Irrational argument ignores reality of gun crime

It has started: the lobbying against guns by those who oppose them and want them banned or at least made harder to obtain. There is an enquiry on and the politics is well underway.

Of course the media party – who are too lazy to write their own stores – have started pimping anti-gun stories on behalf of the anti-gun loons. ​

Firstly, I acknowledge it must be horrific to lose a family member to a violent death. There is no question these sorts of actions taken by scumbags ruin lives.

But they also radicalise the survivors into polarised opinions; not always well informed and, whilst well meaning, they fail to grasp reality.

One thing for certain is that criminals who will commit to violence will do so with or without a gun. If it’s not a gun it’s going to be a knife.  

Banning guns does nothing. As the article points out – even in Australia where they have much more restrictive gun laws – it hasn’t done a thing to stop scumbags owning guns illegally or obtaining them. An estimated 10,000 illegally owned guns remain at large and around 1400 are flogged each year. The Police can do nothing.

Australia’s gun rules are much more stringent, but criminals ignore gun laws and they always obtain firearms. Tougher gun laws doesn’t solve the issue of criminals obtaining firearms.

Here in NZ there are plenty who want guns to vanish, but that’s not reality. And, contrary to the belief of anti-gun loons, most guns have a specific use. That includes semi-automatic rifles and shotguns.

Ironically more people die or are injured each week in car crashes than deaths by guns each year. When people call for guns to be restricted it beggars belief when day after day we permit young men to buy fast cars and they inevitably end up wiping themselves out, or others.

As a society we have our priorities wrong.

We don’t give a toss about the things we should, but appear to care about changing things that simply are not an issue – statistically speaking.


– Fairfax


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  • Ghost

    Once again, those with an over inflated opinion of their wisdom get to sway and direct an inquiry that should be fairly self evident and straight forward, to something that is completely meaningless and penalizes the law abiding community. Do they just like the sound of their own voices or do they actually believe that the answer to laws that are not enforced are more laws that wont be enforced?

    • Hedgehog

      Agree totally. It is really easy for those that don’t own or want or use a gun, to demand they are all banned. An easy “felt good” response which lacks any real thinking. Unfortunately an all to common response fueled by our ever righteous media.

      • Ruahine

        I thought for a minute you had written religious media.

        • Nyla

          love the morning laugh thanks !! we sometimes need something light

  • Hard1

    The stark fact remains that gangs hardly ever use these guns. When was the last Machine gun Murder. Basset Road. 1963. These gang members just keep the artillery as trophies.

  • From what I read the argument seems to be: “we need to make it more illegal to get guns illegally” as if someone who is already breaking the law is going to be worried about breaking more laws.

    (although it would perhaps be helpful to have some tougher sentencing on the existing laws so that people who fake police signatures on forms to illegally buy a gun via the internet get more than hit with a wet noodle)

  • cows4me

    Restrictions on firearms/guns have very little to do public safety, gun hating loons, but more to do with politics, the politics of the left. The left do a great job with their fake hatred of the gun. The real hate of the gun comes with the realization that the politics they so love, compliance and control, is under a very real threat from the gun. The belief government should fear the people and not the other way around strikes real fear in the hearts of these would be dictators. History has shown time after time the true wishes of the left are total firearm confiscation, then it becomes a total disaster for the resident population. Those talking gun control are dishonest at best and scumbag totalitarians at worst.

    • Muffin

      The left love guns…. When their side is the only one that has them.

    • Seriously?

      The problem with this argument is who decides when the state has done something sufficiently bad to justify me pulling out my gun and taking action. The only answer is that I do. And what I decide is sufficient cause will depend on my perspective, and my rationality.

      Would a change to communism be enough even if 51% of people wanted it? It may be for some.

      Would ratifying the TPPA be enough? I fear it might be for one or two of the more unhinged.

      This type of argument, and we hear in from the US a lot, seems irrational to me and if anything adds to the merit of gun control laws.

      • cows4me

        Who decides, I guess it’s subjective but I’m sure you’ll know what tyranny from the state is when you see it. One can’t write laws that define tyranny of the state, it’s not black and white but gray. Perhaps we should rely on common sense , of course that’s a dead concept . The state does not like gray, better to remove all doubt and to remove all firearms. Besides that the state has a duty to defend it’s citizens, clearly this is beyond our states ability, so why should the people not have the right to defend themselves ?.

        • Seriously?

          Sorry cows, there are plenty of good reasons you might want a gun, but to defend yourself from our Government is not one of them (even if the Greens got the wheel, touch organically grown sustainable eco-harvested wood).

          That might be valid in some parts of the world, but not here.

          • Diehard

            How about this for one example. All firearms are taken from citizens, the left are in government and decide that all property will no longer be in private ownership and pass a law to do away with freehold title (with no compensation). Freehold title is just an abstract concept written in law, it’s not something that can’t be taken away. Now we all rent/lease our property which is owned by the government. They have the guns so we can’t stop them.

            Do you think they would even try something like this if citizens had guns? of course not. That’s how guns keep governments from taking total control. To say it can’t or will never happen in New Zealand is complacent.

            Wasn’t there a country in Africa where something similar to this occurred. Bet the whites there never expected it either.

          • Wilbert

            You’ve got to be kidding…, right..?

          • Diehard

            Maybe, maybe not?

            The point is, the first step to ultimate power and corruption is to take all guns away from the general population. Think North Korea.

            “North Korea strictly prohibits the use, ownership, manufacture, or distribution of firearms by any citizen not serving in the military or special sectors of the government “executing official duties.” wikipedia.

          • Mark

            But if the State has done nothing wrong they have nothing to fear,right?

          • johcar

            Do you really think that a few citizens with shotguns and semi-auto deer hunting rifles are going to make a government scared of its citizens?

            The army, ostensibly under the control of the government, is far more well-armed…

          • cows4me

            I’m sure every citizen from every country that had their guns confiscated thought exactly the same thing. I’m sorry but I don’t have the same faith as you.

          • Mark

            History teaches us that in every part of the world where it did become valid,guns were first banned.

      • Mark

        For the record,I do not seen any scenario where I would have to use my firearms against agents of the State.
        So I ask why the State is so irrational in its belief that taking them from me stops criminal behavior?

  • Legallysane

    As a car enthusiast, I think powerful cars in the hands of young inexperienced drivers is a far more serious issue, but for some strange reason our society doesnt deem it to be a problem. It defies logic that any 18 year old can walk onto a car yard and finance themselves into turbocharged performance car that they don’t possess the skills necessary to drive safely on a public road. Statistically (deaths resulting), this a far bigger issue in my view.

  • 1080 Napalm

    We are told not to judge all Muslims by the actions of a few but we are encouraged to judge all firearm owners by the actions of a few. Funny how that is.

  • waldopepper

    a gun grab or other action against legal gun owners would see national loose the election i think ? where as im not sure criminals can be bothered to vote, can they ? just saying.

  • Mark156

    I’ve been trying to get a d.a revolver for about 2 years,all I’ve found so far are clunkers that have been ‘improved’ in that inimitable kiwi way

    • Mark

      Buy a S&W Performance Centre revolver,yes it is expensive,but it will outlast you & is worth every cent.
      No.I have not bought one yet,but I know which one I will get.

      • Mark156

        Perhaps a JM 625,but only if I could put some proper grips on it