criminal hackers who can’t be trusted. The irony in that would be too much to bear.

  • Keeping Stock

    I hope the Left gets in a lather over this one:

    Heather Mills, entrepreneur and environmentalist


    And this chap should have seen it coming, if the name of his church is anything to go by:

    Solomon Humes, Bahamian bishop of the Church of God of Prophecy

  • Second time around

    Poroshenko is the good guy western leaning Ukrainian leader we all trust, and he has been on the Forbes rich list long before we ever heard of Andrew Little. If you live in a totally corrupt country in the middle of a civil war it is just common sense to shift your assets where some semblance of a legal system exists (and then do all you can to fuel the conflict and corruption?).

    • Annoyed

      Somewhere with a strong government and legal system like New Zealand perhaps?

    • Tiger

      Indeed, he made his money through confectionery.

      • Time For Accountability

        Sounds like he should be sugar taxed.

  • Time For Accountability

    The folk to be worried are the hackers and the people who have worked long and hard to expose the serious criminals in the list.

    I wonder if the fallout will be a so called cleansing of the idiots who have been working on the exposé for a over a year. I expect there will be the odd person on both sides of the fence who will disappear or need relocated with another identity.

  • Big_Al

    So this was just a big media blow up about a non event. Typical. I wonder if the media will now run a front page retraction for their part in listening to Angry and his delusional rantings. Probably not. The MSM in this country is beyond a joke but as obvious Labour supporters i guess you can’t expect any better.

  • Aucky

    Vladimir Putin’s name was bandied around as being a major player by the international MSM. Don’t let facts stand in the way of a good story.

  • InnerCityDweller

    Weren’t we told that Hager has his greasy little fingers in this for months? How “investigative” of him to not work through the list and realise there was nothing to be had as far as NZ was concerned. Muppet.

  • Isherman

    Hehe, I like the former head of Transparency Intl.- Chile (resigned June 4 2016). I think the left should stick to digging into that, as I’m sure they will call for,
    it would be safer than digging into the financial records and dealings of the Palestinian Presidents son or Arafats financial advisor and manager.

  • Sagacious Blonde

    No wonder Hager, after 15 months, is still trying “to find what should be publicised” and “looking for help to use it properly”.

  • KGB

    Oh but we miss the point, it’s all about ‘fairness.’
    It’s not fair that these people aren’t paying their share of tax…to some other Government.
    The NZ Government has no moral compass.
    National have destroyed our global reputation.
    Why aren’t we ‘outraged’?
    It’s all JK’s fault!

    • R&BAvenger

      National have destroyed our global reputation so much that we have entered into a wide ranging Trade Partnership with other Pacific nations, we are currently meeting with the Chinese government in order to boost our existing trade agreement with them, we are in talks with the European Union about a new trade agreement, John Key is asked to speak at the UN, he was invited to chair a number of meetings in the past at the request of the current US President, he is on good terms with that President, the Chinese President, plus the current British and Aussie PMs as well.
      Dark times for NZ inc. indeed!!

  • Korau

    No Kiwis! So the next raft of stories will be about all these drug lords and other unsavoury people hiding their ill gotten gains in NZ trusts, all no doubt helped and encouraged by that arch criminal John Key.

    It will be just a change of focus, no diminution of the attacks.

    I’m tired of the Panama Papers. On to the next cause de jour please !

    Edit: Spelling (damn those fat fingers!).

  • earthyundertones

    From the comments section on the Anonymous site. Yes, because only the MSM and Labour party actually believed there was any real Kiwi involvement (John Key and his rich mates, rule the world, seven families etc). God, the disappoint is palpable. And now they seem to be accusing Anonymous of being in on the cover up as well.

    • David Moore

      Of course they will respond to the complete and utter absence of any scrap of evidence by simply screaming louder.

    • Woody

      When I read those comments I thought that I must have missed the Logics 101 class where the absence of any information to back up your theory is proof positive of absolute guilt.

  • Bombastic

    Short of accusing John Key of being fronted by a Guatemalan drug trafficker, the left and the media have nowhere to go. Oh well, I guess that means we’re back to “John Key eats babies”.

  • axeman

    Oh is this why the the story has dropped from the MSM. When will the Media wake up and see how much damage they are doing to their already shabby reputation by running with these stories launched by Labour, Headlined by the media only to for it be a “nothing to see here move long please” story

  • Doc45

    There was also the despicable and nasty attack on John Shewan and the Nats by Winston in the Urgent debate following question time. It was Peters at his worst, ugly, vindictive, showing off, untruths, innuendo, half statements, etc. Gross abuse of Parliamentary privilege.

  • Nothing to see in the Panama papers, OK, let’s see if we can get any traction on the Niue hotel thing instead.

  • Montys mum

    Ever since National was re-elected, I have noticed that the left have tried to pick on any little thing that they think they can down the Government on – but every time they open their mouth, they put their foot in it…..

    • Hard1

      Oh well, back to the Max Key expose`, I suppose.

      • OneTrack

        It’s all they have left – picking on Key’s kids.

  • Mr_Blobby

    Point taken but it would be naive to think that this was the only scheme in operation. My guess is that there are many more. a lot more.

    Don’t forget that a lot of the names will be fronting for somebody else.

    • Woody

      Oh, I see, guilt by assumption. Sorry doesn’t work for me.

  • iant

    wouldn’t it be funny if a little was on the list – at least we’d know where all his money went other than supporting one mortgage

    • Annoyed

      One would assume that he “tithes” a not insignificant portion of his income to the Unions. A fair question would then need to be asked, if this was the case, given that the Unions gave him the Labour leadership, would this be a massive case of conflict of interest?

  • Dog Breath

    I was really hoping I would be discovered on the list just so I could be famous albeit for the wrong reasons. I will have to try harder with my zillions. Whoops found the problem I don’t have zillions.

  • Big_Al

    “Breaking News” The entire Labour party has been observed sitting in a circle on the floor around a Suggestion Box, and each is armed with a notebook and pencil. They have been told to use their best imagination and to come up with the next scenario/scandel to throw at John Key. Write it down and put it in the box. The winner will get to go to McDonalds for lunch with Andrew Little. They might even make deputy one day. Last report is that pencil sharpners are being passed around flat out and notepaper is flying around the room.

    • Wheninrome

      They were told to keep their suggestions clean, and non threatening and absolutely no slurring of Little, so I suppose the box is as empty as their minds.

  • DangerMice

    Someone posted a link in the last couple weeks that showed trusts etc in the papers and interesting I found my old boss. Of course he’s a lawyer and pure as the driven snow. Wish I could find it again