It isn’t just the New Zealand media who are anti-police and pro-crim

After watching this, you get the sense that the media are just deeply compromised.


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  • Great he is speaking out! Disgraceful media nonsense!

    • Ruahine

      Media default position on crime. Always the Police’s fault.
      Same in NZ. They edit the video and invent what the newsreader says has happened.

  • Rick H

    Typical media buffoons, just like the ones over here.
    Don’t even bother to read the police report, instead, getting all their “evidence” from facebook, twitter etc.

  • Melissa

    Well said by that sheriff. It’s pretty much the same story here about the young criminals and how the shameless media are forever erroneously reporting the facts.

  • Crowgirl

    This must be really hard for those deputies – not only were they powerless to save those girls, but now they’re being told they more or less didn’t save them on purpose. Of course if their parents had bothered to look after them, this would never have happened. Now people have to be traumatised and crucified in the media, and for no good reason.

  • Left Right Out

    MSM can’t help themselves… always got to find someone to blame other than the individuals who make their own decision (Parents, kids associates etc) Well done to this sheriff for fighting back and sticking it to the media

  • Curly1952

    Why is it that the media think they know more about policing than the Police? I hope the NZ Commissioner of Police gets a copy of this video to train all those Police who do press conferences

  • TM

    Yes – same story here. What is amazing is that probably 90% of the population would totally agree with the police actions but the media are desperate for a story. It is always a tragedy when a kid dies but the headline should read “3 teenagers die by driving car into a pond whilst trying to evade police”

  • Santa Fe fan

    I loved his comment that unless the media see it on a video they don’t believe something happened as the police report stated. But yet we are expected to believe what the media report.

    How he maintained his cool and not give someone their pedigree I do not know.

  • RightofSingapore

    So the cops are getting flak for not being able to save criminals because it was too dangerous? Geez these journalists are thick. One of them asks a question citing comments on Facebook, Jesus Christ with a tinfoil hat.

  • Sounds like the media are suffering from Generation Y syndrome.

    No effort
    No research
    No depth
    No understanding
    No responsibility

    It unfortunate that more people, like the sheriff, don’t make the media more accountable for the misinformation that publish.