Kelsey: USA sending people to strongarm NZ into TPP changes


TPP critic and Auckland University law professor Jane Kelsey said the Americans were trying to bully the government into getting what they wanted.

“It’s outrageous that the US government is sending people down to New Zealand to monitor how we’re implementing the TPP agreement.

“The US is quite notorious for doing this and notorious for putting enormous pressure on governments to do more than they think they need to do to satisfy the US demands.”

US political support for TPP is in short supply, with the leading presidential hopefuls for the Democrats and Republicans against it.

Some American politicians are demanding changes for their support, including beefing up the monopoly protection period for the next generation drugs, biologics, from five to 12 years.

Professor Kelsey feared American officials will put pressure on New Zealand to buckle.

“We need to know that the government is going to draw a firm red line, and say it will not make any movement even if it means that the US plays hardball and says the TPPA then won’t come into force.”

Professor Kelsey wants the government to fully disclose what the Americans want, and New Zealand’s response to them.

Trade Minister Todd McClay said there was nothing sinister about the US sending a team here, and he was not expecting them to strong-arm his officials.

“We can meet all of our obligations in the draft legislation that will be put before Parliament. That’s an issue for the New Zealand parliament and no other country.

The interesting thing is that it is unlikely the US will ratify the TPP themselves. Both Trump and Hillary are against it, as are the other candidates less likely to become president.

It is odd that none of this is dampening Kelsey’s panic-driven outbursts.

All this with a backdrop of the majority of parliament being in favour of free trade, even though Labour is currently pretending it is not.




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  • symgardiner

    I thought the Americans and Canadians were moaning that we strong armed them???

    • Seriously?

      Jane would probably say that the shady men in black suits were strong-arming everyone. Vast conspiracy by big business, or perhaps the Illuminati, or both. No wonder she gets on so well with Labour.

    • Miss Phit

      The mouse that roared?

      I cant see us forcing their arm in any way shape or form.

  • Seriously?

    Sorry Jane. No one here is being strong-armed. The TPPA is certain to be ratified here. Your battle is lost. Time to move on.

    If anything, the US people may be here to see how we are doing it so that they can improve their management of the process in the US.

  • Second time around

    I thought the academic Kelsey was going to show us the bits of the agreement that were so bad for us. Instead we get the agitator Kelsey venting on Evil Americans. Maybe TPPA as we have agreed to is not so bad after all.

  • Pluto

    Wow Jane we must have got a great deal then eh ?

  • shykiwibloke

    Jane needs to adjust her tinfoil hat. I think the majority of NZers are awake to her agenda. I pity the students who have to sit through her lectures.

    • biscuit barrel

      The American Chmaber of Commerce in NZ says its true

      “Froman Signals Openness to Fixing TPP Problems Without Reopening Text
      U.S. Trade Representative Michael Froman on Friday (March 18) said publicly for the first time that the Obama administration is open to
      exploring potential fixes for objections raised about the Trans-Pacific Partnership by U.S. companies and their congressional supporters,
      including on the monopoly protections for biologics, but without reopening the text of the deal.

      • shykiwibloke

        Can’t have it both ways. Either the deal is bad for us or its bad for the Americans. If either party believe it is bad, how can you ‘change it’ without changing the deal!! I must say I am sceptical of this article.

        • biscuit barrel

          Yes it can be bad for both. There was no upside for us with dairy or beef/lamb. Cna you tell me of much change there?

  • Tiger

    “we need to know the government is going to draw a firm RED line” – Sorry Jane, you must be thinking of a different government. The one we currently have only draws BLUE arrows.

  • Isherman

    It’s true that Hillary and Trump have both said they don’t like it, but in Hillary’s case at least I’m not sure she is against it as she makes out she is at the moment.

  • Wayne Hodge

    Could somebody explain to me why Kelsey is a professor at Auckland University? Her strident policking would seem to rule out the idea of any academic analysis or reality.

    • Boondecker

      It’s all the rage these days at our academic institutions to have those in control of forming students minds have what they call “real world experience”, and often that takes the form of the people they bring in from outside academia as “industry specialists”. Kelsey though is an academic and in doing what she does, in terms of extra-curricular activity regards both law and political speak, she is simply meeting her employer’s expectations.

      All that doesn’t mean she is ever right, of course.

    • Miss Phit

      Maybe she is hoping to become a journo?

  • EpochNZ

    No one will vent like this for this long without having an agenda…..I’m still trying to work out what hers is, and I’m picking it has nothing to do with the current arguments she’s hiding behind.

    • Left Right Out

      It’s just Anti US speak….. the left are no fans of the US and she is just using the TPP to have a crack at them…….

      I actually read this as the US coming to NZ to see how it is implemented as the US trying to see how they can make it work in the US….. I see us as leaders…. I could be wrong

  • localnews

    when you read that, it sounds like Jane Kelsey is concerned that the US demands may derail the TPP. But isnt that what she has been wanting all along? Is she now a supporter of free trade?

    • Justme

      Her problem is that the USA will be given the credit for getting the TPP cancelled, and not her.

  • Boondecker

    I really love reading that Jane Kelsey is “outraged”. It means positive things are happening and we are likely to be well looked after by the USA.

    • biscuit barrel

      The US is looking to ‘interpret’ the agreement differently.

      U.S. Trade Representative Michael Froman on Friday (March 18) said publicly for the first time that the Obama administration is open to
      exploring potential fixes for objections raised about the Trans-Pacific Partnership by U.S. companies and their congressional supporters..”

      • Miss Phit

        I somehow doubt the US will ratify it anyway. So their participation is somewhat moot. Their scramble around could just be a last ditch attempt of bureaucrats to hit the bucket list of countries to visit before their cushy numbers are up and they are back looking for work.

        Any “fixes” would mean others compromise so theu would lose out. Cant see it happening. They signed it for what it was and its a binding agreement (if ratified by all parties). if they want out then the rest of us (10 countries) can play on without them.

  • Keanne Lawrence

    This is a first for Kelsey making an overt revelation that she could not find any problems for NZ in the TPPA.
    Americans are confused about a lot of things at present while also ran Republican candidates are resorting to collusion to try and prop up their following support to match Donald Trumps success. Clinton must eventually be charged for her crimes or see another loss of faith by a majority in their judicial system.
    Perhaps Kelsey is outraged more by the lack of truth in all her previous unsubstantiated rants and his having to cast a bigger net to still come up empty.

  • Graham Pilgrim

    What about the other 10 potential signatories to the agreement? Are they being “strongarmed” too, or does Kelsey believe that the TPPA is simply a trade agreement between NZ and the US?

    • biscuit barrel

      Yes, the US group is doing the rounds. There are no secret thats what they are doing

      Washington Trade Daily 20/4/16
      “In a letter to US Trade Representative Michael Froman and Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack, the members[of congress] laid out three priority areas for dairy[implemetation] in the TPP –

      1) ensure that Canada not only implements its TPP commitments on dairy and also does not alter existing avenues for US access to the Canadian market, absent the emergence of legitimate new food safety issues.

      2)ensure that TPP trading partners, particularly critical markets such as Japan, are not acting in a manner that is out of keeping with the intent of commitments on Geographical Indicators

      Agriculture Secretary Vilsack travels to Japan today – to participate in a G-7 meeting on agriculture – and to Vietnam. He will discuss TPP implementation in both places.

      Theres Canada, japan, Vietnam mentioned here

  • one for the road

    It will be so good to see Kelsey crawl under a rock when it is all over and signed!! Better still, hopefully she will move to some far away country..

    • Caprice

      She already seems to be on a planet far far away. But I hear planet Nine is nice at this this time of year…

  • Miss Phit

    The learned Professor seems to have a propensity to say some dumb stuff (word changed). Her world view must be vastly different from us mere mindless minions and how wonderful that she takes time out of her day to assist us with seeing the “truth”.

    Really, they are going to bully us into changing things? How? They would have to do the same to the other signaturies (sp?) and I cant see that happening. This is more mindless drivel from the rabid foaming mouths of the leftist elites desperate to gain some air time to move their view of the world onto the rest of us.

    What we have here is another fruit loop with an opinion and a direct line to a compliant media looking for a way to land some blows on the govt.

    • Rob

      And paid by us taxpayers.