I’m getting sick to death of our media



Before you read, what was your initial gut feel about the ages of the two teens?  Not after you think it through, but what you first gut feel when you read that headline?

A French couple’s New Zealand holiday took a horrible turn when two teenagers armed with a hammer assaulted them and ran off with cash in the early hours of yesterday morning.

The tourists were asleep in their grey Toyota Previa van when they awoke to the two teens around 1am in Dargaville’s Totara St carpark. They demanded money before punching one of the victims and fled on foot with an amount of cash.

The French tourist had moderate injury to his face.

A police dog traced the teens to a nearby location where they were subsequently arrested. The stolen cash was recovered, but the hammer is unaccounted for.

The teens were carrying a backpack between them and were possibly walking in Victoria St, Dargaville between 12:15am and 1:30am yesterday morning.

The French couple had only been in New Zealand a short while, but still plan to continue their holiday despite being traumatised by the incident, police say.

Two teenagers, 18 and 19, have been charged. They will appear in Whangarei District Court today on aggravated robbery and cannabis-related charges.

I don’t have to tell you how this is crafted by the media as a couple of wayward kids, when in fact, we have two thugs that did an aggravated robbery.

When Annette King hosted another Labour MP and a male person that was younger than the ones mentioned above, he was paraded around the media as “a young man”, not a teenager.  Because the Media Party and Labour closed ranks and couldn’t possibly let Labour face the stigma of what could possibly have been, allegedly, the attempted rape of a “boy”.

The media play this boy/teen/young man trick all the time, and they flip it whenever they think they want to control the narrative.  In this case, it isn’t the fact that touring north of Auckland is a dicey thing to do because of the higher chance of aggravated crime against tourists, no, it’s just some misguided “youth”.


Please note they went to the District Court and are charged and tried as adults.  Not “teens”.


– Newshub


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  • Curly1952

    You’re getting sick of the media – I have been sick of them for a long, long time.
    They believe that they are the bees knees and untouchable but I reckon they are sinking faster than a rock in the most trusted profession

    • Simo

      Most trusted profession? Their daily contibution to this country is whose turn it is to get the pies and lattes in.

  • Mark

    A little less time spend on checkpoints & a bit more time sleeping in seized vehicles with a Glock,would end this issue almost immediately.

    Hmmm I might even consider being deputised for 14 days duty in return for a Lifetime CCL…

  • Old Kiwi

    14 to 16 is what the headline conveyed to me before reading article

    • rexabus

      Yes me too. Reading those sort of stories in the past I’ve thought along lines of “how sad, young lives derailed before they’ve even reached adulthood”. Totally misleading this one though. An 18 and 19 yr old may not be very mature minded but they are adults

  • ex-JAFA

    Next thing, the Media Party will only hire elderly women journalists so that anyone under the age of 50 can be described as a “young girl”, as my octogenarian mother does.

  • Michelle

    Quite a few tourists use that car park so very saddened for the victims, no sympathy for thugs
    Sadly a wet bus ticket will be soaked ready for them

    As for the media they are just useless, so far up themselves they can’t see the light of day, in fact some think they are the light of day
    and cannot be trusted to tell any story factually

  • Totara

    What can you expect from New Zealand’s least trusted profession.

    If journalists had and shred of self-awareness, they would understand that they are now almost irretrevably discredited as a profession, and will need to start looking through their own classified ads for other jobs. I won’t hold my breath though.

    • willtin

      Perhaps they could take on Angry Little’s retraining idea, become secondhand car salespeople and up their cred.

  • Mick Ie

    At 18 and 19, ‘teen’ is just a word tagged onto the end of a number. These ages are representative of young adults and they should be charged/punished accordingly.

  • Spiker

    14/15, certainly not voting age young adults. The media lost my contribution to their bottm line years ago.

