Labour’s nasty Little hit job blows up in their face

Andrew Little-nasty

Yesterday while John Key was out of the country Labour mounted a hit job on murray McCully and a donor of the National party.

Labour MPs I’ve spoken to are nervous with some thinking that Little might actually be sued for defamation as result of smearing of Earl Hagaman and Scenic Hotels.

Worse still it appears that Andrew little didn’t have all his facts right and is just being grubby about a donor. It is the old Labour Nasty Party playbook.

TVNZ though has chased Little for the links to his own MP Jacinda Ardern, and asked the hard questions.

Mr Little yesterday came out swinging about the fact that the Scenic Hotel Group was given the contract to run the Matavai Resort on the tiny Pacific island, weeks after the chain’s founder gave a donation to the National Party.

Foreign Affairs Minister Murray McCully and Scenic have denied there is anything amiss, but that hasn’t stopped Mr Little speaking out about the deal, saying it stinks.   

It emerged today that the father of Jacinda Ardern, Ross Ardern, is a trustee owner of the resort, and would have helped appoint the hotel’s board of directors, who organised the contract tender.

Mr Little was asked repeatedly by ONE News if his accusations reflected badly on Mr Ardern, but he wasn’t biting, giving the same stock answer every time.

“What I care about is the fact that somebody who donated over $100,000 to the National Party, one month later gets a contract to run a hotel, and then several months later gets $7.5m,” he said.

“That’s got to be investigated.”

This has now blown up in Labour’s face.  Is Andrew Little really suggesting that Jacinda Ardern’s father is beholden to the National party and to Murray McCully?

Was Andrew Little not briefed properly? It seems not. What should have been a nice clean hit by Andrew Little has turned into yet another failed stunt.

TVNZ tried very hard to get answers but Little just kept on digging hard into the smears.

There is another angle that Andrew Little hasn’t considered.

Niue is a NZ dependency. The Hotel resort had an open tender for which there were 6 bidders. Scenic Hotels is a New Zealand owned and operated hotel business employing thousands of people. Scenic Hotels is the only hotel company operating in NZ that is NZ owned and operated.

Is Andrew Little suggesting that the contract for a resort hotel in a NZ dependency should have been to let to an offshore company, and the NZ owned and operated company left out in the cold simply because the owner of the company dared to donate money to the National party? Because where I am looking at it from it appears that Labour wants an offshore company to run the hotel and now employ Kiwi workers.

Andrew Little is going to have many more questions asked of him now…justifying why he thinks a foreign owned company should win a contract over a Kiwi owned company for a hotel in a NZ dependency.




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  • R&BAvenger

    Dumb and dumber, unfit to govern and unfit to tie up the shoelaces of the current PM. A Google search would have revealed this was not a sensible subject I’d a hit job.

  • Second time around

    Assuming there is no merit whatsoever in the allegations, does it mean that people should avoid giving money to political parties even on record for fear of having their names dragged through the mud by champions of democracy such as Andrew Little? A lawsuit might clarify that an individual or organisation such as a union or company does have the right to make a public donation to a political party..

  • Sally

    I would say Robertson and Ardern will be doing some serious plotting at the moment.
    For the sake of getting a hit on the wealthy mates of Key Little has scored an own goal.

    • KGB

      I hope Little warned her that he was about to throw Dad under the bus, but we all know how unlikely that is. I doubt he even knew a relationship existed.
      If I was JA I would not be happy with a surprise, or accidental attack on my family.

    • Catriona

      My god, Politics is a dirty game. That aside, if Robertson & Arden ever get a chance to become #1 & #2, then Labour will sink even further. Those two are just as inept as Little imo.

    • In Vino Veritas

      It is well known that Ardern (and privately, I believe she has made it known)wants Little sent to Coventry. Though if Little goes, the Cardigan Wearing Career Politician will probably be taken down with him, given his utterly inept handling of finance.

  • Big_Al

    Unbelievable! This idiot and his bunch of merry men, and women, are totally focused on trying to destroy John Key and the National Party. Instead of trying to sell themselves to the public of NZ with sound and workable policies and how they believe they could do a better job of running the country. But No, they have lost the plot completely. I just hope that Earl Hagaman and Scenic Hotels sue this idiot for smearing them in public, it’s what he deserves and needs to be shut down once and for all.

    • R&BAvenger

      How do you sell yourself when you’ve got nothing but the politics of envy and tax and spend?

