John Key pleases at least one voter


Whaleoil stalwart Aucky wrote

I’m enjoying JK’s trip to China.

The Panama Papers have blown up in Little’s face.

The sniggers regarding Jack Ma’s presence at the PM’s reception have suddenly died away as Jack Ma announces that Ali Baba will be holding a New Zealand Month promotion on Ali Baba featuring NZ products.

I’m wondering how Labour is going to handle the Crims for Milk trade deal.

As a matter of principle Labour will oppose sending back the prisoners because it’s a National deal but on the other hand how can Phil Twyford support the argument that allows sixty Chinese crims presumably with Chinky sounding names to continue to occupy NZ homes.

So far so good JK.

Let’s not forget the Scenic Circle smear as well.  Stopped in its tracks when it was pointed out Jacinda Ardern’s father Ross Ardern is a trustee owner of the resort, and would have helped appoint the hotel’s board of directors, who organised the contract tender that Labour says “stinks to high heaven”.

The media have turned on Labour for a while as they don’t like being made fools of.  They’ve jumped on a number of Labour generated bandwagons that have gone nowhere, and it is starting to hurt.

Mr 7 percent is going to be happy to get to the weekend methinks.

via One News

via One News




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  • Seriously?

    On the crims topic I have a prediction: As a part of an extradition treaty China will undertake not to impose the death sentence if they are returned and found to be guilty, and well say you’re welcome to them then. For National it is a no brainer, and also helps address any concerns that we are seen as a safe place to store ill-gotten gain.

    • Dan

      The other side of the coin is that kiwis arrested in China get extradited back here. In cases like the fonterra milk disaster with tainted baby formula, the kiwis arrested could be formally extradited. However, methinkls it is not just the fact that Chinese nationas go out but more of these criminal types come in that upsets them so much, a la the aussie ones.

  • Keanne Lawrence

    “The media have turned on Labour for a while as they don’t like being made fools of.” Haha that is funny as the Media party don’t need any help to look like fools. While Angry Andy still struggles to reach even Clownliffe’s level of popularity he is outdoing him in the blunder stats. Perhaps he is struggling to remove the April fools hat since it is turning into not one but a steady flow of bad weeks.

  • axeman

    The media have turned on Labour because they don’t like being made to look like fools. “News Flash, To Late”

  • Keeping Stock

    There’s no more sure sign that the media has turned on Labour than when people like TVNZ political reporter Jessica Mutch start posting criticisms via social media.

    Politically speaking, Andrew Little has all the appeal at the moment of two dead snapper, and he only has to ask David Shearer how THAT worked out…

  • XCIA

    I hear Ms Smalley et al crying about our resident Chinese criminal’s human rights even should be sent back with guarantees. What is it with these clowns that perpetually cry about the human rights of criminals but never give a thought to their victims.

    • Cadwallader

      I sometimes her Ms Smalley speaking to Larry Williams in the evening about her upcoming features. Her intentions seem to be insincere and lacking in depth. I wonder whether from minute to minute she has any idea what may come out of her mouth next? Does she use ad-breaks to race around the car-park reading bumper-stickers to provide her next proclamation?

    • Dog Breath

      Those guarantees already exist which basically says we only allow extridition if the end result does not end with the death penalty or torture.

  • Cadwallader

    Well, even if there wasn’t a “family connection” between the Labour front bench and the resort concerned there’s nothing in the story to substantiate this petty smear. If this is the best Little & Co can dream up then the government doesn’t have a problem in the world. The only interesting facet to this latest fail is: Did the Labour caucus conspire to dump their leader in it? Highly likely.

  • john Doe

    When Mr 7% puts the cap out for party donations it will come back full of tin washers and used TAB tickets. His Union enablers must be fuming.

  • Oskar

    It will be interesting to see how Labour handles the issue of the return to China of Chinese who have got rich by embezzlement, theft and fraud before fleeing here.
    In trying to land a hit on John Key they made a meal out of the information in stolen data (Nicky Hager and also the Panama papers). They also called NZ a tax haven for the wealthy foreigners.
    Will they now support Chinese criminals who have to NZ as a safe haven?

  • R&BAvenger

    More than one voter. This sort of thing is our senior pollies should be doing. Well done team.