  • oldmanNZ

    I guess, thirteen to nineteen (13-19) is technically a ” teen”

    adult in NZ starts at 18
    child pass up to 14.

    so I can assume from 15-17 is in some thing between child and adult

    • Kevin

      Under the Children, Young Persons, and their Familes Act anyone under 17 can’t be charged as adult except in the case of murder and I think rape. Any thing else and they have a family group conference to try and sort them out.

    • johnandali

      All offending by children is recorded. But who has access to those records – I don’t know. And as nothing can be done to correct the behaviour of a child or a teen, would it even make any difference?

  • Vaughan

    How does 8 years with no parole sound?

    • Doug

      Like you are a softy? For this crime I would ensure there is no chance of reoffending. I see minimum chance for these guys to find redemption, so how about we stop them now?

      • Vaughan

        I was going to suggest death penalty but I’d hate people to feel I’m too extreme……

      • rexabus

        Army supervised work projects. As much as possible separate them from their mates of the same ilk. Incentivize good work and good efforts with rewards and the more satisfying work; punish laziness or troublemaking with privileges removed and the least stimulating, hardest work. Labor – exactly what Little and Labor don’t stand for anymore

  • Vlad

    Here’s what I think about these little teens who attacked this couple with a hammer in Northland, the alarming cesspit of no-hopers concealed in our welcome to tourists:

    They are never employed, uneducated thugs, probably on a benefit. They spend their day smoking dope and mumbling rubbish.

    When they get caught, their mates and whanau will post on facebook that they are good boys who could have played for the Warriors but fell into bad company.

    • Sailor Sam

      I wonder if Kelvin Davis will be asked to provide a character reference, all he really needs to do is ask Trevor Mallard for advice.

    • johnandali

      The courts are weak. The prison system is weak. The legislators are weak. The MPs are weak. So how do you think anything will ever be done? The people I feel sorry for are the Police, who continually catch these blighters, and they’re back on the streets the next day after receiving a small tap on the hand (or less). It must be very frustrating being a policeman, and seeing these kids getting away with everything they do – and there’s not a thing that can be done about it.

  • contractor

    They sure aren’t deserving of being called “men” and media should report all such attacks as being by “thugs.”

  • stuff.co.nz – on the other hand – calls them “men aged 18 and 19” and “alleged offenders”, which is a bit more like it.

    • johnandali

      It’s a great pity that we don’t have access to the criminal records of people. When I worked in the prison system, I found that the majority of inmates started their offending before they were 10 years-old, and they received no punishments for those offences, and consequently they kept committing ever-increasing levels of crimes until eventually they were sentenced to prison terms. This was not an uncommon sequence – it was the usual sequence of events which eventually led to their imprisonment. They should have been punished when they were kids – but they weren’t. Unfortunately criminologists probably don’t have access to such records, but I can assure them, it’s the norm.

  • David

    Tourists are guests in this country and should be respected not robbed and beaten. Mongrels like this should receive a minimum ten year jail sentence. Not only have they ruined an innocent couple’s holiday but they have brought shame on the country with their thoughtless thuggery.

    • johnandali

      In the military, prevalent offences can be notified, and any transgressor can get twice the listed maximum penalty. So why don’t we apply this to civilian life?

  • Big_Al

    Another incident of foreign tourists being assaulted and robbed while on holiday in our country. This has been happening far too often and will be doing irrepairable damage to our tourist industry, thus costing us dearly in tourist dollar loss.
    These thugs need to be dealt with in the harshest possible way.

    • Uncle Bully

      Harshest? You mean a public flogging?

      • Simo

        Stocks mate everyone gets to exact their fury in a safe and satisfying way, H&S aproved as no crims were harmed in the execution of the sentence.

        • johnandali

          Actually, the stocks are a real deterrent. At Sherwood Forest in the UK, there is an entry-free museum there, with a set of stocks that the public can try out. From first-hand experience, I have never felt so vulnerable in my life. And uncomfortable. I can confidently state that if we introduced the stocks, and used them in busy public areas with a good stock of rotten tomatoes etc, our crime rate would plummet.