  • jv7

    That’s littles problem, and Labours problem – in his every utterance/stunt he comes across as undermining and bagging New Zealand and the great majority of New Zealanders, and now his caucus colleagues

  • Damon Mudgway

    Looks like the only place Little is leading Labour is into the rubbish bin. He really is doing a sterling job of recking any chances the party has of forming a coalition led government. Labour are simply history as a viable party after the far left nonsense they’re espousing. I reckon the Nats could be looking at a 5, 6 or 7 term stint in office such is the poor showing by opposition parties. Or maybe it could be that the Nats, even with their foibles, are simply doing a bang up job of actually running the country?

    • axeman

      Agree, but this is actually this no good for our country as there is no need for National to make bold changes that need to be made. They are in danger of being like the Clark / Cullen Govt cruising and wasting the good period of growth and and good economic times. Now is the time to make bold changes to ensure that we are set up for future. At times this Govt is asleep at the wheel.

      • Damon Mudgway

        Asleep at the wheel is a good analogy, seems the Nats are safe in the knowledge no one can wake them from their slumber until the inevitable crash.

      • Steve kay

        I disagree. Clark/cullen spent with gay abandon on not much change when change was desperately needed. We live in different times now, the global economy is still wobbly, U.S. Sliding back into recession, Europe struggling etc. Imho the balance is about right in the current atmosphere. Everyone wants change yet…….

        • axeman

          Nice cartoon and that is generally correct, and you are right about spending with gay abandon.
          However I reckon now is the time for the Govt to be bold and make some significant structural changes to the welfare system and how it is delivered. This has nothing to do with the GFC or other economies.
          There are other areas where structural changes within Govt could be made to improve inefficiencies and better deliver value for our tax

          • Steve kay

            Agreed. Change is not my problem, as much as the cost. The information sharing between all govt departments announced yesterday is a good example of change without fiscal burden, more of this should bring the cost of welfare down as targeted spending can occur. I would hope this would lead on to tax reform.

            I’m all for big change but timing is crucial. I want to see a blanket CGT, but I also want to see that balanced by a far lower personal tax rate. People have been scared away by CGT and now it is a poison chalice. National need to keep the centre and help continuing to rebuild act as a right wing partner so they can take on the leg work. They simply need to regain the majority of the house to push things through [redacted – mod]

  • Bruno 32

    Having scenic circle running the Matavai is a godsend for nuie tourism. Last time I was there it was a shambles in paradise
    Little is an embarrassment and a fool.

  • Dave

    Andrew is succeeding, he is doing a great job, and doing it all by himself.

    6……… 5……….. 4……….. 3………..

    • R&BAvenger

      Is that the countdown to the next ‘Labour hasn’t got Much Talent’? Gould is a fool. Preaching to the converted and another reason for anyone who still does to stop buying the dead-tree Herald and visiting their website.

      • Dave

        It was his popularity numbers, aka as preferred prime minister. he is on a countdown to self detonation, he will blow soon.

    • R&BAvenger

      Not this countdown then?

      Maybe once he reaches 5? He is a union puppet, but is definitely not GO!

  • Peter

    Read Bryan Gould today in the Herald as he scoops up all of the labor accusations and focuses them at the Government as failing to act properly. Bryan is a Labor supporter, as his postscript says,.
    This has to be a great example of smear journalism. Labor punts up a series of smears which are factually wrong or taken out of context. The media then present these as facts to the public.
    This has to be a concentration of Labors tactics. Doesn’t matter if their ‘facts’ are out of context, misinterpretations, wrong or plain lies. All Little has to do is punt up this garbage and his pals in the media do the rest.
    This needs to be dealt to and hard as Labors tactics are actually damaging to the country.

    • metalnwood

      His article starts ‘The bad news keep coming’ then lists a few things. Yes, you can find bad news in anything and everything if you want to.

      Kind of sums up a labour party supporter and the labour party themselves. I would prefer to give my vote and confidence to optimists rather than pessimists and labour cant see the positives in anything.

      • Misfit

        apparently they can see positives in their own poll ratings lol

      • R&BAvenger

        The bad news keeps coming, for Labour.

    • Misfit

      Just read it myself, barely could stomach his nasty rants, they don’t just want to drag the Nats and key into the mud they are happy to go international to damage our countrys name so they can step in being the super heros and fix it all up, inventing drama to be the hero , makes me want to puke how little regard they have for our reputation globally.

    • kayaker

      Gould is totally behind the right ball with his article.

  • metalnwood

    Would be great if we found out they were also a donor to the labour party in the past and say they stopped donating when labour started to lose it’s way.

  • Wayne Hodge

    So any business in NZ should be very afraid of Labour at present as they seek to undermine successful NZ business such as Scenic Hotels. No doubt Little would rather a Chines group owned the hotel employing all those Kiwi ethnic chefs he thinks need jobs.

