Labour Reshuffle “nothing to do with polling plunge” – Little

Reshuffle? Got to try something, I suppose

Reshuffle? Got to try something, I suppose

How do you know when a politician is lying? His lips are moving.

Andrew Little is trying have us believe that his reshuffle isn’t related to dreadful poll ratings.

Labour leader Andrew Little says an impending caucus reshuffle is unrelated to the party’s recent polling plunge.

Instead, long-serving MP Clayton Cosgrove’s decision to retire is behind the minor changes, which should be announced this week.

Cosgrove announced on Monday that he would stand down at – or before – the 2017 election, saying now was the right time to make the next step in his career.

Little said the six-term MP’s decision prompted him to look Cosgrove’s responsibilities, and what he was best suited to do until he left.

“There’s some things that he wants to do, and I’m very keen for him to do, so it’s freeing him up some time to do that, and that’ll mean at least one of his portfolios going somewhere else.”

Little said moving Cosgrove’s portfolios would have “a knock-on effect”, but only a few portfolios would be reassigned.

Given the small size of his caucus and the distinct lack of talent there isn’t much he can do.

He still needed to speak to some people about the reshuffle, which “really won’t be particularly significant”, but hoped to announce the changes this week.

That’s good for morale…telling people via the media that they need talking to.

Speaking about Labour’s fall to 28 per cent in a recent poll, Little said he and his caucus were aware that they needed to improve their performance.

“We all know we have a job to do, which is to get our messages out, make them more clear-cut so people are hearing them, and frankly be more aggressive.

“I think everyone’s got that message and that’s what we’re going to be doing.”

Little said opposition parties were “drawn into all sorts of issues”, but Labour needed to be clearer about its own priorities and policies.

Labour has developed a habit of chasing every passing bus. It isn’t working and not likely to anytime soon.

With his own personal poll ratings tanking he would do well to replace himself.


– Fairfax


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  • Seriously?

    And the band plays on…

    Clearly, Little is having a detrimental effect on their election chances, but another leadership change at this point would only make matters worse. I think the best man for the job is Shearer, but they have burnt that bridge. They set him up by asking him to be someone he is not when just being himself was fine, and then stabbed him in the back. They cannot call him up now. They might look to Nash & Jacinda as a double act for the future, but it is still unclear whether they are up to it. They need more time to show if they are, and a fresh start post election by which to make the party their own.

    And that last point may be the most critical – making the party their own. They desperately need to get rid of the union control because the unions seem unable to see that selecting people that middle NZ wants (as opposed to who their they want) is the key to electoral success.

  • dumbshit

    “We all know we have a job to do, which is to get our messages out, make them more clear-cut so people are hearing them, and frankly be more aggressive.
    Well they should be able to turn the central heating down a notch or two, this winter, in parliament. If Andy cranks up any more, there will be rivers of lard, trickling down the aisles.

    • R&BAvenger

      There message is clear cut – we will give you more of your own, or other people’s money, if you vote for us.

  • Greg M

    Why do the Labour party continue to believe their poor poll ratings are because “we are not getting our messages out there”? Have they ever considered that the voters are hearing their “messages” loud and clear and simply don’t like them ?

    • Keeping Stock

      Dead right Greg M. The more people hear Little angrily shout his and Labour’s message, the more they get turned off by it. The phone is well and truly off the hook.

    • STAG

      No, we simply don’t know what is good for us. Thank God for that Labour Party to show us the error of our ways.

    • Tom

      What message ? I have been listening but heard nothing that makes me think Labour have the policies to be a Government in waiting!

    • sheppy

      I bet in their minds they hear something like “its the voters being stupid… We just need to keep shouting at them louder and louder until they give in and vote for us” – reminds me of Unionism 30 years ago

  • Poppa

    People are hearing labour’s messages – that’s why they are at 28%

  • nudgy

    Little himself needs to go. The voters know he is a union appointed hack not wanted by his fellow MPs. Robbo the trougher also needs to go as he has about as much financial knowledge as Matt McCarten has about tax obligations.

    • STAG

      Matt knows a great deal about his tax obligations.

      • nudgy

        Oh thats right.It’s fine to use PAYE deductions to fund election campaigns.

        • Wheninrome

          Maybe labour will have a Minister of Elections, taking our money to fund their campaign, Matt knows how it is done .

        • Brian Smaller

          Don’t the left believe that is ‘acceptable corruption’ – at least according to Chris Trotter?

    • Keeping Stock

      Sue Moroney should be Labour’s Finance spokeswoman. After all, she has amassed enough wealth of her own to be able to own four houses, even if she does think people with beach houses (other than her) are “rich pricks”.

      • Wheninrome

        The other starter for 10 would be to drag in Gareth Morgan, the expert of what we should all be doing, hey could be a dark horse late candidate. He would expect to win even if he put his hand up the day before.
        He certainly is an expert on all things, then again maybe he would want to be dictator, still worked for Helen.

        • John Colbert

          Yes Yes …. The enlightened one will lead us on the path to tranquility

  • Keeping Stock

    When Labour’s Got Talent (Season 2) was held after the 2014 election, Little received just four first preference votes from a caucus of 32 MP; just one in eight. Assuming that Little voted for himself, that actually means that he was the first preference for leader of just 3/31 MP’s.

    He’s obviously only taken a superficial look at last week’s Colmar Brunton poll too. Labour’s rating was 28%, but Little’s preferred PM rating was only a quarter of that. Effectively, that means three quarters of those who would give their party vote to Labour want someone other than Little as leader. He really is a dead man walking, and the end of his tenure of leader is no longer a question of “if”, but “when”.

