Larry lashes Labour leader Little’s loss

Labour leader Andrew Little is tracking at a dismal 7 per cent in the preferred Prime Minister stakes – behind Winston Peters. It’s the lowest poll rating for a Labour leader in five years.

Andrew Little says the poll result is “obviously disappointing” and reflected a “bad couple of weeks” in March.

“I think it’s a question of us knuckling down, understanding the need for a clarity of message, and sticking to the things that are important to New Zealanders.”

I’m sorry, but Labour just doesn’t seem to get it, they’re doing the complete opposite.

They’re rolling out ideas, sure, but there’s always the caveat – increased taxes to pay for even more welfare.

The polls reflect Labour moving in a different direction to the public, simple as that.

The Future of Work conference revolved around far left foreign academics promoting their socialist ideas, and that’s not where the public wants to go.

As for the Universal Income Benefit – all options on that table turned out to be horribly unaffordable, so why waste time debating ideas that are so “barking mad” the public won’t endorse them?

The cost would be about $40b a year, when New Zealand’s tax take is around $60n-$70b. That leaves very little for welfare, which would still need to be paid for. For supper annuitants.  Defence. Health. Education. And all the other favourite pet projects that Labour could never say “no” to.  

Just today Labour showed why they continue to flounder in the polls.

Mr Little said the Prime Minister was “far too cagey” when asked if he had used a tax haven for his finances. “He needs to clear up this quickly. He must come clean if he has directly or indirectly benefitted [SIC] from funds in a tax haven. The last thing our international reputation needs is for rumours to swirl around our Prime Minister’s tax affairs.”

He has come clean Mr Little. He says it’s a load of tosh! I have seen no evidence to the contrary.

For some odd reason, Little feels he’s obliged to malign the PM at every turn.

He’s implying that the PM is being dodgy with his wealth. He offers no evidence, just innuendo. It’s “dirty politics” and it isn’t working. Just have a look at the polls.

The most amazing thing is that this is the behaviour that got Labour into the 20s and National re-elected with the largest majority in the MMP era. And that’s on a third term as well.

So Labour think that some more of this approach will make a difference?

They are going out on a huge limb hoping that something in the Panama Papers will give them a magical glass of milk to use against John Key.

The thing is, the journalist who was sitting on the Panama Papers contacted Nicky Hager months ago.   You can be sure that if there is anything in those Panama Papers that is even remotely damaging to Key, it won’t come out now. It will be kept for Hager’s next book to come out four weeks before the next election in 2017.

Labour are clutching at straws; they know it, but when all you have is straws…


– Larry Williams, Newstalk ZB


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  • john Doe

    Not only are they not fit to govern, they are not fit to be the opposition. They are broke, totally lack any new ideas or innovation and are generically sour and bitter. Need to get rid of the lot of them and start again. Is Mc Carten still driving this train wreck?

    • John Simpson

      sadly, and I mean that, because we need an effective opposition in a democracy, they are no longer thinking about opposition, but about “their position” and seem to be handing opposition to Winston.

  • Second time around

    Little is getting into dangerous territory when suggesting that the PM is evading tax. Fortunately Key, unlike some earlier political leaders isn’t interested in taking defamation action, and it is debatable just how defamatory a stupid statement by a stupid person with a reputation for telling half truths could be.

  • Lux

    I don’t know when they are going to get it through their thick skulls, most of the people in NZ are fed up with their lies and innuendos being thrown around daily with nothing to back them up. The Labour Party are using all their shonkey lackies in MSM as their voice to try bring down National… They are Barking Mad.

    Most of the NZ public are not stupid and sick of them all.

    • Left Right Out

      It’s quite funny reading some of social media…… If JK gets an inquiry going, he’s only using one of his mates and there will be no outcome…. if he does nothing, he’s corrupt and is hiding something

      My fav comment over and including the past 2 elections is “I don’t know anyone who voted National… it’s rigged” it’s a go to statement on all social media for the deranged

      • DangerMice

        These people want so desperately to be involved in a conspiracy, scandal or uprising, jealously eyeing other countries problems, but nothing ever happens in little ol’ NZ so they make their own up. The poor little vegemites, it’s just sad isn’t it.

  • Vlad

    Little lies, lurches left loses last loyal layabout Labour lackeys.

  • Alan Beresford B’Stard

    You gotta wonder who’s driving Labour strategy. They’ve tried for three straight elections to get John Key, surely someone in labour has the brains to think, hang on, this isn’t working, perhaps we should try a new tack. What’s that saying about doing the same things and expecting a different result? Oh that’s right, the definition of madness.

    • Left Right Out

      Unions! and they are all about playing the man not the ball

    • There is that saying: “The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again, but expecting different results”

  • Orca

    Labour seems to take the “opposition” part a Little too Literally. If you asked Andy what his policy was on a certain issue, and he hadn’t yet been briefed, he would effectively answer along the lines of “well, what did John Key say?, ok then, our policy is the opposite of that”. Oh, John Key changed his mind did he, OK, then so did we, take that John!.

    It all reminds me of the Monty Python argument sketch: “That’s not an argument, that’s just contradiction”. “No, it isn’t”. “Oh yes it is!”. The difference is, that Monty Python wasn’t trying to be serious.

