Labour see this stuff as the END of work…therefore pay people for nothing.

Smart people see it as a chance for higher value, creative, interesting, empathetic work that improves things for the human race.

Unfortunately Labour sees this as a problem and it is the driver behind their “Future of Work Commission”.   

We have already seen the stupidity of their response, with a declaration of a preference for a Universal Basic Income, no matter the cost. In other areas Labour MPs have complained about the loss of old style jobs, while lacking the imagination to think about the new possibilities that technology provides us.

By way of example look at the left-wing approach to fracking, and then look at the facts around fracking especially how it has massively reduced the carbon footprint of the US. The same left-wing also opposed nuclear power, yet nuclear power is actually the cleanest form of power especially in relation to carbon emissions.

We have heard about peak oil, global cooling, global warming and many other calamities that the feeble minded have all thought would end life as we know it. None have, mainly because as humans we adapt and adapt rapidly. This is why we survive.

The bottom line is that socialism has delivered nothing of value to society, only misery. Capitalism is the driver behind innovation. Socialists will never be able to imagine the future because they are so focused on looking in the rear view mirror wondering about what may have been.


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  • Tom

    Old style jobs as you call them may make a comeback! My father started life as a garden boy in a stately home with 70 employees. Maybe thats the future of work-service to the rich have done it as a yacht skipper!

  • Charlie

    What baffles me is that the media etc. refer to all these left wing socialist groups as “Progressives” when they are exactly the opposite. The true progressives are those now labelled as “Conservatives”, which is probably also the wrong label. To me a conservative is someone who lives in the past, doesn’t like change and looks backward, whereas a progressive is someone who looks forward, embraces change and takes on new opportunities.

  • Dog Breath

    I suspect the majority of Kiwis are doing OK. Those really struggling are the few hence the poll results. The lefts plan is to shift wealth from the comfortable ones to those struggling. So the plan is to spread misery upwards rather than trickle wealth down and to do that they throw abuse at the succesful or comfortable ones then ask for their vote to allow them to spread misery. Sounds a real vote catcher NOT.