Mea Culpa, says Seven Percent Little

Labour’s current leader blames himself for its latest fall. The result was expected, he said, because it coincided with a week in which he did not perform well. That was the week he suggested he would threaten to regulate bank interest rates if they did not pass on an OCR reduction. It was just the latest desperate move Labour has made this year, from reversing its position on the TPP to promising free tertiary education and toying with a universal benefit, not to mention the flag. […]

A four-point drop in a Colmar Brunton poll taken for TVNZ last week must be a shock to supporters of the Labour Party. It followed John Key’s failure to carry the country at the flag referendum, the first time he had lost a nationwide vote since he became the National Party’s leader nearly 10 years ago.

While the referendum was not supposed to be about him, Labour, the Greens and NZ First did their utmost to make it so, urging voters to deny him a “legacy” of that kind. It now seems likely their opposition boosted support for a flag change which turned out to be higher than expected and the result was particularly close in some of the seats National holds. As it turns out, the flag poll has done the Government no harm and the Opposition no good. […]

But Labour’s drop to just 28 per cent in the latest poll is not a good result for politics in this country. When a major party slips below 30 per cent, the party and its supporters begin to lose confidence in its policies and leadership and the result can be a move to extreme positions.

It pays to remember how the National Party took power. All they did was to promise two things, maybe three:

  • National would continue the policies of the Labour Party
  • There would be no asset sales in the first term
  • You get what you got with Helen, but we’ll be nice, friendly and not at all arrogant.

As you can see, it was stability with a smile that New Zealand wanted. And stability with a smile is what we’ve had for the last three terms.

In the meantime, the Labour Party have been captured by the unions and dragged so hard to the left that it has even drowned out the other minor voices such as women and LGBT issues. The Labour party are run by a bunch of bovver boys. Have a look at their strategy team: no woman or queer feels free to speak up in that environment. It’s back to picket line collectivism.

Whereas Labour were falling apart through pandering to too many diverse interest groups, now it is strangling itself by appearing to be the nation’s weird uncle – the one that keeps coming up with different ideas, each one less feasible than the last, and Little is blissfully unaware from day to day that he’s contradicting himself.

Labour have no idea what they stand for any longer. They are all over the place. They are militant. Hostile. And they present a team to the voters who are simply not palatable.


– NZ Herald


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  • Woody

    Mr Little should have a wee think, the only weeks when he has not performed poorly were while he and the country were having a Christmas break, but even then he did manage to suck on his lollipop, sorry, foot frequently.

  • johnnyB

    Unfortunately Andy the main problem is you didn’t even realise you had a bad week until the poll came out! If you had known that you were on the wrong track you wouldn’t have gone on Weekend current affairs TV a week later and repeated the threats to legislate the banks.

  • Big_Al

    Interesting is his latest attempt at political grandstanding on Stuff.Co.Nz.
    When you read the comments section with this article, at least 90% of the replies appear to have had enough of his nonsense. The tables are turning on Little rapidly. I believe that the MSM can see this also and are now printing these negative Andy replies so as not to alienate the mainstream population. You almost have to feel sorry for Mr 7%.

    • Jude

      That makes a refreshing change , the comments can be very harshly anti Key and National.
      Obviously there are some left wingers that can recognise the grand standing when they see it!

  • oldmanNZ

    what does Little stands for? Anything anti-Key.
    if we take a look at a few of National policy.
    TPPA, Labour started it but is against it as Key is involved.
    Changing the Flag, Labour started it but is against it as Key is involved.
    Panama? somehow key john is invovled he thinks?

    even question times, all they ask is if JK stands by his statements.
    Labour is not attacking National policies or looking at where they may have failed as an opposition should, they just looking to demonised John Key?

    • zotaccore

      1. He is loaded with personal wealth
      2. He is popular with the masses
      3. He is not an attack dog
      4. He is aspirational
      5. He moves easily amongst world leaders
      6. He has a holiday home in Hawaii
      The list goes on really but clearly, anything that Labour is not and Key is, becomes a target for these left wing loonies. It’s unlikely to change.

