How’s that world class education system that Labour bangs on about?

Not so well.

Chippy probably sees nothing here to change either, despite the alarming statistics.

A new Unicef report measuring the gap between “average” children and the poor has ranked New Zealand 35th out of the 41 OECD countries in educational achievement courtesy of its bad Programme for International Student Assessment (Pisa) results in 2012.

The Unicef report Fairness for Children contained league tables of the gaps in income, education, health and quality of life in the 41 OECD countries.

The assessment was done according to Pisa results between 2006 and 2012 and showed the gap had increased over that time. It found that across the OECD, children from poor backgrounds were 18 percentage points more likely to achieve low results than the average child. In New Zealand, that was about 21 percentage points. It also ranked New Zealand 17th in income inequality but New Zealand was not included in the analyses of health or life satisfaction.  

Deborah Morris-Travers, Unicef’s New Zealand advocacy manager, said the gap in educational achievement was a concern. “We know that educational success depends so much on a child’s health, the income of families and their ability to provide educational input and opportunities.”

She said childhood had a significant impact on the life that child would experience as an adult. Those impacts could be mitigated by effective Government policy.

Chris Hipkins hasn’t said anything, he will be awaiting instructions from the teacher unions who are responsible for this issue.

No doubt they will blame the government despite the fact the union oppose every single initiative put forward to make changes.

Now you can see why people in low socio-economic areas are embracing charter schools…they actually deliver results while the union dominated schools continue to deliver year on year failure.

The government should bring in a policy that if a state school fails to meet minimum standards then it gets turned into a charter school.


– NZ Herald


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  • Keeping Stock

    Deborah Morris-Travers, Unicef’s New Zealand advocacy manager

    Is that the same Deborah Morris who became an MP and Minister in 1996 for NZ First, then got sick of Peters, bailed from NZ First and then bailed from Parliament altogether without even serving out a full term?

    • jcpry

      I was wondering how someone got such a ridiculous sounding job. Enough said. Where the heck does funding come from fror such an august and important role.

  • MaryLou

    Seems to me enough discussion has been had on this topic. Charter schools (in the main) are delivering, so many of our state schools, are not. Once again I blame the PC left – and yes that includes National, to a degree – of taking the position that failure is acceptable, or at the least, understandable. On some topics it’s just not, and this is one of them.

  • Keanne Lawrence

    Little Chippy steered clear of this but it was just too much for the Material Girl to miss a possible point or two. Sadly though there was no connection between brain and lip so she floundered as usual.
    When a quoted report is labelled UN whatever it has reached a point where the majority question it’s value, accuracy and authenticity.