Is Youthline really at risk of closing, or is this just the annual fake scare to get donations going?

This seems to come around every year.

A health service for at-risk youth in central Auckland may be forced to shut its doors in the next couple of weeks if it can’t secure more funding.

The Youthline health service has helped hundreds of young people who say they would otherwise have slipped through the cracks.

A teenager who spoke to Newshub didn’t want to be identified, but she wanted to talk about Youthline. She says she doesn’t want to think where she would be without it.

“I would probably be homeless if it wasn’t for this service — a very desperate person probably,” she says.

She went to the primary healthcare clinic when she had nowhere else to go, and it got her health and life on track, like so many other young people.

But unless it can get $50,000, it will close in two weeks, leaving many youth stranded.   

“Homeless young, young people from the GLBTI community, young people who don’t access healthcare so easily,” says clinic worker Shae Ronald.

The clinic was initially opened because there was no other service like it for youth in central Auckland. The money originally came from an overseas investor but now in order to keep it open they’re having to look elsewhere for more funding.

Hmmm…let’s see what Google says…30 seconds later we find:


Perhaps Youthline would be better placed if it could find some managers who can manage funding better.

 – Newshub


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  • oldmanNZ

    there are several youthline centres in NZ, not sure if they operate independently, but seems they have a branch manager.
    looking at the wellington one, they recieved funding of $136k, around $80k is spent on salary.
    dosn’t look like they are milking the system, I think they just struggling every year.
    they ran at a loss of $9k for 2015.

    but, “leaving many youth stranded”
    how old are these youths, where are the parents, where is CYFS?
    could it be that there are places the kids can run away to, instead of trying to solve issues at home? I think it does good and help, but sometimes not showing the numbers and case issues, I dont really know what going on.

    like “if i dont get what I want at home, i can run away and go to youth line and stay there”

    • biscuit barrel

      Its only a telephone outreach, they certainly cant ‘stay there’. I think the ‘calamity headline’ is just the newspapers doing,

  • Rick H

    GLBTI Community – –
    I know what the GLBT refers to, but what the heck is an “I”?