    • Aucky

      If Little resigns as leader he may as well quit politics altogether. We know that he is totally unelectable having converted his own home town from a Labour stronghold into a National fortress. He is an MP for one purpose only as a union puppet to secure leadership of our beautiful country and turn it into the Socialist Republic of Aotearoa. It’s union money that put him where he is and it’s the unions that will tear him down.

      • In Vino Veritas

        Little will no resign as long as he has his Union mates behind him. What he will do, is stack more ex Union types into his close group to ensure that he hears what he wants to hear. Polls are meaningless to these people, after all, it is the “struggle” that counts. And Little et al continue to be deluded that in the end, the great majority will see “sense”.

        • Aucky

          I’m surprised that we haven’t seen a Fuhrerbunker Gotterdammerung vid based on the current state of Labour and their besieged leader.

  • Woody

    “and frankly be more aggressive” Yep, that is working so well so far that Mr and Mrs working NZer are just gasping for more [sarc]. That is all he knows, strong arm tactics – fool.

  • Second time around

    There are so many issues that Labour hasn’t even touched yet- just today we hear of carbon credits going to crooks, crooks possibly buying a package of land in NZ, and the island of Nuie offering a resort licence to a person who once donated to the National Party. Andy will come back refreshed after the parliamentary recess, hurl this new ammunition at the government and watch his popularity surge.

  • Misfit

    being aggressive, or in Andys case “angry” is why voters are turned off in the first place so his solution is double down on that? hahaha Ive seen monkey poo fights at the zoo more organized and make more sense than the labour party.

  • Isherman

    All Labour needs to be ‘clearer’ about is why the country doesn’t want them.
    I’ll give them a hint. A Party lead by an unelectable, unpopular, serial electorate losing Union hack, who’s policy sounds like it was inspired by a quick skim read of the small word – big print version of Marxism for Dummies isn’t actually what people might be looking for.

  • Keyser Soze

    Right, I’m so happy to be paying Mr Cosgroves MP salary while his time is freed up to do some other things, presumably lining up life after politics.

    • jedmo

      Clayton Cosgrove being vague about exactly when he’ll leave Parliament, sounds like he’s there just for himself, rather than for his Labour team, and the populace who pays his salary. Andrew Little saying he’s very keen to let Cosgrove do other things, sounds like he can’t wait for him to leave.

  • Macca

    I heard Little being interviewed last week on the Farming Show.

    First up here blags John Key accusing him of covering up a tax haven in NZ, looking after his rich mates and stopping just short of calling him a tax evader.

    On his own and parties ratings, he completely shifted the blame on to the $200 pw idea they bandied about which ‘wasn’t even our idea’ and ‘but these things need to be brought out in the open’!

    Then to top it off after all of the above, he then says ‘we need to carry on getting out and telling people about the issues that matter and that they want to hear’!

    I just can’t believe that anyone could be this delusional and actually think they could do a better job of running the country than the current administration.

  • Bombastic

    Stop the press! Little is re-shuffling Labour’s spokesperson for tourism and veterans’ affairs. Anything for a little bit of attention I suppose.

  • Whitey

    More aggressive, eh Captain Y-Fronts? I assume that means even more ad hominem attacks on the government and more angry, undignified shouting. Thing is, when you can’t offer a constructive alternative losing your rag and shouting at your opponent just makes you look unreasonable and impotent. Neither of those are qualities that voters respond well to.

  • Eiselmann

    Some free advice Angry(mostly because I know the party has no money and no one knows what you do with yours)…while you would be better off , if you could, swapping all of your caucus for randomly selected menbers of the public, you have to work with what you have.

    So…don’t promote Sue MORONey , Claire Curren, Nanaia Mahuta , Trevor Mallard and David Cunliffe…you also might want to remove the angry Muppet they have as leader.

    Then again, on second thought ,promote Sue , Claire, Nanaia, Trevor and David, put them on your front bench and keep yourself as the leader ,that way you’ll finish the Labour party off good and proper.

  • Cadwallader

    If the re-shuffle has nothing to do with the plunge in the polls, then it damn well ought to be! Given the utter mess that Labour is currently in a leader with only minimal strengths would be trying all sorts of adaptations to turn things around. This won’t happen because Labour doesn’t have a leader with anything other than mindless aggression.

  • Keanne Lawrence

    “We all know we have a job to do, which is to get our messages out, make them more clear-cut so people are hearing them, and frankly be more aggressive.” What a little gem from Captain YFront. Clear-cut? Aggressive? Even as the polls see them descending to new lows he is the one not getting the message. Lol

  • Abjv

    It is quite simple. Persuade Cosgrove to go now, replace him from next on the list. After all, this would be about number 7 on the list; a party would put their most competent near the top of the list, so whoever is next must by definition only be one step less competent than Andy himself.

  • jaundiced

    The writing is on the wall – for National that is.

    Dom Post’s Jane Bowron has flagged us that ‘Two things happened this week that could signal the beginning of the end of John Key and his government.
    One is that Bill English said that some of our beneficiaries are ‘hopeless’
    The other is that JK is unconcerned about rich persons having their money in NZ trusts.
    Andrew Little has obviously seen this and is planning to be PM.

  • zotaccore

    So Little states they need to be “frankly more aggressive”… uh oh. That means more Union thugs being nastier than usual and those within the fractured caucus doing the same. Excellent, Kiwi’s are just going to love more than just Angry Andy. The guy is a tool.

  • Wayne Peter McIndoe

    If Little has any credibility he should resign as leader at 7% preferred Prime Minister rating, he has no right to call himself Leader of the Opposition