One rule for all; I agree with Jetstar

This is getting ridiculous. I can identify as a parrot and get feather implants and bird-like tattoos and friends can call me Polly and feed me bird seed because they love and accept me. However, I cannot expect a business that requires proof of identity to look at my ID that says I am a female human being and say, “Yes Polly, your bird cage is waiting for you.”

The same applies if I identify as another sex and/or race. I can live that life and be accepted as that identity by those who accept me and love me but it doesn’t change my ID such as my passport or driving license. I may be dressed as a man for the photo but the sex will still have to say female because biologically that is what I still am, no matter what I mentally identify with or dress up as. Even if I have surgery and add extra bits, that doesn’t change my core biological reality.


My daughter is very accepting of people who are not mainstream and so am I. They are people like us who have the same rights and should be treated with respect. I have no problem with people who want to live a life that they mentally identify with. What I object to is them expecting us to change the rules for them. We all live by the same rules. If a biological man expects to be able to tick “female” on a plane ticket when his ID clearly states that he is a male he cannot expect the staff to not be concerned about his true identity. If he turns up without any ID he cannot expect to be let on either. If we give in to demands for this kind of thing to be accepted then the entire point of ID goes out the window. If we can claim to be any sex or race or age despite our real sex or race or age what is the point of IDs? If we expect to be let on a plane without ID simply because we are transgender what is next? What other rules must be broken to protect your feelings? When I have no ID they don’t let me on. My feelings would be hurt if a transgender person was given a free pass and I was not. One rule for all ladies and gentlemen. It is only fair.


Jetstar has apologised to a transgender woman after she was refused boarding, she says because check-in staff didn’t accept her identity.

Christchurch woman Darci-Lee Hume says she has “never felt so humiliated”. The airline says Hume’s gender was never an issue when they asked for identification and “regret any offence that was caused”.
…Hume’s friend had ticked “Miss” on the ticket as Hume identifies as a woman. Once they arrived at the airport Hume’s friend, who only had a bank card as ID, was able to check-in; however Hume, who did not have any ID, was not.

“When they came to me they said your details don’t match up.

“They were just like, `look, you’ve got five seconds to provide some ID, prove who you are or you’re not getting on this flight’.”

…”I talked to one of the managers who said, `your details don’t match up, it says Miss Darci, you are clearly not a Miss, Sir’.”

A Jetstar spokesman said the company’s procedures for domestic travel are in line with other airlines in New Zealand and Australia where all passengers must carry proof of identity that matches the information in their booking and on their boarding pass.

“Unfortunately we were unable to check in the customer for her flight when she came to our Christchurch airport counter as she could not provide any identification that matched the booking details or provide an itinerary.”

The spokesman said gender “never came into the equation”.

Hume said she felt “absolutely horrible”.

“When they did look at me it was like they gave me a look like I was trying to steal someone’s identity, it made me feel really sick . . . I knew there was going to be protocols but they did nothing to help.

“I have nothing else to believe but that it was just purely because I didn’t present as their idea of what a female is.”

Hume said her friend had lodged a formal complaint with Jetstar.

An airline spokesman said Jetstar had spoken to the person who made the booking, apologised for any distress Hume experienced, and refunded the fare as a “goodwill gesture”.


– Passport, driver’s licence, original or certified copy of a birth certificate or citizenship document, student ID or company issued ID. Other forms of ID may also be accepted at the discretion of the check-in staff.

* The first sentence in this story has been amended to clarify that it was Hume who said check-in staff did not accept her identity.

– Stuff



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  • D.Dave

    Ms/Mr Hume needs to get a life. Society has rules to help us function safely. The fact that he/she hasn’t decided whether he/she is he or she,, is totally irrelevant. If any of his/her ID says she is he, then for god’s sake grow a brain cell and make any forms of application match you current ID. End of problem. If, we as taxpayers, finish up forking out for ‘gender reassignment’ I hope he/she finds piece with the world. It could be worse, he/she could be a vegan, gluten free, or other seriously maligned member of society too.

  • Gazza

    The key moment in this article is the quote “…I knew there was going to be protocols but they did nothing to help. There you have it, he/she knew it but did nothing to avoid the problem….and they gave a refund, lost me right there.

    • kereru

      What did they think ‘they’ could do to help? Wave her through without ID because he/she is sooooo special?

  • Davo42

    This is a spade, it’s called a spade because thats what it was made to be. We can learn alot from a spade.

    • oldmanNZ

      sometimes, a spade wants to be used as a shovel, or a hoe.

      its can do that with a bit of reshaping, sometimes you cannot tell it was once a spade.

      but if it was sold as a spade, became a shovel, the guarantee would be invalid as its no longer a spade.

    • KatB

      But what do you do if you are given two spades and told to take your pick?

      • Doug

        Personally, I stand there confused

  • rexabus

    The world is definitely going mad. No wonder the Muzzies think we’re ripe for taking over. Mr Darcy, I’m sorry but you are NOT a woman. Those little dangly bits attached to the groin of half the population and not on the other half when we’re born are usually a pretty accurate indicator of what gender a person will be. Anything after that is wishful thinking

  • Dan

    I find Jetstar apologising absurd and weak.

