Little takes Labour to Cunliffe levels in latest poll

The left-wing are all cock-a-hoop about the latest Roy Morgan poll.

For the life of me I can’t understand why.

During April support for National fell 3.5% to 42.5% – the lowest for two years since April ? May 2014, now only 2% ahead of a potential Labour/Greens alliance 40.5% (down 1.5%). If a New Zealand Election were held now the latest NZ Roy Morgan Poll shows NZ First 12.5% (up 3.5% to their highest level of support in twenty years) would hold the balance of power and be in a position to determine who would form the next New Zealand Government.

Support for the National partners showed little change with the Maori Party, up 0.5% to 1.5%, Act NZ was 1.5% (up 0.5%) ? Act NZ?s highest level of support since late 2014 and United Future was 0% (unchanged).

Of the three Parliamentary Opposition parties – Labour?s support is now at 26% (down 2%), Greens 14.5% (up 0.5%) and NZ First has jumped 3.5% to 12.5% – its highest level of support since the 1996 NZ Election. Of the parties outside Parliament the Conservative Party of NZ is 1% (up 0.5%), the Mana Party is 0% (down 0.5%) and support for Independent/ Others is 0.5% (up 0.5%).

Sure National fell, but so did Labour…by about as much.

So the left-wing are celebrating their major party falling further in the polls. Have they forgotten that in a General Election the major parties fall even further?

Labour supporters?are so thirsty after a drought they now think cat piss is a good drink.

Here is what the poll really tells us:

  • National is still far more popular than any other party.
  • Winston Peters is hoovering up disaffected Labour and National supporters.
  • The Greens are hoovering up disaffected left-wingers.
  • Winston Peters will never support a government where the major partner is hovering around 25% or just one quarter of the voters.
  • Winston Peters will never support a government reliant on the Greens to get across the line.
  • At that level of support Labour risks losing some seats.
  • Andrew Little isn’t improving Labour’s chances, they are actually going in reverse.

John Key is about to take their housing policy from them, tax the bejesus out of foreign land speculators and steal whatever policies he can to stay in power. Andrew Little has such appalling negatives that Labour is actually no threat. Plus, I would put good money on Winston Peters laughing in Andrew Little’s face about any suggestion that a hodge-podge coalition with the Greens could seriously govern. Right now it is looking like ending up a third/a third/a third of any government involving Labour, NZ First and the Greens…and whilst three-legged stools are stable, governments with basically equal partners are not.

But you’ve got to love the left…their main party goes down in support, and in elections they sink lower, and they are celebrating.

I can’t wait until the next Roy Morgan that, a dollar to a knob of goat-poo says, will show a rebound for National and not much improvement for Labour.