Media have had to go back 10 years, but they finally found a way to blame Key for the Panama Papers

Prime Minister John Key is not shying away from comments he made before he became Prime Minister that he wanted New Zealand to be more like a British dependency, well-known as a tax haven, in order to grow the economy.

In 2005, while an opposition MP, Mr Key told the New Zealand Herald he wanted New Zealand to become the “Jersey of the South Pacific”, to encourage the growth of an offshore banking industry.

Mr Key continues to defend New Zealand against accusations it is acting as a tax haven for some of the world’s wealthy, following the massive dump of documents about the business of Panamanian law firm

New Zealand-based foreign trusts have been caught up in the data leak exposing the firm’s role in providing financial anonymity to the world’s rich.

Mr Key was asked whether, in light of the publicity as a result of the Panama papers, he stood by his comments.

He does.

And why not?  Even when John Key sees benefit in using the financial industry as an export dollar earner for the taxpayers, that doesn’t actually make his wish for such financial devices a reality. 

New Zealand’s current international tax laws are wholy unremarkable in the context of other similar countries.

The only reason the left and the Media Party are harping on about it is because they want to sheet this home to John Key who hasn’t been responsible in some way.

No matter that the legislation was reviewed twice by Labour during their last stint in charge, and they are now saying those laws aren’t good enough.

But hey, they found a sound bite from Key in 2005 when he said he saw potential in making New Zealand a place that makes money out of offering financial devices.  Apparently making money and getting taxes from overseas wealth is something we don’t do as a country because it’s filthy and immoral.

Opposition MPs said publicity surrounding the release of the Panama papers was damaging New Zealand’s reputation.

Labour and NZ First put those laws in place.   And now they are damaging to our reputation?





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  • cows4me

    The Labour Party remind me of the child’s fairytale about the princess that slept on a pea. The pea in this case is JK and the princess represents the socialist fools. We all know the princess could not sleep because no matter how many mattresses she put over the pea the pea still gave her grief. The mattresses represent the years the socialist fools have tried to smoother JK. You would have thought they would have learned by now that the real problem lies with the princess.

    • Nesher

      The concern for not taxing the reach enough is a well known medical condition common for socialists.

  • Second time around

    Just because some people use a facility ( public roads, bank accounts, trusts and so on) for an unlawful purpose does not make the facility itself unconscionable. Tax evaders and cheats come from all ends of the political spectrum. Indeed the Icelandic and Maltese governments now caught up in the Panama issue are good socialists, while the British scandals (cash for peerages and expenses rorts) occurred during Tony Blair’s reign.

  • Alan Beresford B’Stard

    The sanctimony and hypocrisy spewing out of Littles and Robertsons mouths has been quite sickening, not to mention the clumsy sniping from Peters.
    The irony that they passed the legislation, aided by NZF, seems to have passed them by.
    Grandstanding at it’s worse.

    • Ross

      From what I hear from a local taxi driver here in Wellington, Winston was absolutely smashed on Tuesday night… And he’s frequently driven him in all sorts of states. It might explain his shabby performance in the house yesterday.

      • zotaccore

        The Speaker kicked him out of the chamber yesterday. Maybe he needed the early exit anyway. All I see is him, Little and Shaw getting cosy with each other over this issue. They will keep banging away with it because there’s not much else they feel they can contribute.

        • Ross

          He didn’t exactly last long today either!

  • contractor

    Dirty Politics is on a roll big time – and it is solely by Labour, ever since they sent, I think it was Mike Williams, to Australia prior to Key’s first election as PM to try to find dirt on him, and they couldn’t find anything – never mind, they just make it up.