Labour wants to double New Zealand’s refugee quota

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After getting conned into going to the Middle East, Labour are trying hard to turn it into a positive.

Labour has committed to doubling New Zealand’s refugee quota at a cost of $60 million a year.

It comes after Labour leader Andrew Little visited the Zaatari refugee camp in Jordan as part of his trip to meet with New Zealand Army trainers deployed in Camp Taji, Iraq.

Mr Little told The Nation doubling New Zealand’s refugee quote from 750 to 1500 would be about right in terms of its global contribution.

“In terms of the bigger problem and the tens of thousands or millions of refugees, of course, that’s a drop in the ocean. But for each of the families, for each of the lives, it’s new hope,” he says.

“We do it in a whole heap of other areas in terms of aid and development — it’s certainly in the South Pacific and in other parts of the world, because that’s what we should do as responsible global citizens — this is just a part of that.”

Mr Little says New Zealand has adequate supports and services in place to handle an increase and that Kiwis are very welcoming to those who arrive.

“We’ve got communities across New Zealand willing to help. You know, it was amazing last year the letters I got from all sorts of groups, church groups and others, that are willing to help.”

Mr Little added taking more refugees will benefit New Zealand in the long-term.

That all depends.  Real refugees?  No problem.  Economic ones, or climate ones, or those who say they want to live here but they actually want to import their problems into this country?  Not so much.

Luckily, Labour won’t get to make that choice in the foreseeable future, and for those voters who think refugees are one way to import radicalised Islamist into our midst, another reason not to vote for Labour.

Mind you, Labour probably don’t want to increase the refugee quota that much, but there will have been a directive from New York to ensure Hells looks better when it comes to her own country at least providing the appearance of doing better.


– Newshub


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  • Simo

    We will send them all to your place Andy

    • rexabus

      Where does little Andy live by the way? If it was in Auckland I’d be fairly certain HIS kids wouldn’t be going to school with any girls wearing muslim head scarfs etc. I used to be fairly left leaning in my vague political beliefs, now I’m convinced these naive and mad idiots representing the left side of the political spectrum shouldn’t be allowed anywhere near any sort of decision making around important issues for our great little country

  • Grizz30

    My question about refugees is why Syria? Why the Middle East. Our focus should be on the Pacific. We cannot save the world but we can help our Neighbours.

  • andrewo

    Look at the recent drive-by shootings in Sydney to see what happens when you import people from that region.

  • taxpayer

    i doubt this will buy them many votes, the operative word being BUY.
    Oh how the left love to be generous, just so long as it’s with other peoples money.

  • sandalwood789

    Almost all of the “refugees” coming here are Muslim so I would ask Little this question –
    Dear Andy –
    Please show me *one* Western city that has demonstrably benefited as a result of an influx of Muslims. By “benefited”, I mean that the positives have outweighed the negatives.

    I’ll bet you can’t show me one that has benefited but I can show you *many* that have suffered as a result of an influx of Muslims.

    Sydney, London, Birmingham, Luton, Paris, Marseille, Berlin…….

  • Dog Breath

    And how exactly will this will increase their party vote sufficiently to become government.

  • sandalwood789

    Dear Mr Little –

    Please ask yourself why it is that most Islamic Middle Eastern countries are taking *no* refugees. Why is that, Andy?

    I will tell you. It is because the leaders of those countries know Western leaders (like you) inside-out. They let the West naively take these people because it meets the long-term goal of Islam (which is to conquer the West).

    When you think of the future, you think in terms of a few years. Muslims think in terms of *decades and centuries*. If it takes several centuries for a Western country to fall to Islam, then that’s fine as far as Muslims are concerned.

    Islam “plays the long game” and it relies on people like yourself, Andy, to play it.

    • Johnno

      Totally agree, Sandalwood, and…..

    • rexabus

      Yes , usual great work from Andy and co. Totally confirming that a vote for labor would be contributing to a disaster for our country. I don’t have a great deal of faith that national won’t sell out to international pressure either but I do believe they ll show a bit more resistance than little Andy and his team of idiots

  • RightofSingapore

    Yet Labour moan about poverty, housing shortages and a lack of jerbs, then they go and demand more bludgers be brought in.

  • Vlad

    I’ve got to say you have the most fantastic library of photos of Andy looking like a complete and utter dork.

  • Time For Accountability

    That photo should be kept and printed like the Whangerei fire engine every time they campaign for healthy food especially near and at schools.

    • duve

      That’s a welcome meal for the refugees – bacon!

  • Graeme

    Dont we take plenty of refugees from the pacific islands now.

  • Kiwi101

    There was a TVNZ poll recently on this topic, fully 75% of those polled said that the number was either to high already or ‘about right’ as it was. Only 25% supported an increase. One guess who those 25% vote for too.

    • Aucky

      So no ‘missing million’ there then?

  • rexabus

    If we want to contribute “globally” then why can’t we look at working on helping our neighbors out in the pacific a bit more( even though I assume we do quite a bit in that dept already). When the Syrians start getting some more support from Arab neighbors like Saudi and other wealthy Arab states etc and their resources are stretched then perhaps we could look at lending a hand but seeing as their own comfortable neighbors commitment is minimal it’s hard to see why we should come to the party

  • Muffin

    Thats 80 grand per refugee. Man woman and child. How about funding some more police to track property crime.

  • localnews

    There will be loads of refugees coming from Sweden, Belguim, the U.K. etc as the regular people seek to leave their ruined countries, we could take some of them

    • Aucky

      They already are. Check out the latest UK immigration figures.

    • rexabus

      I’ve been meeting quite a few Brit and euro immigrants over last couple years. If I was living there I’m sure I’d want out too

  • XCIA

    We can assume then that Mr Angry didn’t enter into refugee discussions with the Saudi’s then……

    • rexabus

      Very good. I wish someone could stand in front of messrs Smalley, little and co. when they make their pronouncements on the.. ahem “refugee crisis” with a big sign with this cartoon on it. Idiots, dangerous idiots.

  • SteveWrathall

    I would very much like to debate with the “double the refugee quota” organisation about how the results of their actions would be the importation of an ideology intolerant to criticism. However I’ve been blocked from commenting on their fb & Twitter- how ironic

  • Wayne Peter McIndoe

    Sorry Andy, but with ideas and policy like this you will continue to lose support in the polls, this is a big voter turnoff, your disconnect with the voting public never ceases to amaze me

  • Citizen

    Wouldn’t all these “immigrants” push up housing costs as Labour says? Or is that only Chinese migrants?

  • Keanne Lawrence

    Just another passing bus for distraction and the hope it will stop for Captain YFront to get his leg up.

  • BR

    Bring them in and they’ll vote for us.


    • Jax

      They have a much bigger problem than 1500 votes will solve.

  • JC

    And still no mention of the ongoing genocide of Christians by Muslims in the Muslim lands. No mention that any sign of Christianity is being removed from the ME so that one day Muslims will claim they never lived there and indeed most of the ME was Christian just 1500 years ago.

    Still no mention that like Hitlers Germany and Jews the Western World is denying refugee status to the Christians of the ME and turning them back to be murdered by their Muslim neighbors.
    History records that the denial of Europe’s Jews in Hitler’s time was one of the most shameful omissions of the Western World and now history is repeating with the ME Christians.

    Never ever forget that nearly every Muslim refugee you bring in is or was an active or passive supporter of this Christian genocide.


  • Rick H

    Andy, you want to kick out all the Curry Chefs, and replace them with this lot?
    You’re a fool.