    • biscuit barrel

      As of 2013
      Nzers born in India 67,000, Korea 26,000, China 89,000

      Would you think some those kiwis would know something about Ethnic cuisine

  • edenman

    Andy will never walk on water, he has shot so many holes in his feet. I’m sure he is going to sink very soon.

  • FreeMack

    Someone needs to investigate whether the National Party have made a donation to Little, to get him to wreck the Labour Party.

    • symgardiner

      At some point this tin foil hat theory must get traction. The evidence is plain for all to see. :)

  • Aucky

    This had disaster written all over it the minute Little opened his mouth. He has attacked the Hagaman family who are absolute icons of our inbound tourism industry and who have contributed so much towards the growth of a key section of our national economy. Not content with that he has cast doubt on the integrity of a member of our diplomatic corps. Ross Ardern’s political beliefs and his relationship with a prominent MP are quite irrelevant – as High Commissioner he represents our national interest in Niue quite impartially. To attack his integrity is tantamount to attacking NZ.

  • cows4me

    We are products of our environments, Andy sees corruption like Gareth sees cats, they’re and it is everywhere. You can’t really blame him he knows a lot about shady practices. One can’t get on top of the union dung heap without getting messy, Andy sees evil doing as normality as this is all he has known.

  • axeman

    Well with what Labour is offering up at the moment is there any wonder no one wants to donate to them. Big Green Eyed Monster Party / Leader

  • Keeping Stock

    I’ve just been doing some reading up on Earl Hagamans. He has been a New Zealand resident for 35 years now. He is a self-made multi-millionaire. He has built up what remains the only New Zealand-owned hotel chain in the country, and hundreds of Kiwis have him to thank for their weekly pay-cheques.

    More than that though, he gives money away; to charities and to political parties. First to Act, and later to National. That’s no secret; everything is done above board and in a transparent way.

    Labour hates the wealthy, and they particularly hate people like Hagamans who have worked hard to amass personal wealth. We saw that with Sue Moroney’s bitter tweet the other weekend. So this attack is motivated as much by envy as anything else. What Labour doesn’t seem to realise though is that New Zealand has moved on from this kind of “gotcha” stuff. Here’s hoping that nothing changes in the immediate future.

    • Misfit

      guess if you have to fund raise begging for 2 buck donations and sausage sizzles you tend to become a little angry……

      • Keeping Stock

        Little is perpetually angry. Even when he first came into Parliament he had an on-air meltdown with Michael Laws.

        Sadly for Labour, this was a sign of things to come…

        • Aucky

          ….and then he jointly confronted JC along with Mallard. I really believe that he has anger issues. God forbid if he were ever to be PM and he confronted another leader of state who disagreed with him.

          • Cadwallader

            That would be all Heads of State except the lunatic in North Korea.

    • R&BAvenger

      Yes, I posted some links to articles about the Hagaman’s a couple of days ago. He’s plans to keep working until he’s put in a pine box.

    • CheesyEarWax

      Being wealthy, or anywhere near it , is a crime for the communist Labour. The problem is this is an old tired ploy and doesn’t work any more, but Labour still uses it because they are so lack of ideas.

      • Brian Smaller

        Except when your wealth is obtained through thirty so years of public troughing. Then it is OK.

        • SlightlyStrange

          That’s not being “wealthy”, that’s being “middle class” according to one Moroney.

    • The dark side is asking why he didn’t give to the greens or labour, the fact they had to ask that question shows how out of touch they are.

  • John Colbert

    Rule Numero UNO In politics, only ask a question if you are most certain of the answer. It’s called following the leads, something little angry is yet to master

    • Nige.

      Yet to attempt.

  • Lance Ralph

    Mr Little’s elbow and his posterior would do well to get better acquainted

  • Dave

    Would love to see Ross Adhern speak up on this, the process they followed and why Scenic was awarded the contract. The outcome can only be bad for Andy

    • Aucky

      I don’t think he can speak up Dave as he is NZ High Commissioner to Niue and I don’t believe that our diplomats can comment on political issues.

      • Dave

        Not the political stuff Andrew has introduced, but the process of appointing the Scenic group, and perhaps a note on their performance to date.

        • biscuit barrel

          Well Im sure he can let Mark Blumsky , a former national MP speak for the board, as he was High Commisioner when the Scenic decision was before them

  • Tom

    This so looks like a setup. Are the Labour caucus trying to get rid of Little before the NZ Voters get rid of Labour and cost them their jobs? Maybe Jacindas dad leaked it to her to ensure she didn’t end up back in the chip shop!

    • And in the preferred PM stats, Jacinda is #2 on the Labour side……the plot thickens…..

  • stephen2d

    And the Red radio & co went suddenly very quiet about it.

