Isn’t fracking great?

Fracking is proving a god-send to saving the planet…wait…what?

The U.S. Department of Energy published data last week with some amazing revelations — so amazing that most Americans will find them hard to believe. As a nation, the United States reduced its carbon emissions by 2 percent from last year.Over the past 14 years, our carbon emissions are down more than 10 percent. On a per-unit-of-GDP basis, U.S. carbon emissions are down by closer to 20 percent.

Even more stunning: We’ve reduced our carbon emissions more than virtually any other nation in the world, including most of Europe.

How can this be? We never ratified the Kyoto Treaty. We never adopted a national cap-and-trade system, or a carbon tax, as so many of the sanctimonious Europeans have done.

The answer isn’t that the EPA has regulated CO2 out of the economy. With strict emission standards, the EPA surely has started to strangle our domestic industries, such as coal, and our electric utilities. But that’s not the big story here.   

The primary reason carbon emissions are falling is because of hydraulic fracturing — or fracking. Some readers now are probably thinking I’ve been drinking or have lost my mind. Fracking technology for shale oil and gas drilling is supposed to be evil. Some states have outlawed it. Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders have come out against it in recent weeks. School children have been bombarded with green propaganda about all the catastrophic consequences of fracking.

They are mostly lies. Fracking is simply a new way to get at America’s vast storehouse of tens of trillions of dollars worth of shale oil and gas that lies beneath us, coast to coast — from California to upstate New York. Fracking produces massive amounts of natural gas, and, as a consequence, natural gas prices have fallen in the past decade from above $8 per million BTUs to closer to $2 this year — a 75 percent reduction — due to the spike in domestic supplies.

This free fall in prices means that America is using far more natural gas for heating and electricity and much less coal. Here is how the International Energy Agency put it: “In the United States, (carbon) emissions declined by 2 percent, as a large switch from coal to natural gas use in electricity generation took place.”

It also observes that the decline “was offset by increasing emissions in most other Asian developing economies and the Middle East, and also a moderate increase in Europe.” We are growing faster than they are and reducing emissions more than they are, yet these are the nations that lecture us on polluting. Go figure.

And yet the Green taliban want fracking banned.

But aren’t markets wonderful? No carbon tax, no carbon trading, no signing Kyoto and they are beating the whole world in carbon emissions. Stick that in your pipe and smoke it.




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  • contractor

    And notice that the two earthquakes over the weekend are not in countries where fracking is being done. How inconvenient for the anti-fracking protestors paranoid that it can cause earthquakes.

  • Orca

    Hillary must be Fracking mad.

    • Mine it,Drill it,Sell it.

      Maybe she likes the Saudis,remember it was her husband who would not take out Bin Laden when the boys had him in the cross hairs after the bombing in the US embassies in Kenya because a Saudi plane was on the ground nearby.
      Look how that turned out for the people of New York.

  • Mine it,Drill it,Sell it.

    I think this is great news for the world especially when head lines like this start appearing.

    Saudis threatens to sell off $US750b in US assets if Congress passes 9/11 bill.

    Read more:

  • Asian_driver

    Meanwhile in Ashburton , protests against a well that would supply as much water as one dairy farm would use.

  • geoff

    What the Greens and MSM don’t like to mention is that the Royal Society(Society of Britain’s top scientists) concluded that Fracking is safe.

  • Hard1

    What a complicated world we live in.
    While the Saudi’s deliberately hold the price of oil down, the American shale industry needs oil at about the 60 to 70 dollar a barrel level in order to survive.
    Having just survived last year hoping for a rebound in prices this year, the industry is heading for deep trouble.
    Last week, one analyst predicted that half of U.S. shale oil producers could go bankrupt before the oil price increases sufficiently.
    “Deloitte estimates that a third of global oil and gas exploration and production companies—with a combined debt of over $150 billion—are at high risk of default or bankruptcy or default, unless something dramatic changes. The larger financial impact, and thousands of attendant job losses, could make cheap gas a lot less thrilling.”
    The Saudi’s may appear to be suffering, that is as the ruling elite are raising prices internally, but this is a planned strategic massive pumping operation to put the opposition out of business.
    It is estimated that the Saudis can survive financially for 5 years at the current low price. By then, who will be left? The Saudi elite will not be suffering financially at all with their billions. After all, this is deliberate and premeditated. Domination.

    As for the US Arms industry, the “U.S. Announces a $60b Arms Sale to Saudi Arabia, Says ‘Israel Doesn’t Object’
    Official Andrew Shapiro says U.S. consulted with Israel over course of sealing deal, which includes 84 new Boeing F-15 aircraft and 70 upgrades of existing Saudi F-15s.”
    read more:

    Meanwhile, Saudi Arabia Threatens To Liquidate Its Treasury Holdings If Congress Probes Its Role In Sept 11 Attacks. WASHINGTON — Saudi Arabia has told the Obama administration and members of Congress that it will sell off hundreds of billions of dollars’ worth of American assets held by the kingdom if Congress passes a bill that would allow the Saudi government to be held responsible in American courts for any role in the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks.