Labour declare a new crisis…Education

Labour have a habit of declaring a crisis in almost any industry sector. They declared one in manufacturing and it was promptly solved. They declared a crisis about Kiwis leaving for overseas and now they are all coming home.

The latest crisis that Labour have declared is in Education. Chris Hipkins emails seeking a whole lot of misery-guts whingers so they can pimp them to the Media party:

From: Chris Hipkins
Date: Thu, Apr 28, 2016 at 3:09 PM
Subject: SURVEY: Is this costing you?


A free education used to be a right in New Zealand. But the cost of education is rising and many Kiwis and their children are missing out.

In fact, the cost of sending a child to school is increased at ten times the rate of inflation. Rising school donations, the cost of school trips, extras and digital devices are all driving up the cost of sending our children to school.

And the cost of post-school education is dramatically rising too, making it harder for Kiwis to train and retrain for work.

We know the stats – but we want to hear how it’s affecting people like you, [REDACTED].   

Will you take a few minutes to answer some questions about your experience of education in New Zealand?


Your stories will help us understand how the rising cost of education affects Kiwis like you.

National deny there’s an education affordability problem and it shows how increasingly out of touch they are. But Labour is listening to Kiwis affected by this crisis. When we’re in government, we’ll restore New Zealanders’ right to a free and high-quality education.


Chris Hipkins
Labour’s Education Spokesperson

And when you do the survey Question 5 gets straight into it, “Are you willing to speak to the media about any of the concerns you have raised?”.

Labour intend collecting up a whole bunch of whingers on education then shilling them to the media. If you say “yes” then they ask you for your phone number, after already capturing your email.

Screen Shot 2016-04-29 at 8.12.08 AM


They ask six questions. One is asking for your email address, another if you will speak to media and the last one for your telephone number. The other three are finding out your pet whinge in education.

This is modern Labour. They’ve ditched buying real polling from reputable companies like UMR, reportedly leaving them with an unpaid bill of five figures, and using online surveys to gauge their support on issues and find like-minded whingers to shill to the Media party.

No wonder they are broke and bereft of ideas.

Chris Hipkins fails to point out that Charter schools achieve all the things he is whinging about, with decile three funding.



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  • Lemuzz

    Probably loaded questions

  • biscuit barrel

    ” Charter schools achieve all the things he is whinging about,”

    Love to know that was true but go to their website you get this message ( since 2013)

    “Work is currently underway to present the performance of the Partnership Schools | Kura Hourua sector and that of individual schools in an easy-to-understand format…

    But you can read the ‘governance administration stuff ‘ written by the schools themselves, pupils achievement, well they dont have a format for that .

    Some are shonky but a few are very well run and with highly qualified teachers ( but have too many liaison staff) so I cant work out why the overall results arent available, no matter the format

  • Rick H

    I believe you are giving the labour party more credit than they are due, as regards their ability to “solve the crises” of Aotearoa. ./sarc.

    What had actually happened, in every one of their “crisis solving anomalies”, was that they were simply 2 or 3 years (or more) behind the times with their so-called statistics. By the time they had gathered their dodgy info on the situations, and voiced their hot-headed claptrap, things had always changed for the better in the years gone by after their data ended.

    But, of course, you already know this.

  • Crowgirl

    This is the second time today that I’ve seen this tired line that the government is “out of touch”. Grant Robertson also uses it in his epic rant about NZers needing a full inquiry into tax laws in order to feel NZ’s reputation is protected. Of course he’s claiming to speak on behalf of the “majority”.

    Clearly they’ve given up actual polling in favour of just making stuff up.

  • Vlad

    And the rest of the plan goes:

    Pose the put-upon parent looking glum with a few of her more respectable-looking kids (sleeves down to cover the tatts). Photoshop out the 50inch TV and scrub the more incriminating stuff from the facebook page. Add half the story about the family income.

    Gather some shocked and horrified quotes from various union reps, with inaccurate and out-of-date stats from an old issue of the Guardian.

    Bundle it up and send to to Kirsty Johnston. Get it printed the day that chippy squawks out a gotcha question in Parliament that is politely shot down in flames by Hekia Parata.

  • Left Right Out

    Mr Hipkins whats Labours policy on Education…… Ah, we plan to run a survey
    Whats your policy on the environment… ah, we plan to run a petition
    Whats your policy on tax….. ah, we plan to run a survey

    Good good, if it’s not a survey it’s a petition….. no real policies and no real answers

  • Second time around

    Cunliffe said this morning on RNZ that it was easy check things on Google and it took Labour only 5 minutes to find all about the people he is accusing from the Panama Papers. Labour should remember that, and research their own stories first before going wild with them. However the story is probably that (voluntary) school fees have gone up by the % wage increase instead of by the % inflation. True but boring and church and Labour’s own tithing will also have gone up with wages.

  • PersonOfColor:WHITE

    It has never been ‘free’…it’s just that someone else is paying.

    So that’s a good place to start whinging, eh?