  • wilson

    This is from a man who had a meeting with big pharma. On month later is pushing their drugs.

  • oldmanNZ

    I think national does most things by the book. Unlike labour that change a law retrospective to undo an illegal act when they were in power.

    It is obvious Labour is trying to make JK and National as some rich dodgy, tax avoiding, corrupt uncaring party,
    instead focusing on some decent policies, because they have none.

    digging up dirt and finding old skeletons in there own backyard is what happening.

  • wanarunna

    Labour’s facebook page contains a graphic setting out the timeline of events surrounding the donation and the awarding of the contract. It has the donation being made on the 18th September. The graphic was missing a vital date – Sept 20, which was of course the date of the general election. The Labour narrative on this does not satisfactorily explain why the donation wasn’t made a few days later, after the election, when of course the donor would have known that the party he made the donation to was still in government!

  • XCIA

    The way things are turning out for Mr Angry and his Party, you would think National has someone planted in their organisation. Surely, the Party Secretay should step up to the plate and scream “enough”, before the whole thing implodes.

    • Old Dig

      Haha maybe Angry Andy is the plant.

  • Macca

    Success breeds success meaning successful people do the same thing other successful people do.

    If Labour ever wondered what JK does to be so popular and successful, the first thing he doesn’t do is run continual smear campaigns on the opposition – in fact, he very rarely even blags them publicly and God only knows there is certainly no shortage of ammo to do so.

    • SlightlyStrange

      I do love the rare times he does – in such subtle ways. Its an art.

  • Seriously?

    I’m impressed by the average kiwi voter, and that is something I didn’t think I’d say.

    Labour have been launching these attacks for years now. But the average vote sees them for what they are, and if anything the attacks have done Labour harm. The voters are even resistant to the media telling them they ought to be outraged.

    It may be that people are becoming use to life in an internet age, where accusations abound, alongside conspiracy theories about almost everything. When we hear accusation now we are more prone to think, yes, well, lets see. Maybe we are becoming more discerning, more questioning. Maybe we are now more likely to think badly of the unverified accuser.

    Put that with a National leadership that understands which issues people really care about, and polls to ensure they know what attacks to fight back on and which ones to give only lip service, and we have seen a steady pattern of foot-shots and blanks from the left.

  • Eiselmann

    The elite liberal wowsers I have dealings with have left this one alone, normally they jump on any KDS bandwagon…which is quite telling.

    Angry’s attacking, amongst many things, the integrity of an ex police officer who now holds a senior position in a Pacific Island dependancy and just happens to be the father of the closest political rival for your job, is not a vote winner Angry..

    By election time you might look back on 7 percent as the ‘good old days’

  • George Carter

    I saw this on the news and immediately felt what he was doing was wrong. All he had was X plus Y and he determined that equals Z and that it stinks. No evidence, no facts, just soundbites! As he said it outside of parliament I hope they sue the hell out him for slander (or similar).

  • Keanne Lawrence

    Na contraire. The speculation that poor little Captain YFront was set up by a person/s in the party looking for personal gains is just that. Speculation. While it is their sort of MO with so many underperformers confirming they are only there for personal gain they are just not that bright.
    This sort of bus chasing is a result of a gaggle of gays combined with gender selection restrictions blended together. The mixing of dud ingredients will only ever result in producing duds like the difference between chrome plated metal and shiny chrome plastic. Once the shine has gone off the plastic it can only be restored by replacement.
    Angry Andy might be taking the hits but IMO the whole team need to be batted right out of the park.

  • sheppy

    “Labour MPs I’ve spoken to are nervous with some thinking that Little might actually be sued for defamation as result of smearing of Earl Hagaman and Scenic Hotels.”

    I truly hope so, its about time Little and the Media Party discovered smearing people without substance has consequences that extend way beyond their latest target!

    • Maisie

      I hope so too, but unfortunately for Little it will probably have to come out of his own pocket as I am sure his party won’t have enough in the kitty to pay. Besides they made such a racket over JK using his party’s funds to pay for his court costs. Wait and see, fingers crossed

      • sheppy

        Angry will try and put any costs through the party, it’ll be covered by the left’s shield of sanctimony, remember its only a crime if the left don’t do it!

  • Rusty B

    Open mouth, Insert foot….AGAIN

  • Graeme

    I suppose that if you have no credible policies to present to the voters and no chance of ever developing any with the “team” at your disposal you feel that you have to come up with something , no matter how stupid it is , to get media coverage. You do get media coverage but unfortunately for you , it just turns out to be a bit of standup comedy that no one laughs at.

  • Wayne Peter McIndoe

    Little is not smart at all. Some members of the party must be looking at someone in the ilk of Justin trudeau from canada and think if only