Langham Hotel responds to Kia Ora Gaza’s hate speech comments

On Sunday we posted about a woman who has commented with quotes from Adolf Hitler at Kia Ora Gaza’s Facebook hate speech site.

Her Facebook profile stated that she worked at the Langham Hotel and when I called the hotel they put me through to an extension that went to voicemail.

This morning I received the following correspondence from Franz Mascarenhas the Managing Director of the Langham Hotel in Auckland.

Dear Cam,

I am writing in relation to the comments made on your website in relation to Ms Sophia Pahulu who claims to work at the Langham.

At the outset, may I assure you that this lady does not work for us and has not worked for us in the past as well. I have spoken with our Telephone Operator who took a call around 6pm yesterday from someone whom she recalls as David, and she told this person that she is familiar with the name as she received an email about her. She clarified that the lady Sophia does not work at Langham, to which he asked ‘ So is she using a fake Facebook page? She responded saying ‘We will look into this.’  

We do not encourage or condone extreme views that attack people based on their race, ethnicity, religion, gender or any form of hate mail. Our Employee guidelines also prevent staff from publishing online content that may bring the hotel into disrepute. Should an employee disregard this policy, we follow normal NZ law that ensures we investigate and based on findings take relevant action that can include termination of employment where necessary.

I would be grateful if you could please assist in correcting this situation on your website as Ms Pahulu has obviously misrepresented her employment details. The Facebook page where she has claimed to work for us is no way associated with the official Langham Auckland website and has a notification at the top end clarifying that this is an unofficial site. We intend to write to Facebook as well and request that they take down this page.

If you would like any other details please do call me on my mobile which is [REDACTED]

I look forward to hearing from you.


Kind regards,


That is a good response from Franz Mascarenhas, showing some real commitment on behalf of his company.

This case also hows the lengths that haters will go to obscure their real occupation when placing such appalling comments in social media.

Congratulations to the Langham Hotel for showing the correct and proper way to respond to such hate speech.

If only Kia Ora Gaza would show some remorse instead of just deleting the comment and saying nothing. It is their constant force-feeding of anti-semitism that breeds commenters like this.

Kia Ora Gaza and Roger Fowler are apologists and enablers for anti-semitism in New Zealand.


– email


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  • Oh Please

    Kia Ora Gaza’s supporters really are their own worst enemies. Racist and liars – reflects well on their cause.
    But just a little word of caution – the Langham could have lost out due to someone believing a Facebook profile – lies, damn lies and Facebook. I always check everything I read on FB before I respond, more often than not it is a lie.

  • anniem

    Good to know but although her FB page shows little, it still says that she works at the Langham. No doubt they hope FB will remove page.

  • johcar

    Well done, Langham Hotel! A well written response and one that is obviously the result of some internal enquiries…

    • rexabus

      And well played whaleoil. It’s only by jumping on this sort of thing quick stops the rats from getting too emboldened and pushing the line of what’s acceptable back all the time

  • Isherman

    Profile pic on Humans of Auckland City FB page….same person?, sure looks like her.

    • spanishbride

      I did a google search for her profile image and came up with this.
      it appears the woman in the photo is called Maddie and that the facebook profile is using her photo with the name Sophia Pahulu. I wonder if the name Sophia Pahulu is real or if that was stolen too?

      • Isherman

        Just as likely to be either borrowed (stolen) or just made up unless it is a married name. If the subject is a ‘Ms’, then I would be suspect, I would have thought Pahulu to be a name of Polynesian origin, and this person does not strike me as particularly Polynesian.

      • Lux

        There is different pic on this twitter page under the name of Sophie Pahulu.

      • Miss Phit

        Sounds like a red herring. Dirty politics but with a pretty girl and a fake profile to give “respectability and youth apeall” to “the cause”?

        I smell a big fat rat and Im guessing this person doesnt exist and its a front for someone with hate filled thoughts and deniability.

  • Hobbes

    I think we will find she means she is a “working girl” at the Langham.

  • island time

    If Langham contract out their housekeeping to a third party I guess there is a chance she has worked there…