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World’s English Proficiency Index 2015

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  • Korau

    Interesting that the United States and Canada aren’t proficient (don’t rate) in English. That I might believe.

    That England, Australia and New Zealand don’t rate either (the same as deepest Africa) I find hard to grasp. Looks like a wonky made up chart of no real value.

    • Dan

      You may find that naturally English speaking countries or countries that have not data available are not included

      • Doug

        Would have been more useful to have natural English speakers, and no data different colours though…

  • deanobravo

    Had to chuckle over France. Obviously they believe that everyone else should learn French.

  • rugbyskier

    I would have thought Chile has a higher proficiency than ‘low’. English is compulsory all the way through school, like Germany, and there are a few TV stations that broadcast English language programmes with Spanish subtitles. I found that most people in Santiago and Puerto Varas in the south spoke some English and the level of proficiency seemed similar to the places I visited in Argentina.