Media party piles in on shaming Key for wanting to keep his tax records private


This is in a way no different to a headline that says:

John Key refuses to discuss if he has ever hit his children and drawn blood.  

The journalism around this story is breathtakingly slanted, which is fine, in a way.  The only thing that I don’t appreciate is that it’s supposed to be blogs that are out of control.

The Media party are jumping on this with so much excitement, it’s obscene.

All this would be kind of OK if we had some media that we could label as centre or right of centre. But even the Paul Henry show has joined the Key-bashing, as we saw earlier. That leaves very few media commentators who aren’t captured by the anti-Key sentiment in the face of unprecedented public support and approval.

This is a good thing really. All that the Media party are doing is ensuring a fourth term for National. There is absolutely no way this is going to motivate voters to move away from National towards Labour.

But personally, I’m dying inside. We’re heading for at least one week, possibly some months, of this kill-me-now Panama “excitement” as the Media party keep the issue alive.

And while we are on Trusts, perhaps Andrew Little could do two things in good faith. One, reveal the trust details set up by The Standard blogger and part-time lawyer Micky Savage for ex-Labour leader David Cunliffe; and two, get all the Labour Party MPs to publish their tax returns online.


– Vernon Small, Stuff

Just remember kids, no matter what we do, no matter what we say…

Katie Bradford NZ

Katie Bradford



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  • Nechtan

    The PM should ask Andrew to release the Unite unions tax records while Andy was in charge with the same mantra being used on him “nothing to hide”.
    The PM shouldn’t release his records but not doing so allows the MSM and the opposition parties to imply he’s not doing so because he has something to hide.
    Another attempt to get JK as they have no policies or ideas and all of the charisma of a dead fish.

  • waldopepper

    so angry releases his tax records….. so what. good on him. does that now mean everyone else in the country has to publish theirs. what a ridiculous suggestion. john key’s tax records are no ones business but john key’s. the MSM are infuriated that key remains popular no matter how much “news” they try to invent. this is just another example.

    • Sally

      As he has only been on salary all it will be his PAYE records. His only asset is a joint family home a with mortgage along with a kiwisaver and super fund. Hardly rocket science.

      • Hard1

        Andy is like a Helium balloon in the living room, destined to slowly deflate and sink with age,
        but IF ONLY THEY COULD SEE, the DOOR WILL OPEN, and Andy will be free to oversee his Realm and enlighten the masses, the overpowering Shangri-La of Trees and Sheep and Bull, arise, you have been dreaming, misled by the well-fed……then whamo, wake up to a jolting clanging, that blinking alarm thing intrudes again and again, the unpleasantness of reality, truly it is a siren call. To think, for once.

      • Brian Dingwall

        And I wouldn’t mind betting that both his kiwisaver, and the superfund have tax efficient investments, maybe even in companies with HQs domiciled in “shock horror” Ireland, the Caymans, etc

        The most invidious evidence-free charge is the insinuation that anyone who voluntarily moves his or her own money offshore, has a trust, or invests tax efficiently is somehow failing in an obligation to the country, or is otherwise immoral. Just disgusting.

        I see overseas media are using the dump of information to try to uncover politicans and criminals who are hiding in secret trusts moneys they should not have…proceeds of corruption, insider trading, or crime. This includes a close look at 12 heads of state, one has already fallen….this is perhaps appropriate, and would certainly be if the information were legally obtained…

        When will our MSM grow up, get an education, and deliver something of value?

        • Bryan

          well go and read the basic outline on line of people that are listed and most are middle eastern south american, eastern European and sports people and a pile of chinese at all sorts of levels. The one group you would expect to be there and are not is American’s both people and companies. so maybe they just didn’t TRUST the panama lawyers.

    • Second time around

      Proof that Andy is totally boring and has no business interests much less acumen.

      • WeaselKiss

        True, and he has lived most of his adult life with a chip the size of Kaingaroa Forest on his shoulder towards corporates and ‘rich people’ employers.
        Tha’ts the trouble with being such a staunch unionist ay- you’ve nailed your colours and it’s so hard to come back from that !
        It’s really truly laughable that they thought someone with such a background could ever be popular enough to be PM.

  • Muzman349

    Who really cares what JK’s tax records look like. It is so funny though thinking how the Bitter and Twisted groups will look when nothing is exposed about JK in these stolen documents. I want to see the perpetrator of that theft caught and disabled.