      • Jayar

        “He is loaded with personal wealth” Yes, and made it all by his own efforts! No family handouts.

      • Spiker

        That can all be distilled down to one word. Successful. He’s everything they aren’t.

    • Uncle Bully

      Labour perceives Key’s popularity as the keystone of National’s success. They think that if they can bring down Key, by fair means or foul, they will win the next election. They, and the MSM, are relentless in their negativity towards NZ’s most popular PM, and New Zealanders recognise that. That’s why it won’t work.


    At least Little ‘connects well’ with our future voters….the body language in this photo clearly shows how comfortable they are with eachother……I feel for the teenager…..

    • willtin

      I doubt if Andy realises his stance oozes aggressive body language. Trying to make himself larger, like an ape might.

      • hookerphil

        Don’t upset Pete

        • willtin

          I don’t see a problem? I’m describing known facts about body language; similarly, the young man looks like a possum caught in the headlights.

          • hookerphil

            No, quite agree with you. A limp attempt at humour on Pete’s photo by me, I will now be the one to upset him. The boy certainly looks quite uncomfortable, left shoulder still quite square on an away stance.

          • willtin

            Gotcha re Pete. Taking it further, Andy either has a sore back, or his left leg is forward as though blocking the young man’s progress. (Oh, How foretelling that might be! Not that he will ever have the chance.)

          • hookerphil

            Certainly blocking and very aggressive arm placement, like a bouncer outside a night club.

          • willtin

            Night Club? It’s been a long time. Nowadays I only get to put up with my wife’s aggressive stances.

          • hookerphil

            Yes, in my day I was at a talk by Alan Pease and won a book by him. It is interesting, I love the way two people talking will mirror each other. Sometimes I have deliberately changed stances etc and waited for the other person to follow suit.

      • Usaywot

        That poor kid. Looks as though he’s being given a good tongue lashing and the photo is up for all to see.

  • Toby

    The crazy thing is that if you took away the Nanny state policies that labour introduced towards the end and compared Labour then to National now, the difference is practically nothing.
    National have swung a long way to the left since the days of Don Brash.
    That so many of labours supporters “hate” John Key, really shows how poor their understanding of the political spectrum is.

    If National were a dogs breakfast (which they aren’t), and Labour moved back to occupy the center, they could easily capture back power. The fact they continue to pander to the unions and languish on the far left will keep them out of power for a considerable time to come.

    New Zealanders will always vote for the party that occupies the spectrum that National currently occupies. There will be no swing to the left or right.

    • willtin

      I agree with what you say, but I feel you miss the point of the fact that JK has an attribute that few leaders are gifted with, and that is his charisma. And that alone will keep many Kiwis voting rationally.

  • Richard McGrath

    People forget that the flag under consideration was Kyle Lockwood’s design, not the PM’s. So the vote was essentially all about KL, not JK.

  • Catriona

    In some ways I feel a tad sorry for Andrew Little. I mean, he can’t even connect with his image in the mirror so in reality, he doesn’t have a hope in hell of connecting with the wider public come election time. You would think that by now he’s got it and understands he’s a disaster for Labour (well they all are really).

  • “The Labour party are run by a bunch of bovver boys. Have a look at their
    strategy team: no woman or queer feels free to speak up in that

    Can’t say I’m terribly gutted about that. That lot have done enough damage already!

  • Rick H

    Labour’s “War Room” strategy is certainly working well for them.
    Firstly, they were all excited leading up to the “moment of Truth” – nothing happened there.
    Then, Labour’s “Big Tool” – did we ever find out what that “tool” was? Or was it too busy being sorry for being a man?
    Change tack – -Bring in a “Little Tool”. That Must work, surely?

    McCarten hasn’t said boo for the last year.
    Is he still there in the war room?

  • Uncle Bully

    With all their empty threats and arrogant posturing, Labour sounds and acts just like union organisers I’ve had to deal with in the past. People like Ray Bianchi and Bevan Hanlon would fit in just fine within the present Labour party: Useless, good for nothing loudmouths who have nothing positive to say or contribute.