John Key heading overseas to talk about the Free Trade Agreement

And there won’t be a peep from the left about it. Weird eh?

Prime Minister John Key is to visit China this month to discuss upgrading the free trade agreement between the two countries that was signed almost eight years ago.

Mr Key will meet President Xi Jinping and Premier Li Keqiang in Beijing but will also visit Xi’an and Shanghai. He said the FTA had been a success for both parties – “two-way trade between New Zealand and China has more than doubled, reaching almost $19 billion. An FTA upgrade would allow us to modernise the agreement and ensure it continues to drive our relationship forward.”

Last month Mr Key told the Platinum Primary Producers annual conference in Wellington that the renegotiation of the agreement was a “massive opportunity”.

New Zealand is expected to focus on the removal of special safeguards that were put in place by China against New Zealand agricultural products, safeguards that were not included under the Australia-China free trade agreement which is a year old.

This is, of course, the agreement that was negotiated by the Helen Clark government. Negotiated in ‘secret’. Signed without any public consultation and passed into law without getting parliament to debate its merits in detail.  

Mr Key also said that NZ was keen to get access to China for chilled products. The Meat Industry Association has said gaining access for chilled meat exports would open up an “enormous” potential market for the country’s $6.83 billion meat export industry.

Mr Key’s trip will also see him address students at Tsinghua University, meet Chinese business leaders and attend the launch of the New Zealand Film Festival in Shanghai.

He’ll be accompanied by Trade Minister Todd McClay and Primary Industries Minister Nathan Guy for the visit, which takes place between April 17-22.

Weird how one trade agreement, negotiated by Labour, isn’t worthy of nationwide protests, and yet another, negotiated by National, is the end of civilisation as we know it.

Except, of course, Labour can’t ever be consistent. They love the Chine FTA until China come here to buy a farm or invest in our housing market. Then, suddenly, they don’t believe in the contract Helen Clark signed with the Chinese.

Labour are truly doomed. They run against their own policies constantly. How is the public to know what they stand for if all they stand for is “whatever it takes to hurt John Key”?


– Newshub


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  • ChrisM

    What new ‘shock story’ will plague Key when he is out of the country.

    • Toby

      That’s so true, if the left follow true form they will wait for him to leave the country and do a hit job.

      My guess is that it will be something to do with Panama, most likely baseless but someone will interview their typewriter and suggest that John Keys blind trusts have an investment into some company who is somehow weakly linked to Panama.

      • Orca

        Somebody needs to tell the lefties to stick that whole ridiculous hit-job up their Panama Canal.

    • Oskar

      Given that Nicky Hager says that he has been working on the Panama papers for over a year as one of group analysing whats in those papers if he can find anything on Key or National when Key is out of the country would be when he would release it – see what Hager says his role is
      Again Hager is involved with stolen documents.

      • Second time around

        It took the Enigma team almost a year to decipher the Nazi navy codes, so be patient! The codes did prove to be useful, but the Panama papers just seem to be an endless litany of well trodden tax avoidance schemes which name B tier politicians we had never heard of before.

      • Keeping Stock

        So the timing will be just right for Hager to publish a book on the Panama Papers just a few weeks before the next election then?

        Great stuff; that should almost guarantee John Key a fourth term as PM, given the public’s lack of appetite for Dirty Politics hit-jobs.

      • Wayne Hodge

        This is why Hager is a ‘revered investigative journalist’ as he acts as a guardian of our freedoms. Excuse me while I vomit.

    • Orca

      Could it be: “John Key skips the country to avoid paying tax on his over-priced genetically modified lettuce”?

  • Toby


    • Orca

      The problem is, the protesters would need to read and understand the whole document first, which is not possible. They have to instead wait until someone tells them what to say, and gives them the date and time of when to say it. Then they can say it from the heart.

      The protest organisers also have to give them ideas to put on their signs, like: “TPPA kills fur seals”; “Stop the TPPA from molesting our children”; “TPPA causes climate change”; “Make the TPPA’s give our maori land back”; and of course the more accurate: “Whatever TPPA is, it’s bad for yous”.

  • edenman

    Also a great opportunity to lobby for Helen Clark to lead the UN.

    • Joe Burns

      A trougher wanting to get the ultimate trough.

  • Mav E Rick

    Angry Little acknowledged to Hosking on Monday morning that he had a bad couple of weeks which probably reflected in the poll rates. A shame that he wont admit where he went wrong. Was it being against the TPP, was it wanting to “stiff arm” banks and regulate them, was it being against the flag referendum even though they initially wanted a public referendum on the flag, was it there silly $200.00 a week for everybody idea, was it wanting to stop Chinese chefs immigrating to NZ…..etc etc…?? I would say that he has had more than just two weeks of stuff ups! Perhaps he will go quiet for a while. Better to be thought a fool than open your mouth and remove all doubt!

    • Keeping Stock

      I can tell you with absolute certainty that Little and Labour will not get the support of the lovely young couple who run the excellent Japanese restaurant where SWMBO and I dine with some frequency. They tell me Little’s attack on ethnic restaurants and chefs has gone down like a dodgy curry across the restaurant industry.

  • Macca

    John Key leading by example once again by working his button off.

    But surely this can’t be the same National Party accused continuously of arrogance and coasting through their third term whilst doing nothing? Of course not. That’s the work ethic of those accusing.

  • Graeme

    Perhaps Hager would better employed investigating the $158,000 that Peters says he gave to “charity”

  • R&BAvenger

    This is why we rely on WOBH to inform us with the news – what is happening, rather than the msm ‘news’ – what ‘they’ think we need to know.

  • axeman

    I can’t remember a harder working PM than Key in driving up our GDP. All Labour offer is how to divide the pie up to favour their voter base, and never offer on how to make the pie bigger, so that there is more to go round. Key will go down in our history as one of the great Prime Ministers

    • RobT

      Agreed the man knows no limits in representing his country…harder working than any other CEO in this land…thank you JK.

  • Keeping Stock

    It’s also notable that Labour was able to pass the China FTA through Parliament with the support of the John Key-led National Opposition. History will of course record that Helen Clark’s own Foreign Minister and his party voted AGAINST the China FTA.

    What a contrast the spirit of bipartisanship in trade matters was to Labour’s 2016 opposition to the TPP legislation when it comes before the Parliament.

    • Muffin

      thats why National is spanking them in the polls. Really if they stopped opposing everything (and ditched the commie stuff) and just basically acted like they could lead the country in some sort of fashion then they woudl probably get a jump of about 10% if national does something stupid, like doubles the refugee quota.

  • Ruahine

    Whale Oil. You have done it again. Gotta just love it. Truth.

  • Eddie

    And not a peep from any party about China’s human rights record. We seem happy to give sheep to Saudis, trade with China, and discuss contracts with Iran without a mention of human rights abuses. Yet, we shouldn’t support Australia’s bid for a seat at the UN and there are some politicians who want to boycott Israel. Such are the double-standards of the Left. Shame!

  • Wayne Peter McIndoe

    While Little is playing “dirty politics” Key is out there working hard for kiwi businesses and potential markets in China, – perhaps this is why National are hovering around the 47 – 50% in the opinion polls