  • Christie

    Looking at the comments on Stuff, most people seem to think it is none of their business. Everyone seems to forget that there is no evidence to suggest that John Key has done anything wrong. But the media will pursue him relentlessly anyway.

    • OneTrack

      And they will still wonder why their circulation keeps dropping.

  • Toby

    So funny reading the comments on how having a blind trust makes key dodgy.
    Actually, its the opposite, if he has no idea what he has invested in, he can’t make any political decision that might give him a personal gain.
    JK is the most squeaky clean politician in years, they don’t call him Teflon John for no reason.

    • kayaker

      So right! Politicians are advised to have blind trusts to avoid any potential conflicts of interest. Angry and his mob, along with the lemmings that are the complicit media, are talking up a storm on blind trusts as if someone has something dirty and illegal to hide. This way they manage to convince all the lefties, the low/non-achievers, the anti-aspirational losers that there is something to see here. More fool them.

  • Bud

    I am not aware of any NZ data, but in the US over 90% of the media identity with the left wing party, and 60% of the citizens have no faith in the integrity of the media. Probably no different here…

  • Orca

    To re-hash an old classic: So, Mr Little, have you stopped beating your wife?

  • George Carter

    I saw this earlier in the week and was immediately unimpressed at another attempted hit job on the PM. Interestingly a lot of the comments suggest, quite rightly, it’s none of our business but as always the rabid/nutty few are making their voices heard!

  • Ross

    It’s one of those things we still have In society, the unwritten rule that what someone earns is their business. Go down queen street and ask everyone you bump into and they tell you to naff off, I guarantee it.

    • Isherman

      There are currently NO grounds for requesting the personal tax details of the PM…none. This wasn’t an issue ‘pre-release’ of these papers, and it doesn’t change a thing now. When you call on politicians to release such private information it has to be everyone or no one, particularly when there are zero grounds for suspecting anything at all being untoward in those details, and if it was everyone, then I suspect it would suddenly be not such an issue all of a sudden..and rightly so. It really is just a big desperate fishing expedition…nothing more.

  • wanarunna

    Andrew Little says he thinks he can get his tax records as far as 2010. Perhaps he might like to explain why he can’t go back to 2009 as the Tax Administration Act requires him to do?

    • Second time around

      It’s a pointless exercise anyway. How do we know that his kiwisaver account doesn’t invest in uranium , armaments or Aussie bank shares, or that his relatives aren’t doing something unacceptable as David Cameron’s did Has Andy reported every tax cheat (fellow unionist, tradesmen) he has met to the IRD, because if he hasn’t, he has condoned tax evasion.

    • XCIA

      He can authorise the CIR to release them.

  • Graham Pilgrim

    I am so over this. It is getting to the stage where I’m reluctant to visit Whaleoil, because I simply don’t want to read about it. The frightening thing is that 99% of my friends rely upon MSM for information, and form opinions and make decisions based upon that information.

    • Nige.

      You need to get better friends.

      • Graham Pilgrim

        True, but I don’t think I’m the only one among WOBH readers whose friends rely entirely upon TV, radio, and newspapers to keep them informed. Nothing silences a group of friends more quickly than admitting to following Whaleoil.

        • Nige.

          Yes. I was in the same boat. I now realise that my real friends are the ones who don’t froth at the thought of one of their friends reading the country’s most popular blog. All the others can go shove it.

  • Isherman

    Gee, the way the Media are carrying on, anyone would have thought the only political party in NZ to ever actually have a member jailed for corruption was the National Party.

  • R&BAvenger

    On the hand this represents an opportunity for WOBH to maintain the high standard it has set on publishing the things that matter and making the well thought-out observations, backed up with thorough research, that your regular readers admire.
    I am sure that, even though this latest saga will be dragged out as long as possible by the msm, it will give you more ammunition to show your point of difference and that of the ‘journalists trained and skilled’.

  • DangerMice

    This is just embarrassing and petty from Little & TMP. It makes our politics look like amateur hour and that’s really frustrating!

    • OneTrack

      Our left wing politicians are amateur hour. Just overblown activists in the most well paid “job” they will ever be in.

