Labour: every day a different crisis

Reshuffle? Got to try something, I suppose

Reshuffle? Got to try something, I suppose

It appears we’re now back to tertiary education making financial slaves of our young people.

Labour party leader Andrew Little said the CPI statistics from the March quarter showed the cost of tertiary and other post-school education has risen at 2.9 percent, while inflation was 0.4 percent.

The National government has put tertiary education out of the reach of many, and is locking families into generations of poverty, Mr Little said.

Tertiary Education Union national president Sandra Grey said for the last seven years education inflation has risen faster than overall inflation.

The union had been warning the government for several years that the funding of tertiary education was not keeping up with its actual cost.

More costs were being pushed on to students to meet shortfalls in funding, she said.

Students were becoming increasingly stressed as they struggled to cope with increased costs due to under-funding of the sector.

Different day, different Labour Party hit.  Although now we’re back to recycling their “killer” education policy of giving everyone three free years of tertiary study, except those who;ve already paid for it themselves. Yeah, awesome.

As for CPI having gone up on tertiary costs by 2.9%, I wonder how Labour are going to tell their friends in academia that they aren’t allowed to enjoy real wage and salary growth like the rest of the economy.

Is Labour really suggesting that academic staff wages should be linked to inflation, and not a cent more? That is, of course, what they did with the beneficiaries, until National gave them the first real pay increase in decades.

Keep on trying Little man. Eventually one will stick. You have to believe it will, otherwise why even get up in the morning?




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  • Pluto

    Is there such a thing as peak Little ?
    If so it was 5 minutes into the job when he had the Media Party in raptures with his “cut the crap” moment.
    Since then its been death by a thousand self-inflicted uppercuts.
    Nobody gets excited by a blood-faced unionist claiming generations of poverty because education costs have gone up 2.9%.
    Try again Andy, on second thoughts do us all a favour and take a holiday.

  • Larry

    My own son. 3 and half years study, $36000 loan. $60k starting salary. It will be paid off in less than 6 years.

    • Keyser Soze

      What qualification?

      • Larry


    • JLS

      Yup, pick a worthwhile degree and its simply an interest free investment in your future. Smart is as smart does.

  • Urbanviper

    I was a student during the last Labour government and I remember fees being an issue back then. They have risen above inflation for as long as I can remember. I think it comes down to basic market dynamics. Students go where they want to go and the government hands out loans to pay for it. Therefore students are not very price sensitive and once at a university they are not likely to move to another one just because fees went up 3% that year. Add on bureaucracy, empire building, sham qualifications, troughers etc etc and you have a failed market. Maybe there should be more government oversight of what tertiary institutions can charge.

    • Government oversight? Now you’re getting Andrew all hot and bothered! ;)

    • Keyser Soze

      Sham qualifications are where the real problem lies. Any Tom, Dick or Harry seems to be able to set up a tertiary college and offer fully student loan funded courses on anything from dodgy, unrecognised IT qualifications to nail polish removal.

  • sandalwood789

    “… locking families into generations of poverty…”

    For goodness sake, what a drama queen he is.

    How does Labour’s policy of closing charter schools help poor families? Many of them will have children attending a charter school (and those schools are doing well according to all measures I’ve seen). Those schools have done more for poor families in the last 8 years than every Labour government put together has ever done.

    If *anything* has locked poor families into generations of poverty it has been our state education (brainwashing) system. A system that pumps out “wet behind the ears” young socialists and a system that Labour is keen to protect from competition at all costs.

  • Sailor Sam

    What I find interesting is that a lttle party is seemingly only interested in university degrees, not trade training.
    Is this because university trainees are more likely to vote for a little party nowadays than trade trainess
    University trained people become troughers, list MPs etc etc, whilst trade trained people become independent and run their own businesses and tend to vote for business friendly political parties.
    So much for “the future of work” that this little outfit is promoting.

  • Big_Al

    Does anything positive or constructive ever come out of the mouths of Andy and his bunch of deadbeat followers? Sadly, we are lacking an opposition party here in NZ who can add value to the running of our country.

  • Keanne Lawrence

    Captain YFront says “The National government has put tertiary education out of the reach of many, and is locking families into generations of poverty.” That is weapons grade baloney.
    For decades it has been the main goal of Labour to dumb down the entire population through the ever expending collection of bribes and hand-outs. Aided by bolshie teaches unions they have been eroding the true meaning of learning and replaced it with leaning.
    It is frightening to even imagine what a sorry state the older generation would be in had the current MO of the classroom as well as the curriculum slanted to native drivel and PC madness had existed in our school days.
    The Captain just can not comprehend that Kiwi’s can and the successful ones do while the rest are content to do it their way with the basics along with a big dose of Kiwi savvy.
    The generations of poverty they have nurtured are not in a classroom or higher education institution but hanging around the streets without the slightest idea there is a whole world of opportunity within their reach. It is already established that even the biggest needle could never infuse the slightest degree of intelligence since dumb has been infused in their DNA.
    It is only thanks to Charter Schools that some of the casualties of a PC union dominated state system will even be able to get the basics let alone a higher education.

