Lesson for business: Don’t bother praising Labour, ever. They’ll shit all over you

In 2007, Scenic Circle’s Earl Hagaman couldn’t say a bad word about the Labour Government

The chairman of New Zealand’s largest independently owned and operated hotel group says the hospitality industry has a significant opportunity, and a responsibility, to make a commitment to the Buy Kiwi Made campaign.

Scenic Circle Hotels’ Earl Hagaman says with over 2.4 million visitors to our shores each year, and Kiwis making 15 million overnight trips domestically*, the hospitality industry at all levels should be seeking to expose visitors to more New Zealand made products. “We’ve got every reason to pick up the flag and run with it, so to speak.

Guests come here for a New Zealand experience, and that’s not limited to seeing the sights and observing the culture. Hotels, for example, can enhance guests’ experiences by providing quality New Zealand made beds and bedding for guests to sleep in, natural New Zealand made bathroom supplies to use during their stay, quality New Zealand wool carpets to walk on, and a wide selection of New Zealand food and beverages that showcases what is produced here.

“We aren’t really interested in hosting international guests and showing them what they already may see, use, eat or drink in their home country. Even for Kiwis travelling domestically, hotel restaurants have an opportunity to focus on regional produce and wines, and we can promote other products that guests can buy themselves at home.”

Earl Hagaman says the government’s Buy Kiwi Made campaign has a two-fold application for the hospitality industry. “Not only does it promote the stance that businesses in our sector should be buying Kiwi made themselves and supporting the domestic economy, but they also can consider their role in the wider context by sharing that message and philosophy with their millions of customers.”

Little has been openly hostile to business in the past, and he just can’t help showing his true colours.  Employers are parasites, and I am hostile to unions.   And the pope is Catholic.


The company’s procurement manager Donna Harvey says, “We are not advocating that every item stocked in every hotel or company must be New Zealand made, but having an increased consciousness of New Zealand industry when making purchasing decisions is in everyone’s interest, and we believe it is especially relevant to the tourism and hospitality sector.”

A few of Scenic Circle Hotels’ purchasing decisions may come with a slightly higher price tag than sourcing cheaper imported products, but that is certainly not a universal condition nor is it an insurmountable barrier. “Not all New Zealand products come at a premium price, and price is not the only factor to consider in the hotel trade.

But good on Little.  He’s stuck to the plan about getting on the 6 pm news and filling the recess with good news… for National.


– Scenic Circle 2007 press release, via Scoop


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  • Keeping Stock

    With regard to Little’s comments in the graphic on display, I wonder if he thinks employers who deduct PAYE from their staff but fail to pass it on to the IRD over a period of many months are “parasites” too.

    It’s just as well that Earl and Lani Hagaman have been here for a long time now, because if Andrew Little was their first impression of New Zealand, they’d be closing their doors and exiting the country quick-smart.

    • Woody

      But that PAYE was knowingly redirected to a much more important cause, funding losers. Actually that is where a lot of it ends up anyway so I guess it was just a minor short circuiting of the exiting system.

    • Tom

      It doesn’t reflect on NZ it reflects on Labour and Little. They seem to forget that often its your own mouth that condemns you!

  • cows4me

    Oh well, the boss and myself are going on holiday next month and we have decided to tour the South Island. I guess I’ll have to leave my Labour T shirt at home, wouldn’t want to be shown the door when we pull up to a scenic hotel.

    • hookerphil

      Would be good to meet up with you

      • cows4me

        Will let you know when we set sail hookerphil.

  • duve

    I really don’t know what John Key will have to talk about at the next election. He couldn’t possibly do a better hatchet job on Labour than their own leader is already doing.

    • Woody

      The thing is that National have been elected on the back of being positive, something that eludes Labour.

      I have to wonder if the Hagaman’s have in the past donated to Labour, quite likely by the tone of that press release, I suspect quite unlikely now in the light of Andrew Little’s donation procuring skills. [snort]

      • R&BAvenger

        Being positive and having a vision, which for the most part, they are bringing to fruition.

  • Boondecker

    The old saying, “with friends like that, who needs enemies”, comes to mind with this little nastiness-filled episode. I wonder what Jacinda thought when she first found out what her dear leader pontificated on the matter ( …imagines a mad panic and nervous scrambling of fingers over the iPhone and looking up the Contacts list for either Matt and Andrew… ).