  • Keeping Stock

    With Winston Peters joining the “full retard” Media Party in its quest for transparency, will some media personality demand that Peters produce his and NZ First’s tax records? I would especially like to see records for the Spencer Trust, for the period 2005 to 2008.

    • Ross

      I’d be pretty careful if I was him. People might start to recall he never paid the money back! But yes, it’s outrageous that he’s joined the crusade given the lengths he’s gone to obscure and hide donations to him and his party in the past.

  • Nige.

    The media party are so dumb. Don’t they realise that that criticizing half the population when they go on and on like this?

  • axeman

    Oh this is the Chicken Little Story the sky is falling, Opps I mean the Chicken Andrew Little story

  • shykiwibloke

    Perhaps A Newspaper would like to lead by example and disclose their own records – oh wait…. They are in dispute with IRD aren’t they.

  • MarcWills

    Is it time now to expose the incomplete EPMU records, and ask why they are in arrears for filing audited accounts with the Registrar of Incorporated Societies? And maybe ask them to account for the missing millions, especially during the time one A. Little was in charge.

    • Bryan

      yep we need a royal commission to look into it like they have done in Australia, and look what they found there, and as for the emergency fund that has never been used for years regardless of all the family sob stories they trot out, Is that not what unions fund raising was all about? helping the workers the epmu accounts make interesting reading, and average people will be amazed to see how much is sitting in their accounts.

  • Orca

    “So, Mr Hager, can you please provide us with your full tax and GST records? Well, well, you don’t seem to have paid any GST on this rather large payment to a Mr Rawshark”.

    • [MOD] I know how you meant that, but it can’t stay here.

  • Mav E Rick

    Funny isn’t it. The labour party, Hager, the media were all against the SIS being able to look at peoples affairs for National security. They demanded that every citizen of this country had the right to absolute privacy. Now our PM is being slated because he wants to keep his own personal financial affairs private from the snooping media and the nosy Parker opposition. Time and time again, Little and his mates show that they have one rule for themselves and a complete opposite for everyone else.

    It is none of our business to know John Keys personal financial affairs. Who does Little think he is? It seems that they have made John Key guilty already, yet no one knows what the crime is yet?? Weird.

    • Dog Breath

      Correction Everyone else = JK

  • Karma

    The media does know there are people in NZ that are considerably richer than the PM don’t they? So why are they not asking questions of them and their taxes? The MSM in this country truly suck at their jobs.

    • Dog Breath

      The reason is simple according to the left. He is rich and gained his wealth as a currency trader and he is the PM. Being a currancy trader is apparently why he is the worst PM ever in the history of the world again according to the left.

  • Catriona

    Why should John Key be bullied into releasing his tax records? Is he the only individual in this country who is denied privacy on personal matters?
    The left and the media are trying to make a mountain out of a molehill and they appear to be doing a pretty good job of it. Hells bells, there are plenty of families a darn sight more wealthy than John Key. We’ve got a family member worth more than $400m and they’re not being bullied into releasing details of their tax records. So what’s the beef?


    Obviously this is simply grandstanding from Little and his (media) mates and will only strike a cord with hard-core Labour supporters……who cares! John Key was on the button when he labelled this a stunt…..what a pathetic bunch, and they want to govern the country….dream on!

  • Larry

    Ah, but you are wrong Katie. They did move but not in the direction you wanted. And they are still going the “right” way

  • BG

    This isn’t going to make any difference. NB remember people think journalists are the least trusted. A bit of NZH own goal

  • Grizz30

    You better show us your tax records. We do not know what is in there but we know you are corrupt and hiding something and if you show us what you have got then we can prove what we would like to believe about you!

    In respone: Go away. Why should I give you the pleasure. You have not learnt from snooping around what you thought was my signature in an obscure library in Melbourne in 2008. Try manufacture your outrage another way.

  • Superman

    Just as my tax details are between me and IRD and nobody else, so are John Key’s details. I will lose respect for him if he caves in to this rubbish.

  • WBC

    “Little linked to big Tobacco. Labour leader faces tough questions after admitting to shopping in supermarket linked tot he sale of cigarettes.”

  • David

    The work of fiction by the Marxist Vernon Small yesterday was a disgrace. He interviewed his own keyboard and came up with a slanderous item with no evidence only innuendo and speculation. This Labour-leaning hack, and others, are the reason newspaper sales are plummeting in this country.