  • Effluent

    Mr Magoo, who, short sighted to the point of blindness though he was, emerged from every episode a winner.

    Little Andy, on the other had, possessed of all his faculties, manages to make a complete shambles of anything he meddles in.

    • Wayne Hodge

      Are we certain that he has faculties, recent statements cause me to doubt!

  • Mike Webber

    Good cartoon today in the Taranaki daily news. Little with 2 holes in his foot holding a pistol. Ha ha.

  • dab

    He seems to have completely forgotten or bypassed the student loans scheme. If course fees have gone up, then presumably students will either just pay up (if they can afford it and don’t have or want a student loan) or if they need the loan (and I will assume here that the students Angry is referring to need one) then the fee increase will be added to amount borrowed. Once they start working, then (assuming they stay in NZ) they will pay off their loans at 12 cents for every dollar they earn over $19k – so they will pay off the same amount regardless of how much they’ve borrowed. All that a fee increase now will result in for a person with a student loan in NZ is that they will take a little longer to pay it off sometime at least a few years in the future – and provided they’ve chosen wisely re course and then job/career, not a hardship at all. Of course if they pick something study-wise with no great future prospects, then it will be a little tougher down the line, but hasn’t that always been the case?
    Personally I think we’ve got too many people going to uni when maybe there might be better or more appropriate vocational options for them but it is what it is.

  • Usaywot

    My understanding is that students who have parents on very low incomes get their university fees either free or heavily subsidised. If this is the case (can someone enlighten me?) then the poor most certainly aren’t being locked out of an education. Actually, I have always thought that preferential treatment was unfair. After all, every student has access to student loans and, when/if qualified, will have the same ability to pay it off as any other student. The parents’ income should not come into it

    • Mick Ie

      I am unsure about free or subsidised student fees but I had heard that if they come from low-income/single parent families, they don’t have to pay their living allowance back.

  • Second time around

    People study at university to get higher salaries and career advancement. Provided their study leads to a job they will do all right:. That is Andrew Little’s Kiwi Dream and he believes 3 years tertiary study will render a person employable for life. Wages are a large part of a university’s cost, so it is no surprise that the fee increases are similar to salary increases. Students pay 20% of the real costs and when they graduate, and pay off the student loan, society asks nothing more of them. If students do expect it to be completely free, they should also expect to continue paying tax in NZ for as long as they have permanent residence or citizenship, in the same way that America now requires for its people.

  • Alloytoo

    Sounds like Andrew is becoming less and less worried about collateral damage. Thats going to bite him on the ass soon.

  • benniedawg

    It must be hell being a churnalist today. Lots of positive ANZAC news bites run by all. But wait, nothing negative to run. You know to get a balance. A bit on the teen in Australia who planned a terrorist attack but nothing close to home. Best we give andy a ring. Never one to disappoint he can be relied on to patch some vague, not necessarily related figures into an attempted hit. Today we have tertiary and post school fees exceeding CPI. Fees often go up for a reason. Better quality tuition, more expensive technology able to be accessed by students etc. Therefore, cannot wait for tomorrows revelation from mr irrelevant. I am picking it will be kitty litter that is running at 10 times CPI and National is locking thousands of cat owning families into a life of poverty. He really does need to try harder because at present he is just plain,,,,,irrelevant.

  • kayaker

    Dear Andy – In case you hadn’t noticed, tertiary education is even more accessible than it’s ever been. Heavens, you can even go study in Southland at SIT for free! And if Southland doesn’t rock your boat, you can go somewhere else (practically anywhere all over this amazing aspirational country of ours) and get an interest-free student loan which you don’t have to start paying off until you’re earning a salary at a good level.

    Andy, when I left school in 1971 with SC and UE, my parents wanted me to go to Uni. However, I couldn’t. Do you know why? It’s because we lived in provincial east coast NZ. There were very few universities and only in the main centers. We couldn’t afford it. Back then, Uni education was the domain of the kids from wealthy families.

    Fast forward. I eventually ended up going to Uni in my late 30s, then doing my Masters in my 40s ($30k student loan, if you please – all paid off), balancing a full-time job and a couple of kids.

    Andy – if people really want to do tertiary education, they’ll do it. They won’t let some proxy 2.9% stand in their way. You’re a worry.