          • Mikex

            Was in China and came across two guys chained to lampposts on a busy footpath. Asked a local what was that about and he said the men had got drunk the night before and played up and this was their punishment. A standard punishment apparently, seems like a cheap and simple process.

          • johnandali

            With the stocks, you can’t even look ahead of you – only downwards. It’s a really awful experience – even for a few minutes. You don’t even need to have rotten tomatoes. Just the stress of being locked in the thing is really awful.

          • FornaK

            I’d even use fresh tomatoes if they brought back public floggings.
            And potatoes!

          • johnandali

            Sorry, you can only have public floggings in Muslim countries. Any western country that had public floggings would be subjected to a very nasty report from the UN and world-wide condemnation. Probably sanctions as well. And trade embargoes. We need borstals and training institutions run by the Army. And we need to reduce the numbers of children parented by people who are unfit to have kids. We need proper penalties – not wet bus tickets.

  • Kevin

    I remember being in the district court one time some years ago now and a thug came up before the judge, charged with vandalising a statue. His lawyer tried to pass him off as an art lover which got the appropriate laughter from just about everyone in the courtroom.

    Next day in the Herald the gentleman concerned was described as, you guessed it, an “art lover”.

  • Positan

    The main objective of legal punishment is correction. Once children were taught that crossing “the bottom line” meant a smack – which got more severe as the child aged. While corrupt politically-correct attitudes successfully, but wrongfully, conveyed that such treatment to youth “only made people violent later on” – the obvious determinable fact from 20-odd years of having banned corporal punishment in schools and smacking in the home is that crimes of violence are far, far more prevalent now than they ever were back then.

    The “bottom line” is no longer appreciably conveyed, and today’s consequences directly result from that. Correcting the situation now will necessitate far more pronounced measures than would have been necessary previously. I’d like to see meaningful punishments which would instil fear among potential offenders and show them society was serious about not accepting criminal conduct in any form. Measures like humiliation through public birching – and reintroduction of capital punishment.

    Sadly, the PC-indoctrinated, namby-pambies among us would never wear it.

    • johnandali

      And because we don’t have prison sentences of hard labour, a jail term for crims is actually a very easy time. Good meals. Plenty of mates. Warm bed. And Winz keeps paying benefits to the 9 other aliases that many of them have. Free food and board. What could be better? I still maintain that any person on a benefit must take compulsory birth control medication. But is there even one MP who would support this? I doubt it. And that’s where the namby-pamby-ism starts.

  • Graham Pilgrim

    Maori culture is promoted as a tourist attraction in New Zealand. Regrettably rather too many tourists are experiencing it first hand, and when they least expect it.

    • Aucky

      Assumptions are being made about the alleged offenders’ ethnicity but I doubt that they are incorrect.

      • Oh Please

        Stereotypes are generally correct.

      • johnandali

        When I first read about the incident, I ranted to my better-half that it’s not on that these Pakeha mongrels carry out so many crimes up north. She looked at me as if I was mad, and asked, “Pakeha?”. It’s now got to the point where we can assume the ethnicity of the law-breakers, and 95% of the time, we’re probably right. Surely that must be giving a very distinct message to the community that they have to bring their kids up properly. But generation after generation, we just get the same and same again. So how can it be stopped?

  • Ravan

    Could be worse folks—– On barenakedislam I read that hairy, male fakeugees, up to 190cm tall, pose as ‘unaccompanied minors’ in Mad Mama Merkeland– poor traumatised orphaned minors!!!– and the brainwashed media clowns endorse them as so. Look at Youtube George Carlin Euphemisms–hilarious!!!

  • Keanne Lawrence

    This is standard MO for the Media party but these type of budget type “tourists” don’t much for the economy and need to factor in a higher level of risk element if they choose bed down any old where.
    The area they chose to be nearer to nature with has some nasty creatures loitering in the shadows that are quick to spread their primitive culture rather than the PC variety.