    • Left Right Out

      Don’t forget he opposed the flag change, the whole time having a policy to… change the flag

    • Old Dig

      They don’t understand that by opposing everything that National does they are effectively opposing the majority of voters too. If Labour was to step closer to the centre and actually work with National on a few things they would take a few voters off National. Maybe if they distance themselves from the Greens too they would start to look credible. Lastly, Labour should ditch Little. Of course they won’t do any of these things, long may it continue.

    • Wayne Peter McIndoe

      a clever analysis Orca

  • Dog Breath

    Without any foundation I wonder if Nicky’s lack of interest in the Panama Papers is because his name or his family trust are in there.
    Look for all the silent ones who normally bark at each passing car to see who has trusts and are scared their name or trust is just waiting in those papers to be discovered.

    • Sally

      He has admitted he has been very busy trolling through the data for the last 15 months – he is part of the team.
      Probably still looking for some damaging info on rightwing politicians for the up and coming book.

      • cows4me

        The truth be known there are probably to many of his lefty mates dodging a bit of tax better to say nothing.

        • Sally

          If that is a case he does have a history in a little bit of blackmailing. Just like he did with some journalists in Dirty Politics.

  • XCIA

    Constantly fighting internal rear guard actions and permanently looking for things that do not exist externally leaves little time to produce workable policy. Long may it continue.

  • Lance Ralph

    It is my opinion that Labour parties and Labour supporters when in the doldrums adopt ‘a cutting of your nose to spite your face’ mode of operating.
    Disgraceful behaviour, cursing, spitting, chucking excrement around, spiteful obstruction, poisonous dissembling and the new kid on the block …anti-semitism.
    UK Labour pre-Blair was in that mode and they are in it again. NZ Labour, post-Clark, are writing the handbook for such behaviour. Perhaps this will be Nicky Hagar’s new opus

  • Wayne Peter McIndoe

    Everyone is sick to death of dirty politics and the negativity which surrounds it – Labour should realise that from the last election

  • McGrath

    Labour reminds me so much of this clip in Blackadder goes Fourth

  • Dumrse

    “I think it’s a question of us knuckling down, understanding the need for a clarity of message, and sticking to the things that are important to New Zealanders.”

    I think it’s a question of Little having no idea whatsoever of just what it is that is important to NZders. They hit on something different every week and drip on about it until they realise ” No it’s not this one”.

  • Tom

    I think Labour have taken the “opposition” title too seriously by far. Maybe they need to realise that its not about opposing everything its about showing themselves to be able to become the next Government, a government that most Kiwi’s want. They are failing so badly at that. PS dont tell them!

  • Vutekno

    Let them carry on to the oblivion they will almost certainly meet at the next election. Extinction is required here as the NZLP has displayed clearly an over a sustained period of years that they are not only unfit to govern but also unfit to provide an effective opposition, which any democracy must have.

    I want to see an effective opposition which will provide good healthy challenge to the government of the day and to offer wise alternatives that may hold appeal to the public.

    What an awful mistake we made when moving to MMP! We expected to get intelligent, experienced people who would improve our country. What did we get? For the most part a bunch of lazy ineffective troughers fit for nothing. So sad! I could give examples but what’s the point they are as obvious to other readers as they are to me I am sure.

  • Bartman

    Hager and Labour are not going to get their second dirty politics ‘wind’ now that the papers have been released in their entirety! Any dirt will be outed ASAP.

  • Lux

    What is your best worst ring in call, for not going to work..

    Mine was I forgot to wake up.. it was true, I had been on holday for three weeks, and at the end of it gone to visit a friend who had just buried her husband.. and we went down to her local and a little bit under the weather.

    The next afternoon I woke up and thought something was not right …..


    anyway they were cool .. and told me take another day off..

  • Keanne Lawrence

    Angry Andy says “I think it’s a question of us knuckling down, understanding the need for a clarity of message, and sticking to the things that are important to New Zealanders.” This with his knuckles already dragging on the ground. He has absolutely no idea what the majority consider important to New Zealanders.
    The one thing they are unanimous on is that they are fed up to the gills with gutter politics, unfounded personal attacks and repetitiveness of his favourite saying. “Come clean”. He can’t even hear his own request and it is high time he cleaned up his act or clear out altogether.
    Only a bad couple od weeks in March? Now that is a laugh as there are even too many fingers on one hand to count the “good” weeks. In fact we still await the first of these.

  • WBC

    The really worrying thing is that what used to be the party that formed the other side of the balance to National has so far elected two inept and two completely useless leaders in quick succession. The party cannot win and NZ won’t allow it to win when even Winston is a more believable leader then the Labour leader. I don’t know what sort of make believe world the Unions and Little live in inside their heads but it is only there that they are doing anything that the average Kiwi wants.

    They average Kiwi sees arrogant, poorly socially adjusted bullies who don’t understand success.

    If Little by some horrid chance becomes the Prime Minister, I think we’ll be able to bestows the Nickname “Snowball” on him without too much delay.

    Edit – pluralisation.

  • andrewo

    Great entertainment yesterday on National Radio with Jim Mora. Neither of his two ‘luvvie’ guests could understand why Labour is losing votes. It’s worth a listen to two left wing wonks express their exasperation at why the majority of NZers don’t think like them. Maybe they should get out more?

  • one for the road

    “For some odd reason, Little feels he’s obliged to malign the PM at every turn” . That about sums it all up, being angry!! Sad little man…