    Here we have a person who fails to show ID and then cries foul when questions are raised about what they put on their ticket. In today’s climate, airlines have to be extra careful who is and is not on board their aircraft, irrespective of gender alignment, religion or whatever. An airport is not the place to play games and be precious. Just look at the outcry when it was found that passengers travelling on MH flights were found to be under false passports. As any of the other passengers, I would want to make sure that my fellow passengers are who they claim to be and not someone pretending to be who they aren’t.

    No ID no fly. Simple rules really.

    • kereru

      Perhaps Jetstar apologised for PR reasons, but why refund her fare? To my mind that was tantamount to admitting they were at fault. ‘Damaged feelings’ should never be sufficient reason for a refund. The passenger was at fault for not carrying ID. End of story. But that doesn’t fit today’s insistence on pandering to feelings of entitlement. An exception should be made for ME because I’m ambiguously sexed / a precious petal / I’ll run to the papers if you don’t let me have my way…

  • axeman

    Twice now the MSM have tried to paint Jetstar and being out of step here, and twice have scored own goals.
    Good on Jetstar sticking to rules and people are learning the lesson of consequences, thanks to a Aussie firm that doesn’t pander to the Kiwis who think the world owes them everything. No ID no boarding, fair enough. Arrive to check in after check in closes, you miss your flight. I bet in both these cases either they will fly Air NZ, or turn up on time and have acceptable ID.

    • kereru

      What I can understand is why anyone would expect an airline to change its protocols just because they happen to turn up and expect them to. Under what stone have the two passengers been living to imagine they have the right to do so, especially given the stricter boarding rules these days. And worse, instead of admitting that they were at fault and resolving not to make the same stupid mistake again, contacting the media who obligingly print a sob story without checking the facts.

      What’s the problem with people like this? Fragile egos? Immature and craving publicity? Sorry, but ‘celebrating difference’ might be all well and good among those of like mind, but the world does not work that way. And rules are in place for a purpose and must be complied with, no exceptions.

  • Second time around

    Passengers are fully aware that air tickets are not transferrable, but that term of the contract is meaningless if an airline is not permitted to identify its passengers. A person travelling without identifying documents is suspicious in itself and perhaps NZ should insist on all passengers showing id, normal in pretty well every other country.

  • XCIA

    It sure was a lot simpler in the day when gender was the distinction between sex.

    • Usaywot

      The silliest one is this woman who goes around calling herself “they” because she doesn’t know what she is. I’ve got news for her, “they” is plural. Whatever she thinks she cannot be “they”, unless, of course, she is Colin Craig.

  • KatB

    Darci-Lee is trying to make it sound like she was discriminated against because of being transgender. No, Darci-Lee, it’s because your ID wasn’t up to scratch. Some people are so self important these days they think everybody is talking about them and waiting to discriminate against them, so they spend every waking hour second guessing everybody else’s motives. From what I see, most of these people screaming discrimination, racism, sexism, etc, are actually doing it to themselves.

    • Usaywot

      I agree. If you are fragile about being transgender why wouldn’t you go out of your way to make sure you had the correct ID so as not to draw attention to yourself. And why then would you go running to the media and lodging complaints, unless, of course, your main problem is that you crave attention.

      • rexabus

        Yes, it’s how quickly they go running, screaming to the media is the surprising bit to me. I haven’t checked this weeks crybaby of the week(maybe she won it) but the um “they “featured in the herald this week ,who had a tizzy about not being given a haircut in a barbers because they had eyes to see she was clearly born a female must surely go on the shortlist for crybaby of the year

  • Ruahine

    This sounds like another look ‘at me smart alec’ agenda pushing nuisances and time suckers who are forever getting in the way.

    As for the refund Jetstar, be prepared for the next clever dick trick done on you by someone with a media outlet on speed dial for the weeping and the wailing.

  • Rick H

    16 year old walks into bottle store and tries to buy a dozen beer.
    Store person asks for ID
    Kid says “I feel like I’m 18, so you have to sell me the beer.

    Is this scenario really any different than the “Hume Jetstar” one?

    • rexabus

      I feel like I’m really a billionaire though I only have $16.20 in my bank account . I’m expecting the Sheraton will recognize the quandary I’m in and give me the keys to the presidential suite forthwith or my feelings will be hurt

  • Captain_Hindsight

    Transgender people have their gender recorded in their passport as an ‘X’.

    Source: A transgendered acquaintance who would never pull this sort of crap, and just wants to fly with the minimum of fuss.

  • WBC

    I think we just need to be clear and honest in a very simple way.

    People can be whomever they wish to be so long as they don’t harm others. But…

    Different is not a problem, different is simply not the norm. Different does not make somebody special, it does not make them better and it does not earn extra rights.

    And let’s stop this “the sex the doctor assigned them at birth” idiocy. The doctor did not select the genes, we can take all the hormones we want but we are (with some very rare exceptions) either male or female genetically.

    Again, lets all be who we want to be but if you want to be different and get offended when people don’t understand, then sue God or just get on with life and use you peer group for support; like everybody else does.

  • Clutch Cargo

    So whats Jetstars position on women in full burkas.What ID is acceptable then.

  • rexabus

    I wouldn’t care much about this c**p but to me this is a sign of ill health in the culture when it goes this far. Damn it, things are really quite serious with this muslim business and here we are having to deal with a very very small minority of poor diddums who are clearly confused by it all. Jeez, talk about fiddling while Rome burns!

  • old school

    As far as I can tell there are now 3 genders. Men, Women and Men who wear dresses.