Labour: every day a different crisis

Reshuffle? Got to try something, I suppose

Reshuffle? Got to try something, I suppose

It appears we’re now back to tertiary education making financial slaves of our young people.

Labour party leader Andrew Little said the CPI statistics from the March quarter showed the cost of tertiary and other post-school education has risen at 2.9 percent, while inflation was 0.4 percent.

The National government has put tertiary education out of the reach of many, and is locking families into generations of poverty, Mr Little said.

Tertiary Education Union national president Sandra Grey said for the last seven years education inflation has risen faster than overall inflation.

The union had been warning the government for several years that the funding of tertiary education was not keeping up with its actual cost.

More costs were being pushed on to students to meet shortfalls in funding, she said.

Students were becoming increasingly stressed as they struggled to cope with increased costs due to under-funding of the sector.

Different day, different Labour Party hit. ?Although now we’re back to recycling their “killer” education policy of giving everyone three free years of tertiary study, except those who;ve already paid for it themselves. Yeah, awesome.

As for CPI?having gone up on tertiary costs by 2.9%, I wonder how Labour are going to tell their friends in academia that they aren’t allowed to enjoy real wage and salary growth like the rest of the economy.

Is Labour really suggesting that academic staff wages should be linked to inflation, and not a cent more? That is, of course, what they did with the beneficiaries, until National gave them the first real pay increase in decades.

Keep on trying Little man. Eventually one will stick. You have to believe it will, otherwise why even get up in the morning?